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Whether it is easy to save someone`s life?

Not always to save someone`s life, it is necessary to make feats. Sometimes it is enough not to show indifferences only. Here and on my account there are two saved human lives.

the First history happened to my friend who together with the husband of kind ten years struggled with impossibility to give birth to the child. How many by them it was passed. Hospitals, analyses, operations, courses of medical therapy. Hopes and disappointments. Quarrels and reconciliations. And, it seems, nothing of that kind obvious - insuperable that could give up as a bad job desire to become parents. So, the small problems which are quite solved by modern medicine. For example, endometriosis for which removal of consequences the girlfriend had to perform operation and within two years then daily to accept special hormonal means. But the long-awaited child was not born. Business reached divorce.

And once the joyful girlfriend from gynecology with the message about “, it seems, calls me it seems to pregnancy“. Next day the girlfriend calls back with already sad message that on ultrasonography news was not confirmed. Condoled, well, not for the first time. In a week she calls me again as repeated ultrasonography at other expert everything is confirms the pregnancy fact. In couple of days again a sad call - now her attending physician began to doubt and it is sent for ultrasonography again. As a result again made it the diagnosis - endometriosis.

And now we already sit and we long together, and she tells that she tomorrow since morning goes to hospital, all tests are already made, it is necessary to do operation again. If who does not know, then endometriosis operation in fact and on adverse effects is similar to abortion. That is chances of the birth of the child thaw. “But also it is necessary to do operation, it is hazardous to health, here and the doctor so speaks“, - the girlfriend convinces whether me, whether herself. “Oh, well as I feel sorry for you. Well really nothing can be made, - I am distressed. - Well it for doctors such, is known nothing. And suddenly you are pregnant. As there can be on ultrasonography three different results... And the test what showed?“ She silently watches

at me, I at it. “You represent, - says, - I was so run on these hospitals that did not even think that it was possible to make the elementary test …“ the Test is bought

. Operation is cancelled. The girl Polina will go to school soon. The most interesting that this girl already had a younger little sister.

Other history is simpler.

Other girlfriend calls me and cries in a tube.

- I am pregnant … with

- Well and what you cry, same it is good?

- It does not want …

- Clear. What speaks?

- Says that the child is responsibility. That both of us still need to lift children from first marriages. As there are so enough difficulties (he is a Russian-speaking foreigner with temporary job in Moscow). That I drive him into a corner. That at us everything was so good, and with the birth of the child quarrels and claims to it will begin. And it has already an age, he already passed all this and does not want all these problems. And here to you money for hospital, solve, please, all the problems. And I do not know how to me now to be. Tell what to do to me?

- Well to tell you. Everything is correct it speaks. But I think, you already made the decision.

- And what etoresheniye?

- To give birth, of course. You want this child. And you will have no other chance any more.

- Yes, I want! And I know that it will be the girl and everything at her will be good. And I will never forgive myself if I kill the child. But all my relatives and acquaintances will be against. And if he throws me, then I can just not cope …

A then we with it had a lot more talk. All twisted a finger at a temple around and convinced her not to give birth. And the father of the child disappeared, came back. Made a claim and bought a dowry for the child. And was still tears and pleasures much...

Today the girl Evochka is two months old. It has a father`s surname and a middle name. Her parents live together. The father of the child makes out residence permit, changes to the child pampers and looks for additional earnings.

Recently we argued with the girlfriend concerning communication of people with each other only with some benefit. Without finding sufficient arguments, I directly asked: “What to you benefit from communication with me?“, what she answered: “You know, you only supported me in my decision to give birth to the child. Without you I would not cope“.

Here so my simple human participation changed destinies of two children and their parents.