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Preparation for USE. Councils from developers of tasks

As organizers of USE in the capital this year catch those who write off from the Internet why a third of graduates at trial examination in mathematics could not solve the elementary problems and as it is correct to prepare for Unified State Exam - the head of the Federal commission of the KIM USE developers on mathematics Ivan Yashchenko told about it.

- In April the Moscow graduates for the first time for all practice of USE wrote trial examination in mathematics. As far as information is true that its results were failure?

- I would not consider results of trial examination in categories well / badly because these categories always conditional - it is good in relation to what or it is bad in relation to what. First of all I would note: this result means that examination took place rather honestly. The new management of the Moscow Department of Education involved essential organizational resources to provide objectivity and transparency of all procedures. Including in Moscow technologies of monitoring of the Internet were for the first time introduced and approved during examination.

- Monitoring brought some results? Somebody was caught?

- Yes, about twenty publications from three primary sources were revealed, all facts were identified. All who spread tests in a network were found, and within half an hour after the publication this information was in Department of Education of Moscow.

- What will be now with these school students?

- They and their schoolmates will understand now that similar attempts are senseless. The main thing not to catch and punish the specific child. Our task to make so that children wrote examination honestly. Of course, at such mass procedure nobody undertakes to claim for certain that nobody wrote off anywhere and helped. But the strong evidence is that the simplest tasks did not make a third of school students. Means, nobody helped these children.

- Turns out a paradoxical picture: the elementary problem was not solved by a third of school students, and the rational equation, according to official data, - only 7%. Why so?

- School students are trained already long enough on tasks with the choice of the answer, on formal reproduction of algorithm, on concrete type of tasks. There is a profanation of mathematical education. I am sure that most of those who made this task with a root, did not ponder upon what they do. Just performed a series of the necessary learned operations - and all. And we try to achieve understanding including in the analysis. For this reason we replaced tasks on formal differentiation with tasks with application of a derivative, and at once the percent of performance decreased from 90% for 70%. But on the other hand, we revealed those children who really mastered the beginning of the analysis.

- the Concept of Unified State Examination in mathematics in the last two years was very strongly displaced towards practical tasks, and this tendency will proceed. Why it is necessary?

- Yes, now the essential role is given to competence-based approach and annexes to life. We have to check not formal coaching for certain tasks, not formal knowledge which the person cannot apply in life, and real abilities in development of mathematics. This transition to praktikooriyentirovanny tasks happened under the influence of Academy of Sciences and the Russian union of rectors two years ago. Academicians supported not adding some integrals, they asked to add practical tasks. If the child cannot calculate how many it is necessary to pay in two months for electricity, and 4% wrote that 300 thousand rubles - it about what speak? In what reality they live? It means that we completely tore off training from life.

- And how school teachers reacted to similar results?

- After summing up trial examination we began to receive the indignant letters from teachers who reproached us that in the elementary task the algorithm was not described. There are basic data: On January 1 indications of the counter there is so much, on February 1 there is so much, the price for kilowatt - hour such - that. But it is not written what should be subtracted, increased. It also became a big subject of discussion. We tried to explain to teachers: colleagues and who has to teach it? The person receives the school-leaving certificate, and he does not know how to pay the bill for the electric power. Who worked not enough here?

- But at the same time many the mathematics teacher consider that tasks become simpler that you to school students facilitate life.

- Me likes other word - “realistic“. If we want honest examination, then we have to be realists. We have to make so that this examination was available. The person looked at him and understood that it is real to hand over it. We had fine complex challenges in Soviet period, but how honestly they were written?

- Turns out that you adapt to that level which exists, but you do not try to set any level...

- When at you the front-wheel drive vehicle goes to drift, you need to turn at first a wheel towards drift, to catch controllability of the car and then to turn out it. If you roughly turn a wheel sideways - will just carry away you and will throw out on a roadside. In the same way and here. We have to fall really, maybe, somewhere down, but do tasks slightly higher than the actual level that they were available and to gradually raise their level that we also do. And further there are several criteria of complexity of tasks - aprioristic, expert and a posteriori - calculated for performance percent. I can set the task on algorithms, and after that people either will write off, or nadressirutsya formally - and why it is necessary?

- As if you advised to prepare for examination that it is the most effective to use the remained several months and that knowledge base which is?

- needs to fix those tasks which well turn out and to work on those tasks which you understand how to do, but for some reason you are mistaken in them. It is not necessary to study anything new. It is necessary to achieve reliable absolute receiving those points of which you are capable. On average a third of points of people loses on nonsenses: incorrectly read conditions, was mistaken in arithmetics, not so filled in the form. By the way, about 5% of mistakes at trial examination were just technological. For example, children entered in the form the answer of a task in other field. The correct answer, and we can understand it by results of recognition, but by rules it is a mistake, and the answer cannot be included as correct. It is necessary to be trained to fill in in advance the form that this procedure did not raise difficulties and questions. Just for this purpose trial examination was also carried out.

- In a time of writing of the examination on what should concentrate first of all? What algorithm of performance is the most effective?

- First of all needs to concentrate on the correct understanding of conditions of a task. Attentively read, re-read. It is necessary to answer that question which is written, but not on that question which you think that you are written. These are often different things. The person usually, having read a line, finishes thinking that further: it is just psychologically so arranged. Therefore accurately read, counted, worked out other tasks and after that returned and checked the answer. It is necessary to go for examination, having own algorithm: these tasks at me turn out - I will begin with them; these do not turn out - I will go further; and these will not touch at all: they for me do not exist. All versions of tests are in open access therefore will be able to make such plan for examination performance everyone.