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One and a half kilograms of
trotyl Life from a birth in it loaded notes of the young father of

I now not to do that explosion
- does not live, and flies over break...
/ Yu. Lisitsa /

All our habitual way changed after we brought home a paper bag with the small red and shouting lump! It is less, than in a week we understood - the Strong-willed person. Until the Person only slept, soiled diapers and greedy ate 12 times a day. But as he masterly shouted! And, in different occasions he shouted differently. The person obviously trained us. In a month of such training we could already distinguish what the Person demands. And we predicted: will be the director.

A of People grew before the eyes. Lying in a carriage, it not ceasing thrashed legs on the suspended toys - especially left. Dawned on us - will become the football player! It was pleasant to it when the father sings to it songs and carries on hands. Very emotionally reacted to rhythmical music and “echoed“ popular performers. We drew a conclusion: to be to it a singer or the musician.

I here in 6 months of People spread. And all! Our cloudless days ended! While the Person floundered on a blanket among toys and pillows, he drew a conclusion from supervision: people disappear and appear from doors. Means, it is necessary to creep there! Also began... How many the Person would not install on the developing rug, it persistently appeared at a door. And soon its attention was drawn by electric wires and sockets. They literally bewitched him and attracted as a magnet. All attempts to distract toys did not lead to anything. Will be an electrician - we unanimously solved, but fenced dangerous zones, than it is only possible: big puzzles, bench, removable wall of a bed.

it it stopped

For some time. And we calmed down, till that time until the Person learned to accept vertical position. All bedside tables, lockers, boxes ruthlessly were exposed to inspection: all things got, tried on tooth and rushed on a floor.“ At us the auditor grows“, - we inhaled and began to eliminate “defect“. Everything that is possible was tied, twirled, cut locks and inserted latches. At it the mother`s cosmetics enjoyed special love. And if some box on forgetfulness remained is not locked, we found the multi-colored and fragrant child who is blissfully chewing lipstick. The person still did not go, but immediately moved on all fours, managing to select everything that was precipitately left for the course. The Person began to speak earlier, than learned to go. The person obviously suffered from youthful maximalism: it divided the whole world into “Kako“ and “tsyatsya“. The truth called himself “lyalya“. The person attentively listened to reading books - that, of course, pleased, but the fact that he asked to read the same book on the 5th time in a row very much irritated! And here it, a solemn instant - the Person went! No, ran rather. To this day he does not go quietly, and runs, jumps, goes on socks, is turned (will be a dancer of the ballet? ) also somersaults, and whom it would not become when grows, we love and we accept it with all his talents and achievements, with whims and with weaknesses... Because it is our own child, our long-awaited and dear sonny!

Yury Lisitsa (in combination father of the two-year-old boy Roma)