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Karelia. Rafting on Shuya of

Saw the photoreport on a rafting on the Karelian rivers at familiar tourists and lit up. Estimated a route, necessary equipment and livelihood, contacted a host. Of course, experience there was no wish to drag on itself a canoe of a kayak and is not present, it is better to trust in skilled guides and to hire all necessary.

From our region trains do not go to Petrozavodsk. Left in the evening and every other day were in Moscow. In the evening we were waited by the train, in Petrozavodsk we were met by the representative of travel agency at the station. Shipped backpacks in the car, and us in the bus, and brought to the wood for 30 km from Petrozavodsk to base.

Here to us were given by life jackets, helmets, hermetic bags for things. Offered us the choice of watercrafts: catamaran, kayaks or kayaks. Our group chose everything: Oleg - a kayak, Sasha and Victor - on a kayak, we with Mischa - on a catamaran. Backpacks handed over in a left-luggage office, things packed into bags, have dinner, shipped watercrafts on the truck, and went to the bus for 100 km up the river Shuya to the place of an alloy.

on the way stopped in some village near shop, the people stocked up on the Karelian balm on herbs (in case we will get wet), and tincture on cloudberries (in case we will not get wet). Passed by several lakes - Samozero, Kroshnozero, Shatozero, Vedlozero - water here loads. On the place of our first parking in the wood there were many mushrooms. The instructor Gosha showed us as it is necessary to bind bags and cans with provisions on catamarans (he and the second instructor Nastya went on kayaks), plunged, and an alloy began.

Shuya - the small river quite wide and quiet, on it is several different thresholds and a dam, coast flat, overgrown with the dense high wood. On quiet sites, and such the majority on the river, the wood is reflected in water, it seems even more distinctly, than its is visible on coast. As the rivers flow on peat bogs, water in them quite dark that for us seeing hrustalno the pure mountain rivers, unusually, but, nevertheless, clear water, and tea if to make here - tasty (and it is possible not to make - color at water same, as at brewing tea).

we Floated approximately of 10 - 12 km, there passed three thresholds and moored on the parking. It is more interesting to pass thresholds, than quiet water - the catamaran tries to develop a current, it buries a nose in water and cold splashes pour over all. Water temperature was +16 degrees so there was no wish to bathe. Grows dark here late and practically does not darken - as soon as the sun sets, the moon, such huge ascends that we never saw before. I asked whether always at them “include“ such moon, and local answered that this habitual show.

could be alloyed by

every day about 8 km, some groups and did, but our instructor chose other tactics - in running days to pass bigger distance, but to spend more days on day`s rests. We gathered mushrooms and ate bilberry - it simply the sea. However, is closer to parking almost all is brought together, and in kilometer from the coast bogs begin, and there it is better not to be put, but we had enough also what grew along the coast. Ant hills here height from the person!

Gosha told that alloys begin in May. As soon as in gardens and at dachas greens begin to appear, fruit ripen, vegetables, so it is time in a campaign - there is macaroni with stewed meat and condensed milk. I tried to sunbathe - lay on the sun in the afternoon - was not even warmed. To sunbathe, or especially to burn, here, it appears, it is impossible - not under that corner the star sends the beams, happiness if you are warmed. Sasha was upset that there is no fish. Persons interested have a good time “pokatushka“, drag a kayak or a kayak above on a current and pass a threshold several times. I tried to ride a kayak. Tried to swim away against the current on a threshold. It is useless. There is such place in the course of the river, right after a threshold when the kayak (and a kayak) stands still, as if desperately you did not row. In this place, looking at whirlpools around, distinctly you feel approach to a temporary hole: even the head is turned. Next day we were waited by thresholds! We are alloyed on 20 km. Got up late, here the mode, unusual for pokhodnik, - a dinner in 22 - 23. 00, a release in 24 - 01. 00, rise - who when will get up, a breakfast in 10 - 11. 00. So had breakfast late, then so far shipped everything and connected, send in 13. 00 on quiet water, and the river in places extends to the sizes of the small lake and current practically is not present. To be alloyed dullishly - row and row, and wind will blow - takes down to the coast. I sunbathed on a catamaran when bothered to wave an oar, listened to unusually ringing silence which almost is not broken by easy splash of water. Somewhere the small fish will splash, water-lilies blossom on coast. Pacification and rest.


to a dam of hydroelectric power station - one of the first in the country, or even the first. Promised that there will be a car, but it did not appear, it was necessary to untie, enclose all on the coast below a dam and again to bind, have a rest, went further. On thresholds, of course, it is more interesting, we were told that from the next group one catamaran turned over on a threshold, but I think that they fine tried - a catamaran quite steady design, and Shuya all is not Zelenchuk where thresholds a little in what differ from quiet water (only the size of stones). We cost two days on day`s rest. We sleep how many there is a wish. Absolutely mattress rest, we got used to bigger dynamics. But here - the North, and the northern people slow. Pokatushki, bilberry, mushrooms, we sunbathe (unsuccessfully!) I read the book, in a word - we decay. In the evening - a bath. A sweating room ashore, naparitsya - and to the small river, then in a steam room again - a krrrasota!

to Troy from our group rafted this year on Chusova`s river in the Urals. At first told that there the permit is much cheaper, and already over time it became clear that there tight bags were not given and all things happened wet - that still an extreme.

Again alloy of 8 - 10 km. It seems and have some, but left late and moored almost in the dark. In the evening the river is perceived in a different way. It is not absolutely quiet any more and with calm - somewhere the snag leans out of water as a rhinoceros, somewhere a log half flooded formed a barrier, the catamaran twists a current, wind, our inept management - two ours changed on a kayak, and kayakers sat down on a catamaran.

Which - as reached, to have supper was already late, there is a wish to sleep. Jerome K. Jerome was right: rest on the river promotes improvement of appetite and a dream. Neither on that, nor it is impossible to complain of another. Next day - the last alloy to the bridge from which we are taken away by cars. We walk - there nearby. The others come on water, we load watercrafts in the car, in the bus and back - on base - the lunch, a bath and a festive dinner - the real chicken waits there (not stewed meat!) and cowberry jam pie.

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