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Parents: Not to pass the Unified State Examination without tutor of

Prior to the Unified State Examination (USE) there were two and a half weeks, so school students still have time to increase the future result. However, each hour of this time worth its weight in gold - in direct and figurative meanings. Many parents are sure that not to be prepared for Unified State Examination without expensive services of professionals.

we Will remind

that USE, the law on which in Russia came into force in 2009, in the current year begins on May 28. This day there will take place examinations in informatics and ICT, biology, history. In three days, on May 31, examination in Russian will take place; On June 4 - on foreign and chemistry; On June 7 - on mathematics; On June 13 - on social science, chemistry; On June 16 - on geography and literature. For those who for good reasons could not come to examination or perform work, reserve days are provided, note in the Ministry of Education and Science.

RIA Novosti news agency conducted survey among experts and parents how school students prepare for Unified State Examination. Most of respondents declared that in this case not to do without tutors. “Nearly 90 percent of the Russian parents employ tutors to prepare the child for successful Unified State Examination“, - the chairman of parental committee of a capital gymnasium № told agency; 1540 Anna Kudryashova. In her opinion, the best ways of preparation for passing an examination “it is not thought up yet“.“ Today, let us assume, the senior made homework and received five, tomorrow he does not do any more because it was asked. Just in this case the tutor which once a week is engaged in 2 - 3 and checks tasks comes to the rescue, and the child has motivations them to carry out“, - Kudryashova told.

of the Mathematician, the Russian and foreign languages

the Most demanded - tutors on the Russian and foreign languages, and also on mathematics, are noted by the chairman of parental committee of the Moscow school № 1387 Yulia Trisvetova. She declares that without additional classes of the child not to prepare for successful delivery of state examination. Figures which “RG“ has support this confidence. In April our newspaper conducted survey among readers which showed that 39 percent of respondents consider that tutors on mathematics are most of all necessary. Then there is Russian - 16, a foreign language - 16. The social science, history, chemistry, physics follow. And 63 percent of readers admitted that they had to employ tutors.

the Market of services of tutors by preparation for USE is estimated by
at the sum from 8 to 15 billion rubles today.

Experts agree in opinion that the best tutors are skilled professionals at the age of about 50 years. An indispensable condition - existence of the diploma about the higher education. In the Russian capital the price of occupations - not less than 1,5 thousand rubles for an hour and a half individual occupations; 4 - 5 thousand rubles for four-hour individual occupation.

If you decided that better late than never, then it is the simplest to find the tutor by means of acquaintances or in the Internet. And here teachers of “native“ school are not suitable for this role. The matter is that employing as the tutor of own teacher, it is possible to provoke the conflict of interests (can suspect a corruption component). Besides, the teacher who for several years got used to the pupil is not always objective and directors are negative to such practice. On the Internet there is a set of the websites on search of the tutor. Social networks and old kind “gossip hotline“ will help with search of tutors. By the way, many modern tutors prefer to give classes remotely - in Skype, and charge a fee for the services forward.