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With itself - house and fresh

to Have a bite sandwiches in the middle of the day homemade, fresh food - both the adult, and the child will be delighted to such prospect. The famous chef Konstantin Ivlev and his son Matvei will teach to prepare simple and tasty sandwiches - they can be hired with himself and to turn to the child in school.

As without lunch? The lunch in general is considered main meal. For the real businessman the lunch is not only time to think how to hand over control at the following lesson or how successfully to hold negotiations with partners, but also an opportunity to eat well. That the lunch was both fast, and useful, it is possible to take with itself soup. To pack it - any problems: not in bank, in the old manner, and in the fashionable plastic container! Nourishingly and very tasty.

A for those who dislike soup are also other dishes which will give pleasure and will satisfy hunger even on the run! Matvei, for example, learned to prepare a sandwich is the whole lunch. And you try. By the way, our sandwiches - are useful, any it not “dzhank foot at all“ as we prepare - that we their of the good, checked products!

Klab - a sandwich (three-storied)

So, sandwiches, they are sandwiches, only difficult.

of the Preparation time - 15 minutes


3 pieces of bread for toasts of “7 cereals“
  • of 50 g of soft cheese - replacement to mayonnaise (we will try to facilitate a little our sandwich)
  • 2 plasticity of cheese
  • of 70 g of a smoked turkey
  • of 5 lettuce leaves an iceberg
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 egg
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • On a frying pan with a teflon covering we do to

    Gentle Philadelphia cheese we grease with