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What secrets are kept by the hottest places of Earth?

the Hallmark of Earth - fantastically beautiful flora and blue water open spaces. But if we visit the hottest and dry places of our planet, then before us not less surprising and fantastic pictures reminding unearthly landscapes will appear.

One of such places is the settlement of Dallol in the north of Ethiopia . Here the most high daily average temperature reaching 34,4 degrees is observed. According to statistical data of Ethiopia, this settlement as of 2005 is uninhabited. The name of the settlement of Dallol means “to dissolve“.

Dallol abounds with unusual landscapes. Here the large-scale deposit of potash salts is located, and magma is at a depth of 3000 meters. Salts are washed away by thermal waters and quickly crystallize, forming at the same time fancy figures of different coloring.

Not far from the sleeping volcano the huge salt lake Karum is located, thickness of a salt layer in some places reaches 1000 - 2000 meters. At night, when the heat falls down a little, nomads of an afara extract salt here.

In vicinities of a volcano multi-colored acid pools lap a fantastic look. Acid temperature on a surface of pools reaches 50 - 60 degrees.

The relief of this district constantly changes: water filters into numerous breaks and cracks, crystallizing salt forms new figures, salt pools change the outlines and color.

These places are a little studied. Here it is impossible to be a long time: air temperature is higher than 50 degrees, sweat mixes up with acid which corrodes skin and eyes, the air saturated with acid vapors it is impossible to breathe.

On one of ancient versions, the muzzle of a volcano is a gate in a hellhole. Enoch Efiopsky living in the 1st century B.C. wrote that the doomsday will be caused by the chasm which broke to our world. He mentions the severe people which protect these gates of hell. Really, in vicinities of a volcano still there lives the indigenous people - the aggressive and silent people of a tribesa. Perhaps, these people are also a guard of a mythical hellhole.

The district in California which call by Death Valley is not less picturesque and unusual . She received the name from the gold diggers crossing it in 1849, seeking to reach the gold mines as soon as possible. Many travelers remained there forever.

Death Valley is an intermountain hollow, average temperature in July reaches 46 degrees, and at night seldom falls to 30. In 1913 the air temperature of 56,7 degrees was registered here.

Despite such extreme climatic conditions, the valley is considered one of the most beautiful places of California. On the site which is a bottom of the ancient lake the interesting behavior of salt deposits is observed. The growing crystals, sharp as daggers, in hot days make the ominous sounds similar to a crash. This place received the name “Golf Club of the Devil“.

In the southern part of Death Valley the plain clay surface, the bottom of the dried-up lake speckled by a grid which cells are similar to hexagons is located. On this surface stones move, leaving behind marks. Nobody saw how they creep, but the fact remains: stones change the situation.

Researchers call a variety of reasons, forcing to move stones. One of them - a slippery clay surface and the wind promoting the movement. And winds in this district behave wonderfully: they face, twist, entraining stones.

On September 13, 1922 in the city Ale - Aziziya in Libya was recorded the most high temperature - 57,8 degrees. It is interesting that this city is all in an hour of driving from the Mediterranean Sea. Ale - Aziziya is based by berbers and was used for storage of food in the desert, today it is the large trade city. Its population is small - a little more than 4000 people.

Also Libya is known for the desert of Dashti - Loot in which any living being does not survive. In 2004 - 2005 the most high temperature on the planet - 70 degrees is noted here. Dashti - Loot is famous for the beautiful dunes which height reaches 500 meters. But only units of travelers will risk to go to this desert to admire them.

One of dry places on Earth - the Atacama Desert which is in the north of Chile. Here the longest drought was observed: within 400 years till 1971 any rain did not drop out there. Such conditions are created because Peruvian Current cools the lower layers of the atmosphere, creates temperature inversion which interferes with loss of rains. Here less than 50 mm of rainfall a year drop out. In some places the rain happens once in several years. Mountains over 6500 meters high are deprived of glaciers.

But, despite such extreme conditions, the flat part of the desert is not deprived of life. In places there is a rare vegetation - lichens, some types of cactuses and bushes. The fauna is small, only coastal rocks are populated with the birds eating fish. There are fields of table salt, saltpeter, drills, iodine, copper.

Today along water currents oases - narrow strips of vegetation from cactuses, some types of an acacia and meskitovy trees are located.

For collecting moisture locals use tumanoulavlivatel who represent cylinders height in human growth. Walls of cylinders are made of nylon threads. Fog is condensed on them and flows down in capacity. In days such device can give up to 18 liters of water.

The interesting case happened in 2003 in the abandoned city of La Noria which is in Atakama: the humanoid Atakama as he was called was found. The mummy was only about 15 cm in size, had firm teeth, the convex head and only nine pairs of edges. The American scientists made DNA - the analysis of a skeleton and drew a conclusion that this being - the mutating person who died at the age of 6 - 8 years.

In the Atacama Desert there are places where there were never rains, there are one stones, small salt lakes. Silence which peculiar to deserts, promotes that these areas remind lunar landscapes. This unusual place and was called - the Lunar valley . In the valley the unusual declines differing in brightness and a variety of paints are observed.

At a moonlight salt figures remind mysterious guards of the valley. On Indian beliefs, these figures were a reference point for astral flights of souls of ancient shamans which they made in a dream. The lunar valley is considered the wildest and fantastic place on Earth. Here many acted scientifically - fantastic movies.

Not everyone will risk to go to travel in the hottest places of the planet. But even virtual excursions blow the mind and give rise to surprising plots of fantastic adventures.