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We prepare with children: a tasty breakfast from the chief - the cook Konstantin Ivlev of

Following advice known the chief - the cook Konstantin Ivlev and his son Matvei, to prepare something tasty together with children everyone will be able. Products from the nearest shop and good mood will be necessary for you!

Eh, also Matvei was lucky, the father at it - I, that is the professional cook. Since the childhood he eats only the correct products. By the way, correct - does not mean expensive. Often expensive food, on the contrary, is unhealthy. To learn to understand quality of products - it is simple. Over time it will turn out at everyone, the main thing - thoughtfully to follow advice, our with Matvei.

If to reflect, cooking is very cheerful and fascinating occupation. It is possible to drive with friends in soccer, to ride on are big, not to leave a board, and it is possible to invite friends on a visit... and together to prepare something!

it is not worse to p to Spend time or maybe much more usefully, than usually! To comply itself, to pay attention to itself and the organism. Depends on it as long you will be able to run with children on a football field how many goals you will score on the hockey platform or how abruptly you cross stitch (if you are a little girl!).

We with Matvei decided to show you such recipes which help us to enjoy every day life, to have fun and to easily try to obtain success in any business.

the Breakfast of the house and not house

the Breakfast eat

itself, - share a lunch with the friend, give a dinner to the enemy! I and Matvei we subscribe under these words!

the Breakfast - an important component of vigorous day, it loads us on feats therefore it is necessary to have breakfast and is better dense.


In - the first, since morning better acquire the calcium which is contained in fermented milk products (yogurts, cottage cheese, kefir, smuz with yogurts etc.) .

In - the second, till a lunch you do not think of food, hungry spasms do not distract from work and study!

B - the third, since morning it is always possible to dare to regale on darlings but not really useful (from the point of view of doctors and nutritionists) products: and a smoked sausage it is possible, and rolls (and in general farinaceous food and sweet) - all this will easily be processed during the day, and “excess“ calories will burn down in fight for knowledge...

to be in a vitality, it is optional that “the tone was in you“, it is necessary just to work according to our saying - to have breakfast fully!

Soup from milk with macaroni and berries

Is my favourite soup - taste of the far childhood! I did not love milk, but adored macaroni and berries. Mother knew it and thought up small cunning: especially for me she invented milk macaroni and strawberry soup, from berries then it was possible to buy only strawberry...

Now we can take

for this soup any berries and how many sell interesting children`s makaroshka of various form and flowers, for girls and for boys! Choosing them in shop, the main thing, not to sink into dotage!


we add sugar, salt, butter To milk, we fill up macaroni and we cook them to readiness.

Macaroni is ready

? We add some berry! Boiled thoroughly 2 min. - and in a plate. Very tasty!

What can be prepared for breakfast since evening?

Cottage cheese casserole

Is dishes which are better for preparing in advance. It is very convenient if it is necessary to get up early absolutely in the morning. So, baked pudding. We train our darling - with raisin.


  • of 70 g of black raisin
  • of 70 g of white raisin
  • 2 eggs
  • of 20 g of butter
  • of 3 tablespoons of vanilla sugar
  • of 100 g of 20% sour cream
  • of 3 tablespoons of 20% sour cream (for greasing)
  • of 5 berries of fresh strawberry
  • Raisin we presoak