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Lie in a bed or How to talk about sex of

it is bitter to write about it, but, perhaps, lie to beds - the most widespread type of the lie peculiar to human race. And here we, women, both lie, and we manipulate as at men just it will not turn out owing to their physiological device. They are simply more fairly arranged. The woman can feign an orgasm, the man cannot. The woman finds a heap of tricks to avoid matrimonial proximity (“the head hurts“, “was tired“, etc.). And on that women have bases. There is such European playful formula of the ideal wife:“ The ideal wife is a great cook in kitchen, the brilliant woman of fashion in society, the skillful housemaid in the house, the patient teacher with children and the exemplary whore in a bed“.

it is beautiful to em to live, of course, you will not forbid. We in response to this formula can napredjyavlyat such formulas that men, without reflecting, will run away into a pampas if only not to try to correspond to them.

But it is possible for

also without formulas. It is well told at Hindus:“ You want to have the beautiful, joyful wife enjoying proximity with you and giving you pleasure? Then remember: for kitchen employ the cook, for house cleaning - the cleaner, for children - the nurse. The wife will cope with the rest itself“.

Council: Between the loving people there has to be a mutual trust. All problems can be discussed quietly, without exhausting inside discontent and offenses.

the Ideal bedroom

the Bedroom - very important place for each of us. In a dream we carry out nearly a half of the life. Therefore it is important that in a bedroom it was always pure, aired that it was not encumbered by excess furniture. Actually, in a bedroom (ideally) there has to be one bed - with a wide convenient mattress, laid by beautiful, nice on the touch bed linen (tactile feelings are very important). The feeling of pleasure when you go to bed on a svezhezapravlenny bed is familiar to everyone.

In a dream we restore forces, we accumulate energy. Unnecessary objects disturb it, create an adverse power background. The feeling of weakness, fatigue after a night dream can be manifestation of the fact that you sleep in an adverse situation. What it is impossible to do without, has to please you really.

In a bedroom. Walls absorb all our emotions, and then return to us. And in a dream we are especially defenseless. A bedroom - our intimate space where we can show the proximity, tenderness, desire. Here our children arise. Let them appear in purity and love.


This subject demanding extreme honesty. Perhaps, my point of view will not coincide, so to speak, with opinion of the majority. But allow to make the observations nevertheless.

In early youth, the schoolgirls who were a little imagining a practical side of a question full of anticipations of unearthly pleasure which prepares for us life, we were educated as they could. Stocked up with theoretical knowledge. Naturally, read each other fragments from the various translated brochures describing technicians and possibilities of partner proximity. I do not know who wrote all this rather now quite definitely guess, but recommendations were made there - mother, do not grieve! And most important, all authors claimed that if the man does not make love to the woman every day (actually, it is better, of course, twice a day), and so, if it does not occur as hours, 30 times a month, 365 days in a year and so on, curtains: the defective, weak male got to you. Also it is necessary to do something, to invent, stimulate, induce, to excite and so on. Here with it, excuse for expression, knowledge base we also came in adulthood. And, verifying the dry theory with practice, I could not understand everything in any way: here and well to me with my beloved, still as it is good, and we like in each other everything, and not every day unite in embraces! And even - even! - we are not tormented, we do not suffer from own inferiority! What is is that! Probably, both are defective! Well, it is good though - coincided. Exceptional case, probably. Began to ask girlfriends, as them. The same deviations from the ordered norm! I began to be interested in wildlife. We are representatives of fauna too. So, some lines of similarity have to be shown. Especially, they, animals, are not tired with reading books. They have all frankly. Also it appeared: not every day our smaller brothers copulate. And during a certain marriage period. During the come pregnancy the female to herself and close will not admit a male. Representatives of fauna experience call of a floor, by all means. But all this is connected at them with reproduction of posterity. We, of course, high-organized. And it is good. We have such pleasure: to bring each other pleasure. Only at the same time let`s listen to each other, but not to recommendations often of obviously unhealthy advisers from outside.

Sexual proximity - very important component of the marriage relations. And it is better to discuss the arising discrepancies, not satisfied desires with the partner, without hesitating, without exhausting a problem deeply - all the same it will come up, only exaggerated a hundred times. Delicately, liking to explain that it is pleasant and that not really to ask about reciprocal frankness. Spouses are people closest each other, but it is possible to recognize each other far not at once. And in the intimate relation too.

such concept “conjugal duty“ Is. One spouses should not refuse to another proximity (the speech, of course, goes about healthy people). If the woman often refuses sex (“I was tired“, “tomorrow to get up early“, “again you...“, etc.) the man feels very unfortunate. He is undeceived in love of the partner. He hates when it is rejected. He can be deeply offended if the woman criticizes it for manifestation of sexuality and shows the unwillingness to have sex. Or behaves so as if does a great kindness to the partner, conceding it to arrangements. In this case sooner or later he will begin to seek a consolation elsewhere. Also do not calm yourself conclusion that if you want nothing from it in a bed, then and it will want to nobody. Surely there will be persons interested! Take the word. Also can better, than then to call him the rascal, a reptile the last and other, to try to open in itself something still unknown?

Learn to show enthusiasm, learn to please darling and to rejoice. Only then the relations can be considered as full.

From the book “Lie as the Man, Manipulate as the Woman“