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To choose the only thing. Mistakes on the way to love of

We everything dream of love. It - the main engine and the activator of our life.“ Lyubov and hunger rule the world“. What it, love? And how to understand, real or not?

We so often tell

“I love you“ that the word already almost does not oblige to anything. We tell it when to us it is good with someone, we say that more strong to attach to ourselves, we lie that to elicit something to ourselves. And having pondered whether we will answer ourselves that it it, love for which all strive and which - alas - is allowed to learn not everything.

Ancient Greeks described four types of love:

the Eros - the love creating when two halves merge in love embrace which result can be an origin of new life.

of Agape - love - adoration, love - worship, the soft, condescending to the neighbor, merciful love.

of Filiya - friendly love.

of Storge - the family, related love based on mutual understanding.

the Ideal love relations develop when connect in one all four type of love. But to such love it is necessary to live, ripen. Not to spend itself, not to be exchanged.

Someone will tell

:“ And for what to wait? All the same so does not happen. You will wait everything on light, but you will not find“.

Happens. It is only necessary to ask more from himself.

the Academician V. Vernadsky writes
to the bride: “I cannot love
several the same love and I do not think that somebody could. Love - feeling integral, it does not allow any transactions, any divisions. I do not understand how how it is possible to stop loving the person with whom time you will fall in love, and it seems to me that those which stopped loving then - never loved: they were fond of beauty or youth, maybe, sometimes were under impression of minute, under the influence of a number of incidentally developed circumstances. But they did not love as this feeling is represented to me; when it makes everything, before it everything disappears, it updates, revives the person. And I on myself feel this revival, I am sure, I believe that it as it occupied too big share of my soul cannot take place“.
(It writes 23 - summer the young man, purposeful, well already representing the appointment as persons, the scientist, realizing and sense of love. He was not mistaken, did not lie: lived with the wife 56 years. Only the death separated them.)

Search of the partner and prospect

How to choose the present? And what to us prevents to make a choice?

to the Young person it seems to

that, differing from others, it in something wrong. And because will also be unclaimed. Notice: practically all young people have such feelings, refusing to understand that actually all of us are unique, all are created in singular (the very first proof: never coinciding drawing of fingerprints). And in it the deep meaning is put: everyone - one and only, everyone - is invaluable. As it would be good if people appreciated in themselves own features, accepted them in themselves, and also realized unique features of the partners.

What conducts to choice errors? Here the most popular wrong beliefs and prerequisites:


of the Relation which develop as a result of such representations, always a trap for the been partner.

It makes sense to ask p itself the questions, explaining your position in relation to love and marriage and it is extremely honest to answer them . And then to solve, whether the suitable person near you.

Here approximate list of such questions:

Let`s pay attention to risk factors. What can promote emergence of serious problems of a married couple in the future?

From the book “Lie as the Man, Manipulate as the Woman“