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10 addictions in kitchen of

When business reach cooking, you can have addictions about which you do not even suspect. Some of them only prevent you to bring a dish to perfection, others can be even hazardous to health. 10 most widespread habits of which you should get rid are given below. Well, or to try...

1. Oil heating until it smokes

the Majority of recipes begin with heating of oil on a frying pan. Usually a little time that the furnace heated up therefore we pour oil is required and we turn a back to a frying pan to make something else while it heats up. And when from a frying pan the smoke streams meaning that the frying pan heated up begin to rise, you begin to prepare, correctly? At all not!

Not only that many oils become distasteful when they were too overheated, but when oils are exposed to a repeated warming up, they begin to collapse, destroying the useful antioxidants, and forming harmful connections. Nevertheless, temperature of burning of oils has quite big range (at olive oil, for example, between 185 ° With and 216 ° C), but not concrete figure as chemical properties of oil are influenced by many factors. You can quietly prepare without harm for health with any oil, but - without heating it to emergence of a smoke. it is correct to p to Do

: to receive oil on which it is possible to prepare heat it until it begins to hiss slightly.

2. Too frequent hashing

Is tempting to mix food constantly that it did not burn slightly, but too frequent hashing spoils food. Continuous invasion does not allow food to be roasted, does it friable, and as a result at you the real porridge turns out. it is correct to p to Do

: Try not to stir food too often if only it is not required according to the recipe.

3. Vykladyvaniye of too large amount of ingredients on a frying pan

Sometimes cooking demands from us a little patience. Perhaps, easier and quicker to fill a frying pan to the brim with ingredients, but actually, it can slow down cooking.

If you want to fry products in oil, then to receive a crisp, it is not necessary to spread on a frying pan everything at once, otherwise instead of fried potato at you potatoes on couple will turn out.


treats preparation of meat. If to put in a frying pan it is too much meat, then temperature of a frying pan will decrease too quickly, it will lead to sticking of a product, and also to some other problems. it is correct to p to Do

: the Best exit - to prepare all by parties. The extra time which you enclose in preparation will make your food much more tasty.

4. Cutting of meat at once as removed it from a grill

you are hungry and want vgryztsya in the stake as soon as removed it from a grill. Wait! Leave meat to lie down several minutes. While it so lies, juice will evenly be distributed on all piece and it will be much more juicy. If you begin to cut it at once, then all juice will flow down on a chopping board and will not be late in meat. it is correct to p to Do

: should leave Small pieces of meat for shorter time (we will tell, from 5 to 10 minutes), and pieces it is more - for longer time (till 20 minutes if the speech, for example, goes about the whole turkey).

5. Washing of meat before preparation

Washing of meat in a sink helps to get rid of slime, it is the fact. But this process at the same time pollutes your sink bacteria which can potentially cause diseases of a food origin. it is correct to p to Do

: Blot meat with a paper towel - most often, it is enough.

6. Use of a frying pan with an antiprigarny covering on strong fire

Lower fire when using a frying pan with an antiprigarny covering. High temperature can lead to allocation of PFU (perfluorocarbons) from an antiprigarny covering in the form of vapors. PFU lead to injury of a liver and problems of digestion. it is correct to p to Do

: Address firm - producer to learn what temperature they recommend.

7. Use of metal shovels

to Use metal shovels for frying pans with an antiprigarny covering - bad idea. You can incidentally scratch a frying pan surface, and this scratch can become the reason that you will swallow of PFU which is allocated by an antiprigarny lining. it is correct to p to Do

: Use wooden or heat-resistant rubber shovels when you prepare on frying pans with an antiprigarny covering.

8. Mixing of hot liquids without removal of the limiter

to you needs to mix only hot liquids (for example, in cream soups) or to allow them to blow up, scatter on all kitchen and to get on you? Undoubtedly, indelible memoirs are provided to you. But really you want it? The majority of blenders are equipped with a removable cover - the limiter above. If you hot liquid from the blender, then, most likely ever burned because you forgot to remove a lid before began to mix liquids. Steam formed by hot liquid creates pressure which literally blows up if the limiter is left on the place. it is correct to p to Do

: to weaken pressure, remove the limiter and close an opening the put towel that liquid did not scatter when mixing.

9. Use of heat resisting ware on naked flame

the Heat resisting ware is ideal

for roasting, for example, of a chicken. But if your recipe demands frying on fire - use a metal frying pan. The heat resisting ware is not intended for frying on naked flame. If too to overheat it, then it will scatter into smithereens, and you should clean splinters and to wash the furnace.

10. Too long hashing of the test

When you do to

dough for pastries (or something with a large amount of flour), you want that everything was well mixed. And for this purpose you stir it. But too long mixing does not mean that everything goes correctly. Mechanical impact on dough when mixing becomes the reason of formation of a gluten in flour, and the pastries turn out firm. it is correct to p to Do

: Therefore softly mix mix before formation of homogeneous mass, and then put the mixer aside. It is better “to bring“ dough to the necessary standard hands.