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The main thing - patience!

Want to share the history. On January 25, 2012 at 23:42 I gave birth to the daughter Tanya in maternity hospital № 18 according to the Natural Childbirth program (the doctor - Kolyan Armen Karapetovich). Before pregnancy and I went to time to the psychologist / consultant for GV Galina. When the baby was born, she was put at once to a breast. She enjoyed hour colostrum. When I was sewn up, we were transferred to the postnatal block in chamber of joint stay. I gave a breast according to each requirement. From the first day the nurse from children`s office advised to give water. I, of course, did not give and urged that the daughter was not finished feeding mix that nurses did if mothers told nothing.

milk began to come To 4 - e days at me. At Tanya it was impossible to grasp a nipple: she very strongly cried and wound a mouth around a nipple here and there. Then from powerlessness filled up and slept on of 5 - 6 hours. I called Galina: she told that it is a dream from a stress - it is necessary to awake and put again and again. I tried both standing, and lying - it was impossible to sit from - for seams. But again nothing was impossible... At night I all - gave waters (what it is still a shame with) as Tanya well very strongly cried. She drank all bottle and fell asleep.

Us has to be written out for the fifth days, but when the pediatrician had a daughter on survey (there was a doctor on duty), I was called to it. And it began: “We do not write out you because the child does not gain weight though he has to already. Most likely, it has an infection, you have a chronic pyelonephritis. And analyses, probably, all the time bad. Tomorrow we will take blood test, we will put a dropper and in general we will take away in hospital“. I speak:“ It has no infection, to me 10 years ago a kidney also analyses hemmed all the time simply remarkable. But it from - for the fact that it is impossible to us with applying does not gather: I have nipples very flat“. She looked and told: “Oh, what nipples... And from what you took what you will be able to nurse? Yes to you by the nature it is not given! And you torment the child. Nothing terrible, from a bottle you will feed with mix“. You represent?! I at it did not burst into tears, held on like grim death:“ You know that, I chose natural childbirth not in order that to feed the child with mix, probably, I on receipt will be written out today“. Left an office and burst out crying.

Called the husband, the husband as a result in the same day brought to me Galina to maternity hospital (well I lay in paid office, and visit was possible). When it came, we undressed Tanusha, she put to me it on a stomach - and as we only did not try to apply to a breast. After two hours of attempts the daughter stuck. While tried, the nurse brought a bottle with mix. When Galina left, I began to try again and again it was impossible. When in the evening Tanusha wanted to eat, I called the nurse to help. It seemed to me that the daughter grasped a breast, but on scales nothing changed: I did not understand that I have to feel when the child really sucks. Galina by phone advised to strain off milk in a glass and to feed at least from a spoon or from the syringe. I began to be decanted - in an hour about 30 ml it turned out, but then the shivering hands incidentally overturned to bank - and all on new again...

the daughter with pleasure everything drank

From a spoon. After that I gave a breast again - and here it is long-awaited happiness - it turned out!!! I was in the seventh heaven!!

It appears p, milk came, nipples were hard and when I was decanted in a jar, they became softer, and the daughter could grasp. All night long she ate each hour, gained 90 grams in a night. I did not give it in the morning on survey to the pediatrician: was afraid that will begin to take unnecessary blood test, itself went to it. Explained that happened yesterday that the duty pediatrician finished me, generally, unburdened the heart. Told that at any deal I will be written out and I will adjust house GV.

It weighed Tanusha, saw that it gathered in a night, praised me for patience - and wrote out us. While we learned to suck houses, it was necessary to be decanted a little before feeding. It was difficult. As a result on one nipple - a crack, and on another in general skin descended. But I did not stop, fed through tears and pain, constantly smeared nipples. The one that with a crack, healed, and the second, and was naked, without skin... Morally heavy to thrust such nipple into a mouth... There passed month and 10 days from the date of childbirth, to me there arrived Galina. She advised to nurse healthy, and another to decant and smear homeopathic hamamily, a calendula and pantenoly. Well and the slips ventilated to carry, hold a breast opened constantly. Oh, as it was difficult: milk constantly flew from a sore breast, filled in all clothes, the daughter, it was necessary to change these slips often because they bulked up from milk instantly.

Two times a day I gave to

a sore breast that was not zastoyev, and in the rest of the time decanted. As a result of pacifiers began to heal, but the milkwoman on it began to disturb: it was very sick when feeding. In one and a half months after the beginning of active treatment it finally began to live! I did not give up because I do not represent: how it is possible to feed the beloved child with something artificial, well as?! And now, when I hear that someone has no milk, breed not dairy etc., me it is just ridiculous. People have no not milk, and patience and desire!!! And still information - because our dear doctors do not help! Still I read Irina Ryukhova`s book “How to present to the kid health. We nurse“, the girlfriend presented to me, she too for GV. And I will help girlfriends who after me will give birth that nursed only.

Now the left nipple still hurts, but I do not notice this pain any more - me the main thing that the baby receives a milk and health! The daughter 3550 was born, discharged us from maternity hospital 3190. In a month it weighed 4400, and in 3 - 7520!

I Hope, after reading of my history, many will reflect before giving a bottle with mix, any complexity can be overcome! The main thing - patience!