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Spitsbergen - to the north is no place

my acquaintance to Svalbard archipelago began incidentally. Once, considering the pictures taken on Western Caucasus my friends Serena and Paul, having exchanged glances, exclaimed:“ It looks as Spitsbergen“. It turned out that my German friends worked as guides there every summer for five years. Having come back home, I first of all rushed off to the world map hanging at a bed headboard. North, North... aha, here it! A tiny small group of islands, approximately on the eightieth degree of a northern latitude.

All next days the unusual and magic word “Spitsbergen“ did not go at me out of the mind, and inquiries about it did not stop. So I found out that my friends during the another ecological action with Andreas, he - that also offered work of guides. Whether joke: children collected in a week 4,5 tons of the garbage which is taken out by a surf to northern beaches of Spitsbergen from Europe and Russia and dooming on the death of few inhabitants of the archipelago. The governor of Spitsbergen who is carrying out here a role of all three branches of the power for export three times sent the helicopter.

of Times my friends became guides, so and I will be able! According to the student`s visa for a year left to Germany, in Andreas`s family where looked for his two-year-old daughter as the nurse, and began to improve the German. He went to the archipelago in March - to prepare expedition. Before I watched work its round - firms when it on the Internet contacted day and night all suppliers and future clients, chartered vessels and reserved places. In July and I went to monthly summer practice. Before departure for islands all future guides completed courses, including, first-aid treatment and the handling of the gun...

Here behind a board of the plane can already distinguish glaciers and ridges, and in the following again everything the veil of clouds tightens several seconds. Avaricious vegetation and, at the same time, luxury of ice and ocean, bird`s markets and steep coast of fjords. On a window hoarfrost appeared. On the coastline it is already possible to consider crumbs of white ice - such small from the plane, they for certain can cause serious troubles to the small ships. Between sharp mountains the runway appeared. Fog and a wet dullness - even already is also not believed that two hours ago over Troms the sun shone and especially it is difficult to believe that now the middle of July. Spitsbergen - the archipelago of the islands which are behind a polar circle. Exactly there is the most northern point of Europe and the most northern European city of Longiyerbyuen where we also arrived. All tourists who came here by the plane or the ship surely will pass on the central street where the cafe and boutiques are concentrated, it is possible to buy souvenirs only here: polar bears, badges, t-shirts, products from skins of deer, seals, seals, and even a skin of a polar bear or his effigy. The archipelago is declared by the free demilitarized zone that assumes a visa-free regime of entrance. The person interested to reach here by plane or the excursion liner, only the transit Norwegian visa is necessary.

to us should pass

fourteen days of Dickson on the ground. During this time we with group of the German climbing society took a detour on unusual and severe landscapes of the northern world and returned to Aysfyord. This unique tranquility and silence, ice history of the stiffened glaze, the ice rivers and thin lakes. Here as you feel tiny anywhere, you experience admiration of these natural extremes. Polar day - total loss of feeling of time.

for a long time will remain

In memory indelible impressions. And in two weeks of a campaign the narrow circle of “the“ people who saw and felt the same, as you with which it is possible to discuss backs of the white whales floating by who are turning pink in the twilight of the midnight sun, or the polar martin striving to dive to you on the top of the head in attempt to protect the nest is formed. I will remember the reindeers roaming about asphalt of the city, the curious polar foxes competing with seagulls and approaching the preparing food on dangerous distance, lovely muzzles of seals and a roar of the falling ices. Ridiculous stories and dangerous adventures, love to this world are taken away by us from these places.