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When milk comes? We adjust a lactation of

Modern mothers seek to nurse the child and know about advantages of natural feeding much. Of course, having such knowledge, you do not wait that right after childbirth milk will run from a breast in liters.

the Lactation at women begins

with formation of colostrum - the secret of mammary glands having unique structure. Time of the beginning of formation of colostrum at each woman individually, more often it begins to be allocated to pregnancy or right after childbirth in recent months; there are cases when colostrum appears only on 3 - y or 4 - y day.

Therefore be not surprised to

and do not worry - in 1 - y day after the delivery the breast happens soft and as though empty. The amount of the emitted colostrum also happens various: from couple of drops to 100 ml a day.

However even several drops of colostrum which are received by the kid at each applying to a breast for it are invaluable

as it is very nutritious. Colostrum is rich with protein, mineral substances, vitamins, hormones, enzymes. This food is perfectly acquired by a children`s organism as feedstuffs have the structure similar to structure of tissues of the newborn. Colostrum contains the immune factors protecting the kid from viruses and bacteria. Besides, colostrum has laxative properties, it stimulates digestion and release of intestines of the kid is helped from first-born by a calla (meconium).

Gradually colostrum changes on structure, to the fourth - the fifth day turning into transitional milk. Approximately with 6 - go day of a lactation the secret of chest gland is already no other than mature milk. Colostrum replacement process with mature milk happens at women to various intensity. At one quicker, at others this process is more long. It is known that process of transformation of colostrum to mature milk takes more time pervorodyashchy women, at povtornorodyashchy - less. Specific features of each woman matter.

Essential increase in volume of milk is called milk inflow, or filling of a breast. At some women this phenomenon occurs on 3 - 4 - y day after the delivery; at others it is observed later, on 6 - 9 - y day, that is after an extract from maternity hospital.

milk of one woman differs in

I on the structure from milk of other woman. And your milk is the most harmonious for your child.


For stimulation of education and release of colostrum and milk needs several conditions.

the Important factor of providing a full-fledged lactation is the mode of free feeding at which the kid himself establishes intervals between feedings. Free feeding or, otherwise, feeding upon the demand of the child, means applying of the child to a breast so many time and in such time in what he demands, including night hours. The newborn child can demand from 8 - 10 up to 20 and more applyings to a breast per day. Duration of one feeding makes in the first days 20 - 30 minutes in connection with small amount of milk. After there was a milk inflow, for feeding there is enough of 15 - 20 minutes, as more long finding of the child at a breast can promote emergence of cracks on nipples.

should Feed with

in convenient for you with the child to a pose, in a quiet situation. It is desirable that when feeding the kid had an opportunity most closely to contact to you “skin to skin“, “eye to eye“. Such close contact promotes formation of an optimum lactation and establishment of close psychoemotional contact between you and the child that is very important for his full development.

it is also easier for p to cope With inflow of milk, being in chamber of joint stay as it is possible to provide unlimited feeding with a breast. At the available possibility of unlimited applying of the child to a breast it is better to do absolutely without milk decantations.

In that case the amount of the milk produced by mother adapts in the natural way to needs of the child. Of course, in certain cases the breast everything is it is necessary - to rastsedit one two times. The midwife or the consultant for breastfeeding will prompt to you when and as to make it.

in conclusion should tell

that when feeding the child on demand there is no need to use pacifiers. It is proved that dokorm and additional drink is led to violation of natural balance in a gastrointestinal tract of the child, to reduction of production of milk, the probability of refusal of the kid of a breast also increases. Therefore in modern maternity hospitals to children on breastfeeding also additional drink without special medical indications is not appointed dokorm artificial mixes.

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