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Milk for daughters: both senior, and younger

Two breasts - to feed two children at the same time. Such, at first sight comical, the conclusion was drawn by me quite recently. At me the two-year-old daughter Sonya whom I continue to nurse grows up. And in two months her native little sister will be born. Psychologically I adjust myself on tandem feeding.

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me. The “delicate“ mother-in-law declared at once:“ The husband at you beautiful, and you will be bald, toothless, with breasts on a belt“. The local gynecologist threatened to hospitalize if I do not separate the oldest daughter from a breast. It was necessary to hide from it that I continue to feed. Of course, fears of doctors are not always vain. To mummies at whom pregnancy proceeds with complications there is a risk of premature birth, a breast it is better to refuse feeding. But at me, fortunately, everything is good. And feeding by a breast in the family way still gives joy and me, and the daughter. Of course, I long doubted, to nurse Sonya or to begin to separate. As soon as saw the test with two strips, strongly got agitated: we with the husband did not plan the second child. First thought: how our little daughter will react to the new family member and whether it is worth continuing it to feed? Tried to disaccustom - cried with the daughter all night. Neither she, nor I were ready to an excommunication. New fears in me one of articles on the Internet where the author in bright paints described that the senior babies subconsciously struggle with younger “competitors“ lodged and literally “exhaust“ the next pregnancy of mother. Many questions remained for me unclear.

I then I decided to ask for the help experts. The consultant for breastfeeding assured that it is possible to feed during pregnancy and it is even necessary. The girlfriend advised to meet the good gynecologist, professor - to hear his opinion. Fortunately, in our city such expert was. A few years ago, when I suffered from infertility, this is the wise woman helped to cure my illness. Before a meeting with it, I, frankly speaking, already began to be adjusted on the feeding termination. Doctors are, as a rule, categorical - do not allow to feed during pregnancy. But to my astonishment, professor expressed other opinion.“ Till 28 weeks of new pregnancy the uterus does not react to increase of level of hormone of oxytocin and to this term to feed safely. Moreover, for several months of an active lactation the organism gets used to the increased level of oxytocin and perceives it as norm. Harm for a fruit will not be, - she assured. - The wise nature solved everything for you. Priorities are placed so: at first to the kid growing in a stomach, then - in milk and that will remain - mother. Eat well and variously, drink vitamins and nurse the kids how many you will consider necessary“.

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after conversation with it! Now doubts vanished finally. At once told Sonya that the kid who will be born in the summer lodged in a tummy at mother.“ It will be small, without teeth. Will not be able to eat porridge and meat. He will often suck milk. And Sonya will suck. She will teach him“, - here approximately we conduct such conversations with the daughter from the first days of new pregnancy. Then Sonya learned that we will have not just a kid, and one more little girl. I began to show to the daughter of her photo at infantile age, explained, as the little sister will be same small and defenseless. And by a professional advice on breastfeeding began to lose with it such performance:“ Here a pig - mother, and here - her pigs. Look, they suck mother together, all have enough milk. Pigs do not fight“. The same history at us is played with a toy cow and calfs, a cat and kotyatka, a dog and puppies. Through game I adjust Sonya on the benevolent relations with the younger little sister and on a safe tandem.

Recently we in the house had a kitten. Sonya constantly plays with it, tries not to offend. I explain to her that a cat not the toy, and to him can be sick. I think that communication with a canine friend only on advantage to the daughter. She understands that nearby - the little living being.

Of course, I do not know how our life after the birth of the younger daughter will change. I argue on much only in the theory so far. But spirit of me resolute. Also it is sure that there will be enough forces and breast milk for two children. Especially, nearby - the loving husband who will share with me cares of daughters. It, perhaps, only who supported my decision on tandem feeding. Already we think of buying a new double bed - such wide that all our bigger family had enough place in it. Two sosun on each side, by a hand keep in a dream native and the beloved - what else is necessary for the woman for happiness? I dream to sleep through two - three years. I miss the work. I want to go to the sea. But still will be in my life! And my babies so will grow up soon and will cease to smell sweet a milk. Will cease to wake up at night and to get on knees strong to nestle and breathe heavily. The birth, education of children and feeding by a breast - incomparable happiness. And I will be happy doubly soon!

Elena Dadayeva