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Where I and why? We give to career the necessary direction

you are happy with the work? It is what it was dreamed in youth of? Or does not leave feeling that you once went astray? Answers to these important questions and useful tips of Redzhina Leeds will help to understand themselves.

my friend Fred works as the pilot in large airline. Usually it flies the same route, but it does not mean that it enters a cabin, without having got acquainted with flight plan, without having found out the current weather conditions etc. You can imagine such announcement for passengers:“ Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a board of our plane. In a few minutes we will take off from the airport of Los - Andzheles for New - York. I generally there often fly, and here the last week somehow it did not happen. But do not worry - I have a good memory. If we go off-course, I will treat low that you could examine vicinities until I return the plane on a route. Fasten belts - it will be interesting!“ I am afraid that by the time of when the pilot says the last phrase, at the exit the crush is formed of the plane.

to you it seems to

that it is an example from area of a fantasy? What will any serious airline not allow the unprepared pilot to rise in air? Perhaps. But you know that? If you come to work without plan for day, and then convulsively try to regain control over situation, you a little in what differ from this mad pilot. Also notice, at you much less chances to achieve the objectives because if you go off-course, to you, unlike the pilot, computers will not help. In the next weeks we need to achieve that the nobility where and, the main thing why you move.

intention Force

you never noticed that you usually go there where you look, and drive the car there where your look is directed? In the same way life follows your thoughts. Everything depends on your intention - to win or lose. The choice - that always for you!

the discomfort at work can Sometimes arise from - for feelings that you chose not that way. Of course, the chaos on a workplace can be caused by lack of skills of organization, but it is more often is a symptom of internal dissonance. Within a year we will deal also with it.“ That inside, and outside“, - ancient said. Of course, they did not mean a working situation, but their wisdom is quite applicable also to our situation. Be ready to fulfillment of desires.

Change of the direction of life is similar

to mooring of the ocean liner in port. It is difficult and long process. Your thoughts are similar to those small, but powerful tows which help the ship to stick to the coast.


On the first week we will outline the plan which will add life of pleasures. Eventually you will be able to add to it new points and thus to gain an impression about the advance on the way to harmony. What to begin with? From thoughts. In life only what we pay attention to works well.

the Tool which is required this week - the diary. It can be the school diary or the magnificent daily log in a leather cover. I long time liked notebooks with yellow sheets in a ruler, but now to me is thought quicker and easier when I print on the computer.

the Key element which will allow to turn the diary into the useful tool from a success arsenal, - your readiness to write down answers to questions which you will find here.

Time for answers will be limited to

because I do not want that you too carefully considered them. What will come to mind in the first second will be closest to truth. If you never carried out a similar task, prepare for surprises.

Written can differ in

from the fact that you will think in the first second. Try. And time can be controlled by means of a stop watch in the mobile phone.

Where I?

At what stage of life you are now? At what stage of career? Whether it manages to you to follow once made plan (each of us has it, especially when we are young)? Or you went astray? Life imposes on you unexpected requirements? Whether it managed to you to endure a storm and to continue the movement by a right course or you cannot still understand how you appeared at current work in this position? Please, answer as it is possible in more detail.

As I appeared

in this situation?

Reveal circumstances which led to the current situation. Perhaps, you were knocked down by an illness someone from relatives? Or you too hurry and undertake everything? There cannot be a right or incorrect answer. We need to see mechanics of process such what it is. And here again - surprises can wait for you.

Reached a deadlock? You do not know what to write? Here to you several hints. Let`s look whether approaches any of the descriptions stated below your situation.

began to work with

Well, learned the history? Or, maybe, suits you a little? Take a five-minute break and briefly state the relation to current situation. If any of the options offered by me is not similar to your case, describe it briefly independently.

to us needs to be analysed not micro - but macroexperience. If you, for example, held a present position by accident, serious changes to the best in the working atmosphere will not heal your sincere wounds. And we should achieve satisfaction. (And if you one of those few lucky persons who do favorite thing in the company of the dream, render thanks destiny.)

What I love?

It is the most important question of my book. In youth all it seems such interesting, and then it turns out that many of these things mean nothing. Meaning of life, say to us, in to earn more. Spend minute, remember, write down and reunite with the former interests. It is time to return them to your life.

In college my main specialization. It very much disturbed my parents - they could not understand in any way for what work I train myself. That they ceased to worry, before the termination of college I was registered in the employment service working at it.

the Staff of this service sent to

me to interview to FBI. I had a chance not just to become the government agent, but to work with the people coming to the USA in a nu - the York airport of John Kennedy. Parents immediately saw in it a fine opportunity to use my second specialization - those Romance languages. Several days FBI agents interrogated our Brooklyn neighbors, collecting about me information. I descended in office of bureau at the airport, there took fingerprints from me... Parents were in the seventh heaven when they from FBI reported that I am taken. But soon our house plunged into mourning because I refused this work.

Strangely enough, but at quite tender age - to me then was 21 years old - I had enough courage to listen to the low internal voice saying that this profession not for me. Without having been frightened of possible vicissitudes of life, I believed in myself and decided to try the luck in show - business. However, a star did not become, but many years was a popular actress, and I liked my profession. Now I can look back and with satisfaction note result of that choice. And as it would be awful at the end of life to ask a question that would be, choose I an actor`s path... whether

you Tried to realize the dreams? Whether brings you satisfaction work? Notice, it is not obligatory to hold at all leading post to answer “yes“. Whether you are proud of what you do and whether you have content at the end of the working day?

If your profession or current work are far

from what you once dreamed of whether you can change it? Or, at the worst, to find a way to realize the dream at least partially?

Doctor Linda Chiang from China liked to dance

. When to Linda it was executed sixteen, she declared to parents that she wants to become the professional dancer. Their reaction was as like as two peas similar to reaction of my parents: “Find to yourself the real work!“ And then she became the doctor of east medicine, the expert in acupuncture with extensive and very successful practice. Linda`s passion to dance is realized in improbable number of classes which she attends every week. Dance did not become its profession, but helps it to keep a form.

One my acquaintance always wanted to become an actor, but chose more traditional way and promoted in the corporate world of America. Now he on pension and will see off almost all the time - guess where? On rehearsals in local amateur theater.

Make the list of the addictions even if in it there are only one or two purposes which always attracted you. And then list two or three creative ways to realize your thirst for these purposes.

From the book “A full order.
the Weekly plan of fight against chaos at work, houses and in the head“