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Independent fitness. How to train at home?

Many people estimated advantages of fitness and a healthy lifestyle for a long time. Force, cheerfulness and resistance to stresses - here only small part of the fact that give us regular physical activities. But the modern rhythm of life often does not allow to visit gyms and fitness - the centers. What to do? Whether really to the ordinary person to train houses? for

Yes, such qualities as force, endurance and speed, it is possible and it is even necessary to develop in house conditions.

of Exercise with the weight on a floor

of Push-up and a press - here two main exercises which will be with you always even when you are outdoors or in business trip. They are familiar to us from school, but have so many options and subtleties that you will constantly open in them something new. Especially it concerns push-ups. If at their performance to stand on fingers, then your successful fellow will become quite powerful soon. The option with cottons trains explosive force. And push-ups on one hand develop force of a triceps and breast, besides strengthen sheaves.

of Exercise with the weight

Almost in each Soviet apartment in a doorway hung on a horizontal bar and gymnastic rings a horizontal bar. Which, however, was considered as a children`s shell. It is not necessary to follow this delusion, thanks to a simple crossbeam you will be able to develop the bicepses, a back and a press. One of the best exercises for muscles of a stomach is a raising of legs in hanging also deduction of a corner for a while. Enormous check of will power. If you want to strengthen the brushes, be tightened on two strong towels thrown through a horizontal bar.

And here gymnastic rings became popular just now. Due to lack of rigid fixing they give unique load of all muscles - stabilizers of the top half of a body. On rings it is possible to be wrung out, be brought up, to swing a press and to do an exit by force.

of the Weight

of the Weight are the magnificent shells developing force, dexterity, endurance, “dykhalka“ and hold. At the same time they cost little and take not enough place. Three pairs of weights on 16, 24 and 32 kg are ideal to have houses. If you are limited in finance or free space, then it is possible to buy one weight weighing 16 or 24 kg.

These “powerful kernels“ it is possible to do classical exercises from bodybuilding: rise on a biceps, rises through the parties, presses and drafts. And it is possible also the special movements from kettlebell sport: a push, breakthrough, capture on a breast, and also a press up a bottom. It is sure, it will be more interesting to carry out the last to you. It is the best of all to take several consultations from the trainer that he delivered you the correct equipment previously.

of the Barrel with water and bags with sand

Unfortunately, is little-known shells which, however, well are suitable for house training.

The bag with sand demands small time of production, very cheap and allows to develop your body in an unusual key. In - the first, sand is constantly poured inside - it forces to join all your muscles - stabilizers. In - the second, a self-made shell not so - that it is simple to grasp that develops your fingers and forearms. Now there were factory bags equipped with handles. With them it is possible to do more exercises, but they do not give such powerful load of hold.

The barrel with water is even more rigid type of training. Water it will be constant and, the main thing, quickly to flow inside. Do not fill a barrel to the brim, otherwise you lose its advantage - full involvement of muscles - stabilizers. Besides it is difficult to flank to grab, and it will even more strengthen your fingers. Now it is not so simple to flank to find, but on broad sale there are blue food containers. The most widespread on 65 liters will be ideally suited for house training. the Extension is recommended to do to


After power training an extension. It does not allow muscles to be shortened over the years and even leads to growth of force. At home it is rather simple to stretch: door jambs where you will pull a biceps and a breast, and a chair by means of which you will stretch a biceps of a hip and abdominal rings are necessary. And inclinations, bridges, twine and half-splits can be done in general without any equipment.

Trainings of the house though have essential restrictions, nevertheless can develop your body and spirit over a wide range. If you only began the way to the world of fitness, then occupations in native walls will allow you to come to that level after which it is not a shame to come to the hall any more. Besides at home it is convenient to do strange little-known exercises which can cause misunderstanding and even laughter.