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Our hard way to a pot of

When our sonny was 10 months old, we decided to acquaint him with a pot. Approached the choice of a pot seriously: there was a wish that it was steady, bright, the anatomic form convenient for the boy, from environmentally friendly plastic, with the taking-out pallet and a cover. Having bypassed several shops, we picked up what was required. But... The child liked to play with a pot, and to sit down here on it and the son refused to do the things flatly. The example of toy animals whom we landed together with Romchik did not help, also warming up of a pot under the crane with warm water did not help. “Early!“ - we thought. Also postponed pottery science for few months.


When to a synula executed year, acquaintances literally filled up us with questions: “How, all of you in diapers?“ Advised urgently to accustom, holding up as an example the grown-up children who about one year asked on a pot. We decided to try again. A result - the nervous, shouting child jumping from a pot as stung. I thought that business can be in the pot - and bought another (without pallet, below former, smooth and convenient). Now the child sat on a pot, but to persuade him something managed to be made not always.

Then we waved a hand on all councils of well-wishers and decided to wait till summer, and then already to refuse diapers. All summer we hard worked and achieved good results. To the kid then was 1 year 8 months. But after an illness there was a failure: the child absolutely ceased to ask on a pot. He hid to the secluded place and did everything in panties. We periodically tried to land it, but he escaped and shouted. Cunning helped. Now we did not ask “You want to write?“. Instead thought up such questions:“ You will be standing or sitting? “, “ on what pot: green or violet?“. It puzzled the baby, and we managed to do everything as it is necessary. And we, of course, always praised highly for result. Now Romulke is 1 year old and 10 months, and everything was adjusted. All mothers want to tell: do not despair if remains something is impossible to yours, do not compare to other children - your kid is unique. You remember: still any child did not go to school in a diaper! Also your time will come. Be not nervous - the alarm is transferred to the kid. Be better adjusted on a positive and believe in the child!

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