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Whether to take on childbirth of the husband: the look of the doctor

- such question to very few people would come twenty five years ago to mind. Was considered that childbirth is especially female sacrament, men at the same time do not need to be present. Today the relation changed - including at health workers. whether

are focused by

of Installation of modern obstetric aid on a family at a normal current of the patrimonial act, on creation of the conditions which are brought closer to house to minimize a psychological stress for the pregnant woman, the woman in labor and the woman in childbirth, and also to reduce risks of intrahospital infections.

presence of the loved one is very important

During such difficult period of life of the woman what childbirth is. The personnel of maternity hospitals perform the work which it is a lot of and how midwifes, nurses and nurses tried, they do not know your characterologic features, your weaknesses and fears as they are known yours by the husband, mother, the sister or the girlfriend.

the Partner on childbirth - not necessarily the husband, the main thing that it was the person loving you and sympathizing you while you feel pain. Usually obtaining permission of presence of the partner on childbirth requires existence of the certificate of the fluorographic research made during your pregnancy. Besides, this person by the beginning of childbirth should not have symptoms of acute infectious diseases. It is optional to put on it a scrub. It can be in the clean and convenient clothes and footwear, he should spend several hours in warm premises of maternity hospital, performing at the same time a certain work.

What for duties are assigned to the partner?

First of all, it has to be able to talk to the woman in labor, giving her a practical advice, distracting from bad thoughts and pain. He should learn simple methods of anesthesia: to massage of a waist, points in the field of awns of podvzdoshny bones, to stroking of a stomach. The partner has to help the woman at visit of a toilet or shower when it becomes difficult for it to go from - for pains or dizziness. In its duty enters to feed the woman in labor, to give it waters, to rub off a damp towel or tonic, to change the soiled linen.

Should not interfere with actions of personnel as professionals know better what to do in these or those situations, but it is necessary to pay attention of health workers to features or unexpected changes in a condition of the woman in labor, of course. Should not hesitate to set doctors and midwifes questions if to you something is not clear in their actions, but it is necessary to do it according to norms of human communication then the question “How to Fight against Roughness of Doctors?“ will not arise. In total - roughness - not the widespread phenomenon in obstetrical establishments.

Reaction of medical personnel to you depends also on your behavior and your spirit. If all of you - faced the unpleasant facts, then presence of the partner will - bondage will demand from personnel of more warm and caring attitude to the pregnant woman, the woman in labor and the woman in childbirth and will prevent manifestations of roughness and an inattention to you. Besides, in hospital there is always a person, the senior on a position to whom you can report about incorrect behavior of the doctor, midwife or nurse. The rights you have to know and have an opportunity to realize them, however health workers also have not only duties, but also the rights, first of all, this right for respect for themselves.

Usually the partner gives essential help to the woman in labor and leaves warm memories of childbirth in her soul, forms feeling of gratitude and love that it is very important for strengthening of a family irrespective of, it is created a year ago or exists ten years. Poll of the men who were present at the birth of the child showed that they were struck by process of the birth of the person, they strengthened feeling of gratitude and love to the wife for those sufferings which she had to transfer in labor, the feeling of paternity was formed from the first hours of life.

Thus, modern childbirth is a joint process in which all family participates, and the subsequent education of the little person is a family business.

“Participation of the partner in labor“, from the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“