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Irena Ponaroshku: “The son idolizes the father!“

Communicating with one of the most charming leading MTV as though also itself you are loaded with positive energy. It is brilliant, flashing and witty. And still - she is young mother of the remarkable little son Serafim.

Irena when you for the first time realized what you want the child?

How many myself I remember, I always had a fear of pregnancy, childbirth, responsibility for someone`s life. I even dreamed nightmares on this subject, and I understood that I am not ready to have the child yet. But approximately in a year before I became pregnant, this fear was gone, and there was a desire to become mother.

you wanted

of Whom more - the girl or the boy? And husband?


Ya that the boy will be born, and the husband very much wanted the girl. He jokes that it would provide us a comfortable old age, and actually the reason that girls usually love fathers more, and boys - mothers. But he did not know that Serafim will just idolize him!


what you felt, having for the first time learned that you will become mother?

Actually I understood practically at once that I expect a baby, but to the last did not do the test - there were a wish to enjoy the last free days a little more. And when I for the first time saw 2 strips, not really was surprised. I burst out laughing for pleasure, and thought that with such parents it will obviously not be boring for the kid. whether

, or became a pleasant surprise for you and the husband?

We so long planned this pregnancy that as a result it turned out unplanned - when we were already tired of all this preparation and stopped thinking constantly on this subject.

A as you told this news to the spouse? How it reacted?

Since I was convinced that I am pregnant, I touched one and a half months options in the head how to present it this news, one is more mad than another - beginning from the test baked in apple pie and finishing with fireworks in the form of the inscription “I Am Pregnant“ shining in the sky. As a result it happened near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on walk. I solemnly handed it a box with the comment that it to it was transferred from above. The husband told then that he began to guess my supernews literally several hours prior to recognition, but all the same reacted very emotionally - he choked, asked to drink waters and at once began to make plans for the future!

As you prepared for pregnancy and childbirth? Whether went to some courses whether your diet and a way of life changed?

Ya did not go on any courses and did not get registered in any medical institutions because I do not consider that pregnancy is an illness. The diet at me practically did not change - more than 5 years I am a vegetarian, and during pregnancy did not change these principles. And at the end of pregnancy I spent 2 months in Thailand, and there ate many fresh vegetables and fruit, natural dairy products. Besides, I practiced nearly an every day yoga for pregnant women and several times met the midwife who in detail told everything to me and answered all interesting questions.

support of the husband is extraordinary important

For each woman during pregnancy. Tell how the spouse supported you?

the Husband all pregnancy literally did not let out my hand and very much in everything supported me, foresaw all my desires. Frankly speaking, it much me surprised with it as I got used that he is rather independent and rigid person who most of all appreciates the freedom. whether

you Had toxicoses, indispositions? How you coped with them?

, probably, now I will upset with

Ya those who suffered from toxicoses and I will give hope to those who are going to become a mother, but I never had any indispositions. I waited all the time, well when already they will begin, but as a result till last days pregnancies felt just fine.

Pregnancy - special time for each woman. What was this time for you?

Can tell

that it was the happiest period in my life as I was disturbed by nothing from this, than frighten pregnant women, at the same time I looked and felt perfectly. All cared for me, and I felt very important and necessary. Till seventh month I led a usual life which pregnancy did not affect in any way. And then took a deserved maternity leave and for 2 months departed to Thailand.

what difficulties you faced in the first days after the delivery?

the First month of life of Serafim turned out

for us extreme as we were only together, without grandmothers and nurses, and did not know from what party to approach the child - were afraid to wash it, to walk with it. But gradually we accustomed and learned everything that young parents need to be able. whether

you Listened to councils of the family in questions of care of the kid or preferred to listen to the intuition?


Ya that each mother on the same question can have opposite opinions as all very individually. Therefore I always listen to councils, but not always I follow them. And still quite often I look on various websites for young mothers and even I have the blog in community Trendy mama. But first of all I rely on the intuition and intuition of the husband.

you early enough came to work - in only 2 months after the son`s birth. What such decision is connected with?

Ya even during pregnancy nourished such ambitious idea: to leave the decree in one or two months after the child`s birth. And having spent houses few months with Serafim, I understood that I begin to go crazy. Began to carp at the husband, to be nervous on trifles, and he told: it would be time for you, Irena to return for work. And I began to work 2 times a week, on a couple of hours. whether


it was difficult to leave from the child? How you coped with it?

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to hire with itself Serafim - our nurse went with us, and walked with it in the yard while shootings lasted. It occurred so - we came, I fed Serafim in the car and ran for work. And through an hour and a half finished, again fed, and then we went home. When the child on breastfeeding - it is necessary to adapt to its needs. And now Serafim`s diet considerably extended, and intervals of feeding increased therefore it can already be left at home at several o`clock.

By the way, time the speech about work came, tell what your career began with? How you achieved success?

Probably, my career began with successful combination of circumstances: I incidentally got on shootings of TV - the program, and I was bewitched literally by television kitchen. Fortunately, I attracted to the producer, and he decided to take me as free labor. So in 17 years I received a position of the assistant to the producer - and already in half a year earned more, than my mother, the school teacher.

A whom you dreamed to become in the childhood? Work on television was always your dream?

In the childhood I dreamed to become a veterinarian. But the allergy and mad 90 - e spoiled all game. However, thank them for it. It is pleasant to me as well as how many I earn. whether

you Have some new projects? Perhaps would like to try at cinema, for example?

I do not like to tell

about the outlined projects - even not from - for superstitions but because the world of show - business is very unsteady and changeable - the program can not air, the movie can not take place. So, time will tell. Especially as the kid at me still absolutely small and to be got involved in some grandiose projects demanding the round-the-clock employment, I would not want.

you successfully conduct a column in one of popular editions. What do you like - to be the TV host or the columnist more?

to me likes both that, and another. I derive pleasure from all stages of work both on TV, and in the magazine: from a make-up before work about online - dictionaries.

Who to you helps

with care of Serafim?

U us is the whole three remarkable nurses - one husband brought with himself from Ukraine where went by a tour. My teacher of yoga became the second - she often walks with Serafim and does with him gymnastics. And the third nurse is a remarkable housekeeper who is with me many years. All of them are interesting persons, and I am glad that Serafim since early years is surrounded by such extraordinary people.

By the way, Serafim - quite rare and unusual name. Why your choice fell at it?

It is a name to us my grandmother offered. And then before the childbirth I was in the Zachatyevsky monastery and asked from Seraphim of Sarov that childbirth took place easily. As a result he listened to my request, and everything really passed ideally so other options except how to name the son Serafim, I just did not have!

What role in life of the son is played by grandmothers and grandfathers? You often communicate with them?

very much would like

Ya that instead of nurses our grandmothers and grandfathers were engaged in the son, but they are too occupied therefore we communicate not so often as it would be desirable. Most often we are helped by my mother - once a week we bring to her Serafim.

Despite recent childbirth, you are in peak form. Whether quickly it was succeeded to be restored? What you for this purpose did?

to me as to professional “hudysh“, it was very difficult to accept itself with 13 extra kilos during pregnancy and 7 kg - right after childbirth. For some reason I thought that in day of childbirth these kilograms will evaporate, and I at once will be able to carry fitting pass - dresses. But it did not occur at once, through 3 - 4 months, and at me remained to 5 - 6 extra kilos. I was dissatisfied with myself and ceased to love mirrors. And only when ceased to eat after 6 - 7 of evening, the situation began to be corrected, gradually kilograms left, now there was still a couple, but I already get into all doberemenny dresses.

Looking back what became more difficult - pregnancy or the first months of life of the kid?

Frankly speaking, I got ready for childbirth and was sure that is with them the most difficult will end. And it became clear that after the delivery all most interesting - sleepless nights, feedings everyone an hour and a half, GAZ cars, gripes just begins. It became for me big surprise to which I was not ready!

What father? Whether much he time will see off together with the son?

our father is able all! He keeps the watch from 6 to 8 in the morning, allowing me to sleep after sleepless nights with Serafim, we together put the child to bed in the evenings, we bathe him too always together - it is our family ritual, and Serafim adores lapping with various inflatable sea inhabitants. The husband with the son has wonderful relations, they have games, the entertainments, and I very much rejoice, watching as far as they are close, what communication, close between them. whether

you Plan to bring still children? In general, ideally, how many children you would like?

Ya very much I want more children, not very well what floor, and the husband dreams of the girl now. I will try very much!

To whom Serafim is more similar


Externally it - the father`s copy, and about character and behavior so far early to tell about something. But I think that it will have the character not similar to anybody of us, children are already born persons with the features.

As you consider

in what the main recipe of happiness of a young family?

the Recipe is as follows: patience, humour, mutual assistance to mix

1:1, to add communication with friends, spirituality to taste, to shake up a nimbus and to strew with a dense layer of optimism.

Irena Ponaroshku graduated from the Russian Peoples` Friendship University in “economy“. At the age of 16 years Irena passed a casting in the 12 spiteful viewers program of MTV TV channel, soon then became the assistant to the producer of this program, and later - the TV host of MTV where at different times conducted transfers:“ Total show “, “ summary chart “, “ Russian 10 -“, “Night flirtation“, “Clinic For fun“. Besides, Irena worked at TV channels TNT, STS and “Star“.
gave birth on March 31, 2011 to the son Serafim. At the moment Irena is presenter of the program “News the Weekly block“ on MTV TV channel and the columnist of OK magazines! and Maxim.