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Whether it is terrible to travel through Atlantic alone?

the Order for a stage was urgent therefore fellow travelers did not manage to be found. Well is not present - so is not present, I solved. I will try one. Whether I will be able to make such transition, counting only on myself, the yacht and the Highest forces?.

Start - the Caribbean islands, the island Seong - Martin, Simpson Bay marine, on July 11, 2014.

The finish - the Azores, Terseyr`s island, a marine of Praia da Vitoria, on August 2, 2014.

The yacht - monokhul Dufour 45E Performance, 2013 in a standard complete set. Raymarine electronics, electric autopilot, active AIS.

Navigation - on Ipad and Iphone, the iNavX program. Paper map of Atlantic.

A weather forecast - the Weather4D and WindGuru programs.

Settlement distance - 2500 nm, time - 20 days.

And now one after another...

The first step - preparation of the yacht. On arrival on the yacht found it in a deplorable state. As a result on all repairs and purchase of necessary spare parts week left. The second - purchase of products. Though on one, but 3 full big carts in a supermarket turned out.

So, the boat is ready, products are spread out, the diesel is filled in of 450 liters, water in tanks of 450 liters, I start on July 11. As an exit from a marine is partitioned by a drawbridge which opens according to the schedule - it is necessary to wait for 16 hours.

I leave and at once begins to swing smoothly on waves about a meter high. Wind galfind, right tack, 20 knots. The geek by the boat without topinant, as a result on the muscleman winds it from a board to a board, I hurry to put a grotto quicker. I put on the first reef at once then not to rifitsya. Forgot to untie one binding of a grotto going through a cringle - at rise it tears a grotto this cringle to 30 cm. What to do - I do not know, found the reinforced adhesive tape on the yacht, closed up from two parties. And reached, did not spread further. After statement of a half of Genoa - a list about 10 degrees and speed are 7 knots. Let`s roll!

A course from 025 degrees to 050 degrees and with the wind of the right tack from 15 to 30 knots passing from a sharp beydvind to a galfind I go within a week in the direction of Bermuda. I try to be brought as much as possible to pass most to the east Bermud. It worked well, took place in 300 miles to the east of Bermuda that gave me several days of economy. However, to go and sleep under a list in 10 - 30 degrees not absolutely conveniently. I do not say that it is necessary to cook food also.

Average speed - 6 - 7 knots that gives about 150 nm a day. The record was - 179 nm. After sunset wind grows stronger, reaching 35 knots. I regulate windage only Genoa, I do not touch a grotto. The boat goes perfectly, however, on counter waves constantly “BAA - BAH“ therefore it is terrible to sleep in a nasal cabin. It seems that now the nose will fall off. I cannot pass into fodder cabins - they are filled up with sets of racing sails and an other junk. It was necessary to remove all doors in cabins - locks do not hold also the magnets fixing them abroach, too.

Three seagulls from where they here flied? Roamed over the boat, tried to sit down on a top of a mast and departed. Well, though some live souls.

In such mode there passed week - reached 33 degrees of a northern latitude and 56 degrees of the western longitude. It is time to turn on the East. And here wind abates. Completely. Calm! There is nothing to do, I turn on the engine and motoryu nearly 2 days.

I admire the smooth ocean, beautiful declines and clouds. I meditate. I listen to beautiful music and audiobooks. Regretted that did not take movies - to download them to Ipad free of charge it did not turn out, and the laptop was not given by the daughter. Better nevertheless would take. I communicate with a family with the help of satellite Iridium phone.

There is a wish to bathe. Water of 25 degrees. Long I decide to leave the yacht one. I open the fodder platform and I see the floating jellyfish “the Portuguese ship“. Remembered that her feelers can last on 15 meters. To bathe changed mind. Poured out on itself several buckets of water. Pleasantly! Till the evening saw some more “ships“. Alga sargassova - small islands come across. Do not smother any more. Where whales, sharks and dolphins?

For the tenth day, about 37 degrees of SSh and 50 degrees of ZD, included wind - bakshtag on the left tack in 10 knots. I set full sails. Beauty! Wind by the evening changes on fordevind - I go on a butterfly before dark. For the night I do not want to leave such course, I am brought on bakshtag. And wind grows stronger - 15, 20, 30 knots. The wave is higher and higher. By 22 o`clock wind surely blows 30 - 35 knots, a wave - under two meters. The thought flashed - can, the calm is better? Cleaned staksel completely, zarifit a grotto - I fly 7 - 8 knots. Night without changes, a wave already under 3 meters. If to drive most, then from a wave about 11 knots are possible to disperse. I make up for lag from the schedule.

Next day wind exchanged on a sharp beydvind of the left tack, I remember how to go with a list under 20 degrees. On the right tack it was more convenient, on left it is not convenient to prepare and move on the yacht at all. What moron thought out design, in everything one hand-rail which it is possible to hold - at a shkipersky little table. More handles are not present, it is necessary to grab what popadya - a sink, a table, a mast, apertures of doors. In a toilet in general to keep there is nothing. Perhaps to write to French the offer on improvement? Whether will estimate?

Separately about a daily routine during all trip. Rise in 8 - 00. Water procedures. For breakfast Actimel, yogurt, cheese and jamon sandwich. Tea and chocolate. After a breakfast cleaning, sorting out of the decayed products, communication with the house and other current affairs. A lunch at 14 o`clock - a hot dish, vegetable salad, bread and juice. After-dinner dream till 17 o`clock. For dinner - only fruit and nuts with dried fruits. Whisky and beer - in process of desire. A release in 22 - 00. During the night two - three times rose for check of a condition of sails, a course, etc. of

On 17 - y day since morning outlines Flores appeared. All island and the horizon in rain clouds. In 9 - 00 the drizzle began. It is good that it is warm - about 22 degrees. The most important now - to lower a grotto! jack do not have Lazy - it is necessary just to lower a grotto and to turn on the geek, fixing by banding ropes. I do step by step: - fat persecution of a grotto, the geek and a sail fall. I choose a delay of the geek and geek - shkot, I stack couple of folds of a grotto on the geek - I tie up. And so on. As a result the geek almost lies on a little table in a cockpit, the grotto is lowered and recorded. It was necessary to lift the geek, for this purpose I deliver a grotto - fat instead of a topinant and I lift the geek in normal situation. Uf - f. It`s a go! In 40 minutes...

An entrance to a marine - in 100 meters. I try to contact a marine on radio, without results. I come - at once at the left on a pier there is an empty seat and neighbors are ready to help with mooring. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Reached!

Transition to 200 miles to Terseyra was very comfortable. Bakshtag in 15 knots, a wave about a half-meter and the sun. The grotto did not touch any more - went only on Genoa. The same speed is 6 - 7 knots. On the road, at last, whales and one delfinchik met. And attempts to catch something on a spinning were unsuccessful. Probably, the wobbler was not that color and a form...

Since morning on August 2 I approached a marine of Praia da Vitoria. On a handheld transceiver nobody answered my call, when calling a marine empty seats were not. But in a marine there was a boat Xanadu with the captain Nail Alexander! It is good luck! However, he and its team still slept, it was necessary to wake. They helped me to moor a log to standing 60 nearby - the foot yacht for what to them many thanks! One I would not cope...

I could test the strength and the opportunities and came out the winner! Of course, I was lucky with weather, it was lucky with the fact that the boat etc. did not break, but the result is available. Atlantic is subdued! It is time to plan new transitions. Pacific Ocean? Or Indian? I will think!