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Pregnancy washing our sweet way proceeded easily, but the kid was late with birth though all already very much waited for it and began to worry. And here, on September 21, 2010 my Spot of sunlight was born. The weight of the kid was rather big, perhaps, transfer affected: 4520 with a height of 55 cm. I will tell at once, I was going to nurse, but is not fanatical: only breast and all! I perceived it very quietly as I self-evident, did not think of difficulties at all, but all of them arose: I could only feed lying. However, in spite of the fact that the shape of a nipple was normal (as all spoke to me), the Hare did not take a breast - twisted the head and cried. Periodically doctors why the kid shouts came to learn. My explanations that it does not take a breast, not really disturbed them: does not take and does not take. And at me even forces were not frequent I tried to force the child, nevertheless, steadily several times a day.

I Will make a reservation, mother washing me did not nurse: whether there was no milk, whether it was gone, however constantly called me and with an anguish asked whether the child took a breast that, of course, did not promote my tranquility and enthusiasm. Therefore in maternity hospital (where I lay 9 days from - for female problems) fed the Hare with the decanted milk - used a milk pump. I fed according to the schedule - each 3 hours, including night time. There was a lot of milk, I poured out part simply - the child did not eat. But, of course, there was a strong wish to teach to eat a breast.

At last, us was written out home. The first night I, as usual, decanted milk, explained to the father how to feed and when, and went to bed. For the first time in 10 days I have a sleep in a row several hours (the maternity hospital constantly pulled on procedures). Next morning undertook to nurse the Hare again. I cleaned a pacifier from a small bottle and did not get any more. Laid down this way and that, offered one, other breast, and, at last, the child took it. The first weeks we got used to be nursed, I continued to be decanted, fed on hours, milk was well much. Then it began to be decanted less often, yet did not stop absolutely. The child before half a year was only on breastfeeding.

we appeared

In three months in hospital from - for reactions to an inoculation. It brought down all regime of the child, I began to be decanted again because from - for temperatures the child ate very little. Having come back home, again debugged the mode of feedings, however the hospital so influenced me that began to arise stagnation of milk. Constantly. Each 2 weeks temperature rose and there was a consolidation in a breast. The cabbage leaf, massages and gymnastics helped me. Promuchivshis month two, I already began to be nervous strongly, however such “laktostaza“ passed also suddenly, as well as appeared.

we began to eat with

After half a year a feeding up, did not refuse a breast - gave always on “sweet“. Gradually the child ceased to eat at night, number of requests to give a breast was reduced - and in year and seven months the child himself ceased to ask it. Moreover, on my offers he laughed and ran to play. Interest in a breast was gone. It is possible to consider that so we also finished breastfeeding - very quietly, without emotional pressure and hysterics.

I Will draw some conclusions, proceeding from the experience:

  1. Mother has to be quiet, then it is easier to give a breast (if there are problems). The hospital not too promotes a quiet state, unfortunately.
  2. Mother has to be firmly sure by
  3. that the child will take a breast. Whether in this pose or in another, but he will take a breast at once as soon as wants to eat and will not feel discomfort (from, for example, small wryneck).
  4. to
  5. Personally to me was very much helped by decantation: there was a lot of milk, it was not gone for the time spent in maternity hospital, houses I even froze milk and added to porridge. Besides, decantations “accustomed“ a breast to the mode and as the child initially easily agreed with the schedule offered it, it fine helped out and disciplined. I if it was necessary to leave, precisely knew in how many I have to return on feeding, the breast was already full by this time.
  6. during breastfeeding the tranquility and understanding (especially relatives) are very important
  7. . Any deviation can lead to undesirable consequences - both for mother, and for the child. Therefore, dear relatives of newly appeared parents, be tolerant, careful and help if you have an opportunity and desire!
  8. Fight for breastfeeding if there are no contraindications to it! It very much simplifies life as to you (it is not necessary to boil bottles, to dissolve mix, to worry that there will be an allergy to new mix etc.) and to the child (he always receives fresh, most nutritious and tasty milk on light, and also can carry out so many gentle, unforgettable moments with mother alone). Good luck to you, dear taken place and future parents, on this sweet way of feeding by a breast!

Solar Lady