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Kid: the first minutes of life

Behind childbirth - and you, at last, saw the child. Now it - an independent being. How there pass the first minutes of his life? About everything that has to happen in maternity hospital, the obstetrician - the gynecologist with 30 - summer an experience Tatyana Oboskalova will tell.

Remained em behind childbirth and the long period during which you with the kid were practically a whole. You already saw the child, took him in hands and even got used to thought a little that it now - an independent being, and from now on the care of his and your life will be carried out by different experts.

Gradually only important question “Whether All as It Should Be with My Kid?“ it is supplemented with some other, and the most part from them is related to the child. Questions concerning the health and a state arise or in case something goes not so, especially if there is a prospect to be late in hospital or if feelings of mother force it to be anxious about whether will be enough at it forces to cope with the kid of the house where there are no professional assistants - doctors and nurses.

to What manipulations the child right after childbirth is exposed to

in recent years practically early applying of the child to mother`s breast practices in all maternity hospitals of our country, except for those exceptional cases when there are contraindications from mother or the kid. The first feelings from contact “skin to skin“, are “eye to eye“ necessary both for mother, and her kid. It is considered that process of sucking promotes early reduction of a uterus and faster office of a placenta, and also reduction of extent of blood loss at mother. The kid at a breast of mother feels like darling and more protected in the new world. It has a strong and long-term affection for mother. Mother, in turn, calms down quicker after all experiences when she sees that process of the birth took place for the child safely. It promotes manifestation of a maternal instinct and faster formation of breast milk.

So, the doctors who are present at childbirth at once after birth of your kid will make the decision on whether it is possible to put it to a breast. At first it will be drained a warm diaper and naked put on a mother`s stomach quickly to examine and exclude the diseases demanding immediate medical intervention.

of the Child will be surely estimated on a scale Apgar which five signs enter: heartbeat, breath, skin color, muscular tone and reflex answer to touches. Expressiveness of each sign can make 0,1 or 2 points. Calculation of points is carried out in the first / fifth minute of life. Therefore estimates across Apgar always two, for example 8 / 9 points. The condition of children who gained from 7 to 10 points is considered good, they can be put to mother`s breast right after the birth. Most often the hypoxia, that is deficiency of oxygen is the reason of lower first mark during pregnancy and childbirth. To the kid with symptoms of a hypoxia will carry out some resuscitation procedures. Positive dynamics in a condition of the child, that is an increase of several points by fifth minute of life allows to hope for the favorable forecast.

Sometimes parents consider that at a low mark on a scale Apgar the child in the subsequent will lag behind in development. Actually the first minutes of life it is impossible to make the exact forecast of further development of the child for months and the years ahead. The assessment on a scale Apgar is necessary as fast as possible to define whether the emergency help is necessary to the kid right after the birth. The child with a low mark, perhaps, will need further medical supervision and treatment. However modern researches show that in most cases these children grow up healthy and do not lag behind in development.

If childbirth takes place

successfully, then the kid after birth loudly shouts, declaring the desire to suck a breast. It is necessary to tell that some newborns from mother`s stomach independently come crawling to a breast, take it from the first attempt and at once begin to suck actively. In other cases the midwife or the doctor stack the kid on a thorax of mother closer to a nipple, help to take a nipple. Sometimes the nipple even should be put in a mouth of the child and to squeeze out from a breast not how many colostrum drops. That the kid did not freeze, he is covered from above with a warm diaper and left on a mother`s breast from 30 to 60 minutes. Then neonatolog - the expert in health of newborn children will perform more detailed inspection of the kid. After survey and primary toilet of the newborn feeding can be continued further.

One of contraindications of early applying of the child the rodorazresheniye by operation of Cesarean section until quite recently belonged to mother`s breast. However in case operation was performed under epiduralny anesthesia, the child to a breast for a while is put directly in the operating room.

minutes after the birth of the healthy kid the midwife presses

Through 1 - 2 and crosses an umbilical cord. This process absolutely painless both for mother, and for the child as the umbilical cord does not contain the nervous terminations and pain receptors. On the formed funic rest approximately at distance of 1 cm from a tummy of the child the plastic clip is imposed. The midwife cuts umbilical cord fabric above a clip, wipes blood a sterile napkin. The umbilical rest is not closed a bandage and a diaper. In the Russian maternity hospitals the funic rest and leather around it are daily processed a skin anti-septic tank. In many developed countries the way at which the funic rest is open for access of air and it is not processed by antiseptics is accepted by “Sukhoi“. The funic rest spontaneously dries and disappears through 5 - 15 days after the birth. The kid is discharged from maternity hospital irrespective of, the funic rest disappeared at it or not. At an early extract from maternity hospital on the third - the fourth day after the delivery the infectious inflammation of the funic rest and an umbilical wound almost does not meet.

Primary toilet of the healthy kid is carried out by

in the delivery room on the special warmed table. Skin of the newborn child is covered with the first-born greasing possessing protective properties. Therefore first-born greasing at primary toilet in the patrimonial hall is not deleted. If necessary blood or meconium (first-born kcal) carefully remove the wadded tampon moistened with warm water. For prevention of infectious diseases in eyes of the newborn will put ointment of a tetratsiklin or erythromycin from individual packing. Procedure this painless also does not exert negative impact on sight of the child.

you here, in maternity hospital, and together with you close and distant relatives, friends, colleagues expect to learn about the most habitual and significant parameters - length of a body and the child`s weight. Weighing in modern maternity hospitals is carried out on special electronic scales. In the patrimonial hall to the kid will measure the body length, a circle of the head and breast.

Remains some more procedures of legal character before you together with the child or separately leave the delivery room. In - the first, on handles of the child and on a diaper brasletik on which the surname, a name and mother`s middle name, date and time of childbirth, and also number of history of childbirth, a floor, weight, length of a body of the baby at the birth are written will be fixed. These brasletik remain on hands of the kid to an extract. Many mothers keep them and put in the photo album devoted to the birth of the kid.

In - the second, the doctor - neonatolog will tell you about results of survey of the kid and the very first appointments. You will be asked to read and sign attentively informed voluntary consent to medical intervention or refusal of it concerning the newborn child.


Now the majority of maternity hospitals of our country protection, support and encouragement of breastfeeding work according to the international standards and provisions of the Joint declaration of WHO / UNICEF “: special role of obstetrical services“ (1989). And it means that after successful childbirth you together with the kid within about two hours will be under supervision of experts in the patrimonial hall, and then at the same time come to chamber of joint stay of postnatal office.

Most likely, during pregnancy you were already prepared for the child`s birth at the school for future parents organized at your maternity welfare unit or on the basis of district children`s clinic. But further if you became puzzled a little, having appeared in chamber with the kid for the first time in the life, you should not worry too - you will be helped by medical personnel of postnatal office. The kid will be regularly examined by the doctor - neonatolog, do not hesitate to ask him questions about health of the child and about appointments.

the medical personnel are obliged to encourage with

In modern maternity hospitals breastfeeding on demand, to help correctly to put the kid to a breast, to tell about methods of maintenance of a lactation. In large maternity hospitals and the perinatal centers there are specially trained nurses - the instructors who are responsible for breastfeeding support.

Nurses of office of newborns carry out by

a daily toilet to the children who are in chambers of joint stay. If necessary they will train you in how it is correct to swaddle, wash and wash away the kid, to look after his skin, eyes and the umbilical rest, to put on disposable diapers.

“Time in maternity hospital“, from the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“