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To nurse? Even do not hope...

Began everything when I still carried the treasure under heart. At all my friends from puzika - arbuzika emitted colostrum, and they very much were proud of it. Calming me that about “minus the first“ the breast size (which did not increase even by centimeter during pregnancy) to hope all the same there is nothing... “Stock up with mixes, the girlfriend“. And when on the last ultrasonography heard a sentence - planned Cesarean section as the baby sits on a bottom, hands absolutely fell.

I my sweet berry, my girl was born on May 26. The anesthesia was the general, the daughter to me was brought only in 8 hours. And with a grin looking at my breast, the girl - the doctor told:“ On, feed“. But I on hands had all my life! Then solved: what it costed me, I will feed the daughter!

of Milk was not 4 days old. But I did not release the child from a breast. The neigbour in chamber twisted at a temple, did not understand why I will not ask mix. It was filled in with milk. Even time out of pity suggested to feed my Sashulka. I politely refused. And here miracle: the breast was poured. I was happy - the daughter at last gorged on! In 7 days we were written out. Also fight began. Dairy crises attacked each 2 weeks and lasted on of 2 - 5 days. At this time the world stopped, there were only we - I, the daughter and a breast! I chucked in all affairs, we for days “hung“ on a breast. So 3 months proceeded.

But only my “milk plant“ began to work trouble-free, Sashenka began to refuse to take a breast. It was put to of 10 - 15 times at night, and in the afternoon - in any. Then I began to do so: already sleepy rocked to sleep on hands, then, gave a breast. But once, when the daughter lay on a back, touching a toy, I bent over it... and it opened a mouth. I right there got a breast - much to my astonishment, the daughter began to suck! Till 6 months our day feedings took place only in such pose “zyu“. And then gradually my treasure learned to take a breast and in other provisions.

Now to us 11 months, we are fed on demand. The daughter became the real fan: embraces, irons a breast. At night still we eat five times, and in the mornings the daughter long luxuriates, pochmokivy a milk. What this pleasure - to see full of love and caress of an eye of the dearest little man on light!

If Sashenka was knocked, upset, teeth - the breast always comes to the rescue. To sum up the result of our feeding still early - I plan to feed until the daughter herself does not refuse. But already now I am proud of myself: we overcame difficulties! And in 11 months still on GV though those girlfriends do not feed for a long time and are surprised how I lasted long. And only I know what is work, but, together with it, - to nurse huge happiness!