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Stop being tired - we learn to have a rest! You love

and are able to work, and here time for rest grudges for you. But look around: the world is built by the principle of duality. Man and woman, day and night, good and evil, plus and minus... The one who tries to do without the second half is similar to the madman cutting to himself one hand. An ideal way of life - to find golden mean in everything. Good rest is also important for energy and health as the movement, breath, food.

the Great conjurer Gudini said that it is absolutely easy to pull out a rabbit from the cylinder. It can make everyone. Difficult to put him there. Rest - a peculiar ability to put a rabbit in a hat.

well to work, it is necessary to have a rest well. One of the most ancient people in the world - Jews. They are able to survive and in any country to take the leading positions. If to compare progress of these people to its number, it becomes clear: at it is to what to learn. One of the main secrets of a survival, vigor and success of Jews is ability to have a rest. 54 Saturdays and about 25 festive and semi-holidays - one of the main fundamentals of Judaism. In a year at them nearly three months of full rest when it is forbidden even to think about everyday affairs turn out. As you see, to learn to have a rest also important, as well as to learn the correct breath. Overfatigue is what will reject you on two steps backwards when you with such work made decisive the first.

Rest rejuvenates a body, reason and spirit, is important for physical and mental health, reduces need of our organism for oxygen by fifty percent, reduces warm load of thirty percent, reduces the raised blood pressure, improves short-term and long-term memory.
for this purpose should be done regular short breaks during the working day. To use a formula to stop worrying. To devote one day of week to full rest. To be engaged in breathing exercises - it is especially important when you feel nervousness or are in a condition of a stress“. Adam Jackson, the writer

overfatigue Signs

we Will add with
the list “enemies who should be known by sight“. It is especially important to distinguish the first signs of overfatigue in time to take measures. Let`s consider them on examples of athletes and realtors. In the first case we deal with physical exhaustion, in the second - with emotional (stress).

If sports training to construct

it is wrong and wrong to calculate loading, at the athlete the health and working capacity worsens, develop various before - and pathological states. The organism simply does not manage to be restored. Symptoms of overfatigue are as follows: the feeling of fatigue after loading long does not pass, the health worsens, and the mood reminds a pendulum. At the same time sports working capacity can remain almost invariable or decrease slightly. However the difficulty in formation of new movement skills, the solution of complex tactical challenges becomes noticeable, technical marriage appears. It is objectively possible to define decrease in power indicators, deterioration in coordination, reaction to loading (lengthening of the period of restoration).

About emotional overfatigue is eloquently written in the article “Stresses in Work of the Realtor“ (Rieltor magazine):“ Stressful situations in work of the realtor - regularity which one and all face. It is necessary to remember that any stress, despite nature of emotional coloring, is pernicious for the person. Roughly speaking, “cardiac rupture“ can occur also after a grandiose failure, and owing to successfully complete operation. Therefore it is important to know how to keep balance in a conflict situation and to stabilize the nervous system which is inevitably suffering from regular take-off and falling. The most valuable in fight against a stress is rest. Sounds it is banal, but during an era monetary - career values many just forgot to have a rest well. Relaxation according to the scheme “girls - champagne - a casino“ - the most certain way to emphasize the importance of a stress and to push it even more deeply - “till the best insultny times“. The nature, bathing, walks in the wood, the favourite hobbies which are not connected with wear of an organism helps to have a rest really. You remember: a sound mind in a sound body, not giving in to offenses, disappointments and stresses“.

As it is correct to p to have a rest

From the wrong rest of harm not less, than from overfatigue. Moreover, after such rest it is easy to get the most real stress. Here several possible scenarios of development of a post-holiday stress.

Scenario 1. A trip abroad

You tried all national dishes, were photographed at falls and bought couple of porcelain hand bells.

of the Consequence. Change of belts has an effect: there is a wish to sleep days without a break and there is no wish to work. Feeling of discomfort in a pancreas. Language is laid over so that practically does not turn.

Correct strategy. Leave couple of days at the end of holiday on acclimatization. On supervision of doctors, sharp change of time zones can become the reason of the most real stress. Than to suffer at all on a look, it is better to sleep off to steam of days of the house and to be adjusted quietly on a working harmony. Do not forget to walk more and to eat properly.

Scenario 2. For holiday to finish all affairs


It means: to make repair in a hall, to descend in the center of planning of a family, to drive away the car on diagnostics, to read all books of Akunin, to tonsure a dog and to drive for couple of days to Yalta.

of the Consequence. lacked Time, of course. But fatigue you saved up more, than before holiday.

Correct strategy. Trying to contain all affairs in long-awaited holiday, quietly and soberly estimate the opportunities. As a rule, unrealized plans cause sense of guilt and feeling of a dissatisfaction. During holiday it is better to make something one, but the most important. And it is good to make it. Then you will manage to have a rest and with a clear conscience to return to work.

Scenario 3. Trip on the dacha

Phone with - just in case. Eventually, you have to know that at work everything is all right.

of the Consequence. Rest turned into never-ending dialogue. You did not even manage to descend in the wood for mushrooms and berries! It seems to you that the best years pass with the receiver near an ear. From it tears gather in the eyes, and hands by itself clench in fists.

Correct strategy. If the organism waited for rest, and you refused to it it, be not surprised, having received as a gift a stress. Rest is a rest. On holiday it is necessary to have a rest!

So that should be avoided on holiday, you already understood. Now it is worth talking about pleasant - easy, effective ways of effective rest. Remember that our purpose - for a minimum of time and efforts to receive the maximum result.

of Exercise for removal of fatigue

we Will formulate the basic principles of rest:

  1. Full switching from primary activity.
  2. Receiving the maximum pleasure with the minimum harm. In other words, it is necessary to forget about addictions.
  3. Preliminary planning of rest and the attitude towards him as to the project.
  4. Release from work of every seventh day of week.
  5. Duration of annual vacation has to be not less than two weeks. The part it should be devoted to revaluation of values.

Ways with guarantee to reduce stress and fatigue:

  1. Properly sleep. Disconnect an alarm clock and sleep so much how many it is required to allow an organism to be restored.
  2. Switch-off phone, do not approach the computer and the TV.
  3. Buy
  4. the most tasty and healthy food. With pleasure prepare it for relatives.
  5. Stay alone several hours outdoors. Without phone!
  6. Read the book about meaning of life. Switch from a material aspect of the world to spiritual.
Criterion of correctly carried out rest can consider by

irresistible desire to return to habitual activity. Achieve that the hand itself reached for phone and for the computer, and legs - bore for work. Then this fuse will be enough for a week. And there - hurrah! it is Again possible to have a rest and derive pleasure. Do not postpone happiness for later. Receive it here and now!

From the book “Live! 7 precepts of energy and health“