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What waits for the woman in labor?
the Most important medical procedures

Future mothers worry, without knowing what waits for them in maternity hospital. The obstetrician - the gynecologist with 30 - summer an experience Tatyana Oboskalova will dispel fears and will answer questions which pregnant women ask most often.


the First two hours after the delivery are dangerous to newly made mother by emergence of complications, first of all, bleeding. Besides, there can be a hematoma on a crotch if any gap was not noticed or not up to the end took in (fortunately, there is it infrequently). Therefore the first two hours you will be in a rodbloka as conditions of the delivery room allow to give help at once as soon as in it there is a need. As for a question of whether it is possible to avoid complications, unambiguously it is almost impossible to answer. The team of experts delivering is guided on a situation and takes necessary measures depending on a state of health of future mother and the kid at the time of receipt in maternity hospital and during the period of childbirth.

After the delivery women feel

differently. Some tell what became suddenly very good (it is explained by emission in blood of endorphins - pleasure hormones), others are absolutely exhausted. One want to call the relatives and to talk to medical personnel, and others think only of having a rest. Anyway after heavy loading the organism of the woman in labor needs rest and an opportunity to restore the forces.

In two hours if everything is good, you will be transferred to postnatal chamber where you will be surely visited by the midwife. She will ask about your health, will tell about a daily routine and about hygiene of intimate part of a body which underwent enormous loading.

Supervision over women in labor in maternity hospital begins

early: about six o`clock in the morning take young mothers pressure and temperature - this procedure is carried out twice a day. Arterial pressure in the first day can be lowered therefore dizziness is possible. That to avoid it, try not to do sharp movements, to rise smoothly, accurately. If you constantly feel strong weakness, report about it to the doctor.

Obligatory is survey of the obstetrician - the gynecologist : the doctor will check how the uterus is reduced whether colostrum is emitted, will estimate a condition of seams and the number of allocations.

should not Worry concerning influence of an anesthesia on the child`s organism: it is minimum.

Some women in labor find on a face “ pour “ which has no relation to an infection. It is about dot hemorrhages which developed because at the time of delivery from tension small capillaries burst. There can be also hemorrhages in the eyes. Both that, and another has to pass to an extract from maternity hospital.


If to you imposed seams on a wound of a crotch in case of its gap or a section, so daily procedure of their processing is necessary. In some medical institutions in the presence of seams for prevention of their insolvency do not recommend to sit down on crotches therefore it is necessary to eat food standing, and the child to feed - reclining during of 2 - 3 weeks, but this recommendation has no binding character. Crotch wound heals during of 7 - 10 days. Unfortunately, owing to existence of an inflammation in a vagina which often happens during pregnancy and not always recovers before childbirth decrease in immunity of the woman in childbirth, healing of wounds not always proceeds smoothly. Sometimes even hospitalization in specialized obstetric or gynecologic office for carrying out treatment is required.

Suture - not the only reason of discomfort and painful feelings in a crotch. You can feel crotch pains even if at the time of delivery there were no gaps. They appear because that the crotch anyway underwent severe stretching, and, therefore, a travmatization. After the delivery muscular pain in different parts of a body can also disturb you: most strongly muscles which you most of all strained at the time of delivery hurt.

you can feel

and pain in the bottom of a stomach - it is reduced a uterus, pushing out the remains of clots of blood which can be in it after the delivery, deleting postnatal allocations (they are called lokhiya). During first 2 - 3 days after the delivery lokhiya are painted in reddish or pink color, but gradually turn pale, gain yellow, and then white color. In the first days practically at all women in childbirth bloody, rather plentiful allocations (about 300 ml for the first three days) which at the movement can amplify therefore it is necessary to stock up with disposable shorts for women in labor and laying in advance are observed. It is necessary to change them in process of pollution, in first 1 - 2 day about an every 2 hour, then is more rare. You will be in maternity hospital on average of 3 - 5 days, therefore have enough of 30 - 50 pieces. the Need for comfort can demand from you more frequent change of laying - here all individually. But all - is better let will remain superfluous, than they will not be enough.

during pregnancy and after the delivery gemorroidalny knots - one more reason of pain sometimes appear. Careful hygiene (washing of back pass after each act of an urination and a defekation), applying of a bubble with ice to a crotch, use of gemorroidalny ointments helps to reduce pain.

of the Problem with an urination can be shown by a delay of release of urine. It occurs owing to decrease in a tone of muscles of a bladder and puffiness of its wall from - for the fact that at the time of delivery it was pressed by the child`s head. Even if you do not feel desires, it is necessary to empty a bladder at least, than every three hours as the crowded bladder prevents normal reduction of a uterus. However there can be also a reverse situation when urine leaks involuntarily. For elimination of this phenomenon it is necessary to carry out several times a day the exercises raising a tone of muscles of a crotch and urethra (urethra). For this purpose it is necessary to strain gluteuses and to hold them within 30 seconds. In a standing position to cross legs and to rise on toes. To carry out exercises on 10 - 20 everyone several times a day. In the absence of effect the doctor will pick up necessary drugs.

If before receipt to the patrimonial hall to you did to

a cleaning enema, a chair in the first days can not be. In the next days, especially in the presence of seams on crotches, the act of a defekation it is complicated and unpleasant or intestines do not manage to restore the function yet - are admissible to accept the depletive similar to that which you accepted during pregnancy (“Fitomutsil“, “Dyufalak“, “Forlaks“). Sometimes only the cleaning enema helps to cope with a problem.

the Obstetrician - the gynecologist will advise you subsequently a complex of simple exercises which will promote to restoration of a figure after the delivery and to the solution of such essential tasks as reduction of a uterus, improvement of blood circulation in the field of pelvic bodies, normalization of work of an urinary system and intestines, acceleration of processes of healing. The first attempts to get out of a bed, perhaps, will be discomfortable, however need for food, drink, visit of a toilet, respect for hygiene and furthermore in care of the child, feeding will make the business - and you quickly enough learn to subdue the body. You are not lazy, do not feel sorry for yourself: the you will be more active, the quicker be restored, the less will arise complications. At you everything will begin to live. The nature provided overcoming and these troubles after the delivery.

your task is establishment of the maximum sincere and corporal contact with the child now. During the first hours and days of life also forms mutual love. In modern maternity hospitals all necessary conditions are for this purpose created. Even if your child is treated in the conditions of intensive care unit, and to it it is necessary to be ready too, you will be able to visit him or to be with it nearby, to talk, feed with the milk.

Happiness to see the kid and feel in a new role of mother can be saddened by appearance a little. There is a wish to appear before relatives the beautiful, well-groomed woman with the charming kid on hands. The reality happens a little surovy. However you should not be upset as all phenomena - temporary if to begin to care for themselves as soon as possible.

the Elastic stomach can become your essential purpose. So far, looking at itself, recently given rise woman often finds a flabby stomach and the forms far from the period before pregnancy. The stomach comes to a tone only through one and a half - two months. And takes initial shape also that later.

For restoration of elasticity of a stomach the postnatal bandage at once after the delivery makes sense to begin to carry

. The group of exercises on a press with which you will be acquainted by the obstetrician - the gynecologist will help to begin work on a problem zone in several hours after the delivery. Such simple exercise how to involve - to inflate a stomach, you can do practically in any pose and at any time, except for the moments when you have a rest or feed the child.

By the way, feeding - also one of ways of reduction of a uterus, a bottom (the highest part) of which after the delivery is at the level of a navel. By the time of an extract from maternity hospital the uterus bottom falls by several centimeters down (at the rate of 1 day - 1 cm) as a result of reduction of a uterus and in general reduction of its sizes. Through one and a half - two months the uterus will reach the sizes which were before pregnancy. So, when feeding the uterus is reduced as the irritation of nipples causes emission of oxytocin which has the reducing effect. This process does not take place unnoticed - as a rule, the woman feels a pricking in the breasts and pains reminding fights in a stomach. Means, the organism makes efforts for return of prenatal forms. And breastfeeding, among other things, is prevention of postnatal bleedings. It is possible to sleep and lie (and even - at last! - it is necessary) on a stomach that the uterus was reduced quicker.

extract Terms from maternity hospital depend on a method of a rodorazresheniye, existence of these or those complications, and also are defined by a state of your health and health of your kid. After not complicated childbirth in natural patrimonial ways you can be written out on the third - the fourth day. The extract after a successful operational rodorazresheniye is carried out on two - three days later. The decision on an extract is made in common by the doctor - the obstetrician and the doctor - neonatology. On the eve of you will warn about a possible extract, but will precisely tell only after survey in day of an extract. Neonatolog after survey will tell about a state of health of the kid, one will make recommendations on the next - two days and will answer your questions.

At an extract from maternity hospital you receive the following documents: prenatal record, rodovy certificate and certificate of the birth (health certificate on the birth).

When for you there will arrive relatives, they will report about it in “a table of references and transmit-receive“, will give all necessary for you and the kid of a thing there. Things will carry to the special vypisny room at once. You with the child responsible for this the nurse carries out procedure there. She will give you documents, will surely specify the place of your residence (not registration!) also will dress up the kid. After the end of procedure of an extract and surely on the same day phone nurse will report about it in children`s policlinic in the place of your residence.

“Time in maternity hospital“, from the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“