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Poor student or talent? How to find calling of

Some brilliant creative people at school had bad progress. Many of them did not understand really what they can do and who are they such actually, yet did not graduate from school and “were not restored“ after the got education.

Ya was born em in England, in Liverpool, and in 1960 - x years studied in the Liverpool college. In other end of the city there was the Liverpool institute. Paul McCartney was one of his students. During study at the Liverpool institute Paul loafed about almost all the time. Diligent house occupations it replaced fate - music and lessons of playing a guitar. Its conscious choice was it. Later, when on a school holiday in other part of the city he met John Lennon, this choice became decisive in its destiny. Soon George Harrison and Ringo Starr joined them. The group under the name The Beatles was born. All of us know that it was the fine idea.

- x years both the Liverpool college, and the Liverpool institute were closed by

To the middle 1980. Buildings long time were empty, but subsequently were restored. Developers turned my former school into magnificent apartments that meant considerable changes as the college was far from luxury when I studied there. The Liverpool institute became today the Liverpool institute of performing art (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, LIPA) - one of the leading European centers of professional education in the field of art. His main sponsor is sir Paul McCartney. Old, dusty once cool rooms where he spent the young years, going woolgathering, today are full of students from all corners of the world which are engaged just in what he dreamed of.

Today here compose music and dream of a scene.

Ya made the contribution to development of LIPA at its early stage too, and on the tenth anniversary of institute to me the rank of the gentleman Orden of school was given. I returned to Liverpool that at an annual ceremony of delivery of diplomas to receive an award from sir Paul`s hands. In the speech to students - graduates I voiced some ideas, speaking about need to look for the talents and preferences, that education does not help with it to people, and on the contrary - often has opposite effect.

Sir Paul also acted as

that day and in the speech directly responded to my words. He told that he always loved music, but he never liked music lessons at school. Teachers considered that they can impart to children love to music, forcing them to listen to the crackling records of classical works. But Paul found this occupation same boring, as well as all the rest in the school.

He told that for all years of training nobody noticed in it musical talent. Paul even wanted to come to chorus of the Liverpool cathedral, however it was not accepted on the ground that he insufficiently well sings. Really? This chorus was how good? As far as in general the chorus can be good?

On a twist of fate this chorus which refused to young McCartney executed two of his classical compositions subsequently. Paul McCartney is not only whose talents at school remained unnoticed. Elvis Presley was not accepted, for example, in a school choral club. The boy was told that his voice will break sounding of all chorus which has to adhere to certain standards.

A few years ago I spoke as

at the numerous actions devoted to a subject of creative abilities together with John Cleese from “Monty Python“. I asked then John about his education and with surprise learned that he very well studied at school, but did not show special comedy talents which then played a key role his lives. He claimed that from kindergarten and before study in Cambridge nobody could even suspect of it any sense of humour. However since then many recognized existence of brilliant comedy gift for John.

Be it separate examples, would not be to mention sense them. However it not so. The mass of cases when inveterate poor students became world-class stars is known. At the same time we know many people who well studied at school, succeeded in life and highly appreciate a present education system. But how many children leave school walls uncertain, disappointed in themselves, convinced of the otioseness and a dullness? They do not know where to them to move further. That they are able and like to do, at school often is not appreciated and accepted with a sympathetic regret.

Big part of the life I worked with

in an education system and the related fields of activity and I do not believe that certain teachers are guilty of such situation. Certainly, some of them should be engaged in something in another and to keep from children`s brains as it is possible further. But talented and sensitive teachers everything is more.

Many of us can remember teachers who inspired us and changed our life. These teachers opened our talents, but achieved it actually contrary to installations of the state educational system which suffers from the mass of serious problems without any prospects to healing. It is right practically for all education system.

From the book “Calling. How to find for what you are created and to live in the elements“