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Computers and phones are hazardous to health?

How to be protected from electromagnetic radiation, Oleg Grigoriev, the director of the Center of electromagnetic safety, the Head of Laboratory of radiobiology and hygiene of not ionizing radiation of FMBTs of A. I. Burnazyan tells FMBA of Russia.


- Oleg Aleksandrovich, really cell phones are so harmful? We use them many years - and, it seems, nothing.

O. G.: - Mass cellular communication is no more than 15 years old. During this time it is impossible to estimate all scale of influence of mobile phones on health in spite of the fact that the set of researches is conducted. And their results are unfavourable. Electromagnetic radiation - an unhealthy factor, and is not news. It can be the trigger mechanism for oncological diseases. The mobile phone is brought to the head, directly influencing a brain, nestles on an ear, influencing the acoustic and vestibular analyzer and a retina of an eye.

Recently computer modeling showed that, perhaps, in a brain there are “hot spots“, the most subject to influence of radiation. Most likely, these points are also the catalyst of development of pathological processes. Today people speak by cell phones for hours that creates enormous load of a brain. It is separately necessary to remind of children: their brain is only formed therefore it is much more subject to harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. It is clear, that presence of mobile phones at children - a safety issue. But it is possible to limit the child in communication on cellular: for example, to agree that he will send to you text messages or to call, only to tell several words:“ I leave school “or“ I at home“. But it is better to try not to give mobile phones to children. They can influence development and health of the child - and as physical, and on psychological.

- whether will be helped by devices which allegedly protect from the radiation of the mobile phone?

O. G.: - I did not meet devices which can make phone safe - neither stickers, nor covers, nor something another. We tested all this: there is no result. But it is possible not to carry mobile phones in pockets, not to leave them about itself during rest, at conversation to use a wire font or a public address system. And it is better not to hold phone near an ear when there is a call (during the maximum radiation when connection with the operator is established), - you bring it to the head, only when on that end of a wire took the call.

- Perhaps a thicket it is worth using home telephone numbers?

O. G.: - Certainly. Always, when there is such opportunity, it is necessary to use wire phone. But only if it is not a radio tube - it uses potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields. Tell researches of the Swedish and American scientists about a possible adverse effect of radio telephones on a brain and nervous system. Therefore with them it is better to be careful: not to talk at least on them 2 - 3 hour in day.

And houses terribly?

- Now Wi - Fi, the wireless Internet establish everywhere. It is not dangerous?

O. G.: - The Internet - wires which covered all buildings in itself are not dangerous. And here the Wi receiver - Fi (router) can be harmful to the people sensitive to electromagnetic radiations (such of 10 - 15% today). For example to cause a headache. In Sweden there are even certain settlements where people with this feature voluntarily move. From the latest sensational news - in Austria for the first time officially approved the diagnosis “an electromagnetic illness“.

Besides, scientists paid attention to the Wi systems - Fi in laptops and tablets: calculations show that they can create on a body local areas of absorption of radiation, and the considerable, exceeding even American norms. Especially dangerously it for pregnant women. By the way, tablets and laptops did not consider as threat until recently. But experiments showed that they influence quality of men`s sperm - mobility of spermatozoa, ability to fertilization decrease.

- Many are afraid of installations which “appear through“ at the airports. It is reasonable?

O. G.: - If you fly infrequently, then risk for health extremely low. But if you face such devices daily - I think, it concerns generally the staff of the airports, - that constant radiation can work as the trigger of a disease and to be the cause of an indisposition.