Rus Articles Journal

On July 1

Weather was remarkable, the easy breeze frayed hair, the sun shone without burning. Having come to Gidropark metro stations, understood that not one we wished to distract from the stuffy city and to enjoy in the output summer afternoon outdoors. Having left as a deposit the passport, we went to the mooring to look for the boat. Two hours on water also you will feel all charm of the native small river! That time which was required that all territory to bypass and see, it was possible to observe from water and the coast filled with people looked from the boat much more attractively! Having put ashore with a white sand, the first desire was to rush in water that we immediately also made. Standing on warm sand, drying, observed the entertaining picture - on the opposite coast people lay as seals, it is possible to think that you are on some sea coast where look - the naked human bodies which are densely lying in a row and as far as there are enough eyes. Time on an outcome, having returned the boat, ourselves went to join ranks of “seals“, weather just corresponded: the sun began to burn also without water - anywhere. It turned out so that we laid down to sunbathe not absolutely successfully, constantly someone strove to come, boats moored, the people went around. Generally, it was unsurprising, but to tell what is strongly pleasant, will not tell! In total - having ventured, we caught the “local taxi“ going on that coast where literally hour one and a half were back, the boatman with the boat cost absolutely not much - 1 UAH taking into account that to row to it only some five minutes! Having transported, at last, quietly sighed, here people lay rare small groups and strongly did not interfere with each other.

Water gently stuck around my ankles, a step, also I up to shoulders in water. Roughnesses of soil promised sufficient depth. Rare fishermen along the coast pretended that they are very keen on the occupation though fishes it was visible not, not in their buckets, not in water. Or I it did not see it?! And where I then looked?! The gentle touch of water attracted somewhere in depth. The sun hid somewhere, we started to hurry home. To come back the same as arrived, it was uninteresting (by the boat), and we decided to walk. Definitely without knowing where, went along the coast though the friend also claimed that he knows where to go. Bushes, bushes, greens, a willow significantly closed scenery, having come to the platform from sand and water, I understood that I am not ready to see what opened to mine it is possible, to tell an innocent look. The large number of men and all naked, I was shocked! I am at least not thirteen years old, but I was confused with what was seen. As soon as I understood that I got dressed (and I was in a bathing suit!) to the nudist beach, looked down eyes in sand. The look came across the nudists lying on a cover. My eyes flew up in the sky, very much I was occupied by quantity of clouds! Having passed the dangerous territory, we came to a clearing, the friend - me: “It is strange that men make you blush, here nude women do not confuse me!“ Having looked back to the opened beauty, I admired: the undersized willow was replaced by a smart acacia, high harmonous fir-trees, dense wild bushes. Only it happened to admire all this several seconds, mosquitoes - vampires reminded of themselves in this wonderful lesochk where besides trees and bushes the men who are completely bared met, they somehow strange behaved and hid behind trees, it seems played at hide-and-seek.

We ran, cool was to my friend, on his legs there were sneakers, is slightly higher - sports pants and a t-shirt. I was not prepared for cross-country at all. On naked legs with all rage the grass, never kosheny the person whipped, cut-offs were pertinent only in the beach territory, but not in the wood in any way. Acacia branches clung to naked hands, and not only they, mosquitoes had an effect, only stop for couple of seconds or reduce rate of the movement, began to bite to death. Here we ran so, ran, and the end - edge not to see a lesochka, people it is not visible, and the nature all stepped the possession on two got lost. I began to panic: where we and how soon we will be chosen from here?! Closeness is intolerable, it developed impression that we got to the “closed“ wood - a breeze to you, and only the movement of a body in space created a small turbulence of air to which mosquitoes and midges reacted at once, creating a live loop, rushed a swarm.

Having run three at good rate of kilometer, met the man with the child from whom they learned that the pedestrian bridge somewhere forward and on the left. Of course, we turned left, but is obvious not where it was necessary. Having slipped an opening in a fence, we came to the beach which obviously belonged to some recreation facility. Having found the secluded town, all - decided to bathe, change clothes to us the begun rain prevented. And everything so well began! Easy jog which then turned into violent cross-country, water procedure which well dragged on and passed from the category of pleasures into an easy shiver on a body as we froze. We sit in water up to a neck where knee-deep, without risking to come more deeply as farther the wood of seaweed, and on a melkota water is warmer, we wait - the tram! Understanding that it is already not so pleasant water, still teeth did not begin to knock, but on a body the precautionary shiver already walked, decided to leave water.

the Rain all amplified, drops painfully whipped on skin, air seemed ice in comparison with water. We threw with a cover on which just forty minutes ago peacefully sunbathed, were wrapped up, nestled as two wet kittens, together more warmly. Warming each other warm bodies, we continued to laugh loudly over all humour of a situation. The friend wanted water - to drink, and I wanted to bathe, both of us received the desirable much, without using the special efforts. Each phrase caused wild, almost hysterical laughter, cramped a stomach a spasm from a rough exit of emotions. Having endured the next explosion of fun, we felt all charm of a situation, having wrapped up bodies and which - as having warmed, understood as far as at me the head suffers, very painfully the rain beat with large drops hair, and he - suffered from flooding of ears and eyes. The second series of a rain immediately followed for the first. Having staid, indefinitely in such pose we as Siamese twins did not want to disperse any more, the wet cover in a disgusting way stuck to a body, with bated breath, I slipped out from - under hastily built tent and rushed to things. Completely filled in backpack, a paper bag with wet footwear all in sand, the dry clothes were practically not observed. Having found out that all this time we were not far from a playground where there was “fungus“ under which it was possible to wait quite a rain, and besides on the island, I already the second time was captured by panic! We started wandering back. Having seen the asphalted road and people, I was overflowed by pleasure of the run wild person. Two guys peacefully washed legs in a pool, we followed their example as to go further barefoot there was no desire at all and, and the road did not promote it. Having reached the first cafe, threw the transitory bodies on stools and ordered cappuccino, it was necessary though somehow to be warmed. Though, in principle, not strongly froze, but heavy rain had still an effect, - at me from tips of hair water continued to flow down thin streams. That the most interesting - after this awful heavy rain any of us did not get sick! And memoirs remained amazing!