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Second trimester: what is advised by doctors of

you already not only got used to visit of the doctor of the obstetrician - the gynecologist each 2 - 3 weeks, but begin to wait for these meetings as each of them will allow to learn how pregnancy proceeds, whether also all as it should be with development of the child. Traditionally questions concerning activity of doctors happen following:

On what term in the second trimester do to weeks to you repeated ultrasonic research will be recommended to

In 22 - 24. It is the term of the second screening on detection of anomalies of development of a fruit. Besides, at ultrasonography the assessment of a condition of a neck of a uterus will be given. There is no need for more frequent ultrasonic research, except for cases when the doctor needs to specify some not clear or anxious moments, in particular at suspicion on istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency. At identification of symptoms istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency (insufficiency of an internal pharynx of a neck of a uterus), perhaps, imposing of a special seam on a uterus neck for prevention of an abortion or premature birth will be offered to you.


For prevention of violations matochno - placentary blood circulation recommends a bed rest - lying on the left side till several hours a day. It partly will be the answer and to your question: “On what side it is better to sleep during pregnancy?“ however it is not so important, the main thing - not on a stomach and not on a back. Naturally, on a stomach you will not sleep from - for the increasing uterus, and on a back it is not recommended to sleep as the growing uterus squeezes the blood vessels which are settling down on a back surface of an abdominal cavity and breaks inflow of blood to overlying bodies (heart, a brain) that causes lowering of arterial pressure, dizziness, even loss of consciousness. These phenomena are called “a syndrome of the lower hollow vein“ and more expressed they can become in the third trimester.

Medicamentous influence in the second trimester for normally proceeding pregnancy consists in reception vitaminno - the mineral complexes containing (daily norm) 60 mg of iron, 0,4 mg (400 mkg) of folic acid, 50 - 150 iodine mkg. When in a complex preparation there is no enough the necessary substances, monopreparations, most often this iron, iodine, calcium are added to them. At emergence of allergic symptoms or other signs of intolerance of vitamin preparations they are replaced with purpose of separate most necessary elements.

Preparations of progestagen (“Dyufaston“, “Utrozhestan“) in the second trimester usually are not applied by

, but if symptoms of possible interruption of pregnancy remain, and also for maintenance of function of a placenta these preparations in small doses can be appointed also in the third trimester. For ensuring normal blood circulation in a placenta, prevention of increase of the curtailing potential of blood which is observed in some cases at pregnancy it can be recommended to “Kurantil“ and/or aspirin. For prevention of increase of a vascular tone, so, and arterial pressure, magnesium preparations in combination with 6 vitamin B are recommended .

I Want to emphasize

that it is about the prevention of complications of pregnancy. Not only patients, but also not all doctors agree with preventive application of preparations. The decision for the patient: whether it will apply small doses and short courses of preparations with the proved efficiency or to wait for development of complications, and then seriously to be treated. Reasonable dosages and distribution of drug intake within a day will strengthen their positive impacts on an organism and will allow to minimize possible side effects.

Sexual life at normally proceeding pregnancy during this period of time is not limited to

. Spouses usually feel special warmth and affection to each other, derive pleasure from mutual caress. You love each other, enjoy, in the near future you should concentrate on a new native being who what to hide, will interfere with your intimate sphere.

the care of you from the state is shown by

at the end of the II trimester that from 30 weeks the paid holiday for 140 days, including the postnatal period is provided. For the women bearing twins or triplets holiday of 196 days is given. The maternity leave is given to the pregnant woman in order that the last months she devoted directly pregnancies, so, to the future child, the future happiness. The last months pregnancies are important for its happy end at all not less, than the first.

But all - the second trimester - the most pleasant time during all pregnancy, therefore your question: “What has to be new clothes for the growing stomach?“ - is quite pertinent.

Now in any, even small, the city it is possible to find the shop or department specializing in clothes for pregnant women. Business, of course, both in beauty, and in elegance, but first of all - in convenience and a gigiyenichnost of things which are necessary to the woman during expectation of the child. Let`s begin with linen. First of all, it has to be rather free and not pull together the woman`s body. It is desirable to choose shorts from fine cotton fabric that skin of genitalia “breathed“, was not exposed to an intertrigo and attritions, so, and it was not infected. Of course, the underwear needs to be changed daily. It is necessary to refuse also tight jeans trousers which also interfere with air circulation in external genitals. And jeans or trousers which opened your navel and a lower back need to be cleaned in a case till the best times.

Perhaps, you are also proud of the pregnancy, and wish to show to all this world the remarkable tummy, however believe, it is pleasant to not all people to see it. Besides, in public places, transport you risk to get infectious diseases of skin. In a cold season the open waist can become the reason of an inflammation of kidneys as they settle down in this area. Convenient clothes for pregnant women are overalls and trousers which forward part is made of jersey or provides increase in width at the expense of additional belts and fasteners. The blouses expanded from top to bottom and dresses will not constrain your movements and will cover a stomach with beautiful folds, emphasizing your feminity and a special charm of pregnancy.

It is desirable for p to use stockings and panty hoses with properties of a small compression. If was available for you before pregnancy or there was with its approach a venous insufficiency, after consultation with the surgeon it is necessary to buy special compression stockings or tights. Carrying golf, drawing a shin, can aggravate violation of venous outflow from the lower extremities. Legs all the same will swell a little by the evening therefore the footwear should not be close, but you should not refuse a small steady heel as load of the foot arch increases, and when carrying footwear on a flat sole there can be a morbidity, especially at those who have flat-footedness. Thus, clothes and footwear for pregnant women have to emphasize a charm of this period of life of the woman, provide convenience, protect from bad weather.

Here, perhaps, and everything, as for the second trimester. Let your pregnancy progress, you feel in yourself a beating of new life, rejoice to the happiness, but begin to prepare for the final stage.

From the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“