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The babysitter - the first tutor and the first work of

U you plans for evening? Or it is necessary to leave from the house at several o`clock, but every day? If the child does not require close attention any more, and there are no grandmothers nearby, it is worth remembering babysitters. Here is how it occurs in America where a bebisitterstvo - the most frequent side job for teenagers and students.

the Main problem of newly made American parents that in the country almost completely there is no such social institute as grandmothers and grandfathers - in the Russian understanding of their role. Of course, there are grandmothers and grandfathers, but they in most cases live separately, often in other cities and states. They extremely seldom live with young parents who with pleasure left in due time parental houses, and especially they do not live with grandsons and granddaughters.

In most cases at some stage of generation of one family begin to move away quickly from each other, to lose touches and to see only on big holidays several times in a year. By the way, one of the most popular objects of jokes in America are mothers that quite often offends an ear to the person of other culture. Jokes these much more rough, than, say, the Russian jokes about mothers-in-law. There is a traditional beginning: “Your so fat mother (thin, silly, hairy, ugly, dirty etc.) that...“ Here the most harmless examples:“ Your so fat mother, that her is visible on GPS “, “ your so ugly mother that even blind children at the sight of it begin to cry “, “ your mother has such huge mouth that she speaks with stereoeffect “, “ your mother as public library - everyone can enter it “or“ your so dirty mother that terrorists use water in which she washes as the chemical weapon“.

Such jokes are also about other family members, but mother - the main object. They reflect not how many disrespect for mother (mother respect not less here, than in Russia, there is even a national holiday - the Mother`s Day), how many a certain historical provinciality of household culture of the USA.

Anyway, the American grandmothers and grandfathers are busy with own life, often travel, work even more often or have just a rest. But and will not come to their mind to undertake education of grandsons as, actually, and will never come to parents to mind to ask them about it. It at all not in traditions of America though new immigrants, perhaps, will begin these traditions to change gradually. So, many families which moved from the former USSR or the countries of Asia continue to live in the USA the same as got used to live at themselves on the old homeland - big families in one house where several generations live under the same roof. Partly it is caused by centuries-old traditions, partly financial reasons and problems of language and psychological adaptation to the American life which they face.

But so far, at least at most of Americans, grandmothers do not play a role of tutors of grandsons and granddaughters. Therefore as soon as the American child grows up a little, his parents, as a rule, begin to look for so-called babysitters, that is teenagers who for the minimum payment agree to sit with foreign kids. Searches of babysitters - an important part of the life of a young American family with children. In the USA laws forbid to leave the child of the house unguarded to a certain age - in some states this age can make twelve or thirteen years. Therefore if parents want to descend in restaurant, the cinema or on a visit for a couple of hours, to them all the same need the babysitter. If parents leave the child at home one and something happens to him, serious criminal prosecution can threaten them.

Babysitters can be constants - they come in in advance stipulated days several times a week and sit with the child, feed him, put to bed etc. There are also temporary babysitters who are earning additionally nurses from time to time when they need to receive a little money for pocket expenses. As a rule, babysitters are seniors and students, is rare - more adults though there is also it, especially among recent immigrants who agree to any work and any earnings, especially cash. The elder cousin and second cousins and sisters are also engaged in Bebisitterstv if they live nearby. The Otvestvennost of parents of the kid is in bringing the babysitter to itself home, and then to bring back because many of them have even no still driver`s licenses.

About 14% of 18,5 million American children till five years at every moment are under supervision of babysitters. Considering, what is the time different babysitters will see off with the child throughout the first, say, to ten - twelve years of his life, it is possible to present, how seriously American parents usually treat their selection. Business this hard because babysitters work only when want. Many parents ask potential babysitters to bring recommendations, conduct the real interviews reminding employment, and at the end of the first working day together sum up the results. Especially actual search of babysitters becomes on holidays when all visit to each other and organize parties, - for example, for Thanksgiving Day or on Christmas. Teenagers too traditionally spend these holidays in the families or at parties with peers. In such days it is really difficult to find someone who will sit with children and if who agrees, the cost of service will grow several times.

Many babysitters it is free or involuntarily exert huge impact on formation of the child. Therefore parents also try to take someone from a family, well familiar on work, school, church etc., but not just casual neighbour`s teenagers. Having volunteered to be the babysitter, the teenager begins to bear a certain responsibility for the child left on his care and the house. At the same time the babysitter not just is engaged in the kid - his actions have to correspond to the rules accepted in this family, including religious, household or medical. Parents, in turn, supply it with numbers of the phones, phones of the closest friends and the house doctor, instruct who can open doors of the house and what exactly to answer by phone. On babysitters responsibility for timely acceptance by the child of drugs lies. But the main thing - safety.

For the American teenager the bebisitterstvo is considered quite dear and quite recognized by peers way to earn on pocket expenses. Especially as teenagers, as a rule, receive cash on an hourly basis for the work and, certainly, do not pay from them taxes. Many American parents encourage a bebisitterstvo of the children - teenagers are a successful way to take free time which otherwise could be spent for something bad. The cost of hour of services of teenagers - babysitters depends on related or friendly proximity of parents from both families, and also on the volume of duties, age and health of the child.

Babysitters, as well as all Americans, habitually feel in others house, that is can eat that they will find in the refrigerator, to watch TV or to listen to music, to rummage in library, to swim for a while in the pool or to work on exercise machines etc. Especially if the child already ate and sleeps. All this makes a reservation with parents in advance. Sometimes teenagers are even allowed to bring into the house of friends - for example if they have to do together homework for tomorrow, - but under an indispensable condition that parents of the child of these friends know personally.

It is natural, neither to smoke, nor teenagers can take alcoholic drinks - not only because on them responsibility for the child lies, but also because it on pain of criminal prosecution is forbidden to majority which in the USA occurs only at the twenty first birthday. By the way, hosts in which the American teenagers received - though independently without the knowledge of these owners - access, for example, to alcoholic beverages and used it, too fall under responsibility. In particular - for creation of alcohol storage conditions, inadmissible on the American laws, under which the alcohol becomes well minor. Even more strict the law punishes for negligent storage of the weapon even if nobody suffered from it.

Therefore some the most careful or simply uncertain parents in the next babysitters mount in the house the special hidden cameras which fix as as babysitters with children do as they behave in the house. In any shop for children it is possible to buy cheap such chambers which are built in in children`s toys and beds, books and others objects absolutely harmless at first sight. It became clear that the American teenagers left with small children behave in general better, than some professional nurses. By means of video cameras in some cases it was succeeded to find out that nurses beat or pushed the kid, abused him with use of very offensive language, instead of occupations with it for hours were online, on phone, in front of the TV or just were engaged in unseemly affairs in presence of small children, for example, smoked or discussed the private life. Such unpleasant parental opening usually came to an end in the American court and almost always caused a wide public response.

However to be fair should tell

that babysitters and nurses statistically are guilty in very small - about 4% - a share of all crimes against children who are made in the USA. The greatest number of similar crimes in America - as, seemingly, and everywhere, - is made by familiar adults (to 67%) and relatives (over 21%). Thus, babysitters represent the minimum risk especially as the majority of crimes which they commit concerning children in America is a psychological pressure upon the child or its leaving without supervision. Of course, the meticulous American system fixes also all sexual crimes against children committed by babysitters. It is interesting that the peak of such crimes is the share of babysitters at the age of fourteen - seventeen years while the psychological pressure upon children is carried out, as a rule, by seniors, aged from twenty five till thirty five years. If with the first fact more and more or less clear, then the second gives vent for different interpretations.

As I already told

, for many American children babysitters become the real examples at different stages of life therefore some Americans prefer to take for this work, for example, only students of good universities, is frequent - foreign. On the one hand, for such students it is a good opportunity not only to earn money, but also to enter the American house, the American family, and with another - allows parents to accustom from early age the child to other language, to understanding of other culture.

Knowledge of foreign languages - weakness and Americans in general, and the American education system that especially is strange if to consider a huge number of natural carriers of the different languages living in America. The fact that English became, in fact, the only international language helped, of course, the American business to turn into global, but this fact tripped up to system of learning of foreign languages in the country. Partly parents also want to compensate it, employing the child the foreign babysitter. Spanish-speaking babysitters, and also representatives of countries of Western Europe use a big polulyarnost, in particular. I know many Russian-speaking immigrants who earned additionally a bebisitterstvo though concerning our former compatriots in America, certainly, there is some bias. But to find the Russian grandmother as the babysitter for the small child it is traditionally perceived in the American family as good luck. Such grandmother, as a rule, is considered not only responsible, careful and attentive, but also prepares often much better than the hostess of the house. However, the majority of them does not speak in English and does not drive the car that creates many purely practical problems. Anyway babysitters in America replace in social, educational and educational plans of grandmothers and grandfathers, and can be, already distinctions in mentality of Americans and representatives of the countries with more traditional family foundations begin from here.

more stoutly to describe a situation, I can also add that in the USA there are still “setters“ who sit with pets, besides, many people earn additionally haussitter, that is watch houses while owners are in long trips. The matter is that there is a category of people who do not wish to lease the housing, even when leave it far and for a long time though most of Americans easily lease for the period of departure the houses, and with all things. Certainly, at first they properly find out that they for people are going to rent at them the house, and then conclude the long and detailed contract written for them by the lawyer. In the USA it is quite accepted to lease part of the house or apartment the rent of the resident helped owners to pay the bank credit. Even in houses where all apartments small - studios or one-room - are also leased, it is often possible to see announcements of search of the neighbor who would agree to live with you in one room and to halve expenses. It is typical student`s option though I know also heterosexual couples which so began to live together for the sake of economy of funds for the apartment.

From the book “America... There live people!“