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Vitamins and pregnancy. How it is correct?

you began to think of the child`s birth? It is necessary to approach this question consciously. Doctors recommend for pregnancy to prepare in advance, it is desirable for of 3 - 6 months. needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, to do vaccination against a rubella (if were not ill it earlier), to make tests on diseases, sexually transmitted and to begin to accept vitamins.

Some women as contraception use the combined oral contraceptives. It is known that at long reception contraceptives exert impact on an exchange of vitamins, for example, of folat which are necessary for prevention of congenital malformations at a fruit. It turns out that after cancellation of contraceptives (before alleged conception), the woman needs to accept vitamin complexes with folic acid as it, most likely, is not enough, and it is very necessary to future child for the correct formation of bodies and pre-natal development.

Also future mother iodine which participates in synthesis of hormones of a thyroid gland is necessary for

, and many processes, including ability to become pregnant and take out the child depend on these hormones in a female organism. Also iodine is necessary for intellectual development of future kid. In recent years scientists established that iodine is very well acquired in the presence of selenium. Means, it is necessary to choose the vitamins containing iodine and selenium.

It is no secret that by the time of making decision on the child`s birth some women had inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis which consequences can interfere with implantation of a germ (to normal fixing in a uterus). In such cases antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin N, rutoside) which will help to protect her from viruses and infections are necessary for future mother and will promote normal implantation.


throughout all pregnancy, and also during preparation for it it is especially important to provide an organism not only sufficient, but also, first of all, with safe amount of micronutrients as excess of certain vitamins and minerals can be not less dangerous, than their shortcoming. Especially it is important to consider it in 1 trimester when the fruit is most sensitive to all substances arriving from the outside.

in the middle of the last century of a dosage of each vitamin / mineral for pregnant women simply increased approximately by 1,5 times, without change of need for vitamins and minerals in each trimester. The saved-up data of world scientific literature on biological functions of micronutrients and change of their level at normally proceeding pregnancy confirm need of an individual approach to purpose of vitamins and minerals on trimesters: in 1 - 13, 14 - 27, 28 - 40 weeks of pre-natal development of the kid.


From the point of view of reception of vitamins, 1 - y a trimester - one of the most critical periods for future child as on the one hand, the fruit needs vitamins for the development, on the other hand overdose of vitamins is dangerous. At the moment exists vitaminno - mineral complexes which structure is picked up for each of three trimesters of pregnancy, is the KOMPLIVIT line ® TRIMESTRUM.

of the Dose of vitamins and minerals in KOMPLIVIT ® TRIMESTRUM 1 Trimester correspond to requirements of a female organism during preparation for pregnancy and in the first trimester. The most important vitamins - folic acid, vitamins of group B and iodine, contain in a complex in KOMPLIVIT ® TRIMESTRUM 1 Trimester in the special picked-up doses which need is recognized as most of obstetricians - gynecologists.

the Main objective of potrimestrovy approach - to provide to

mother and the kid only with necessary vitamins and minerals in each trimester of pregnancy with advantage for health and without risk of overdoses.

can pass

A in process of development of pregnancy and change of need for vitamins and minerals to the strengthened structures of KOMPLIVIT ® TRIMESTRUM 2 Trimester and KOMPLIVIT ® TRIMESTRUM 3 Trimester.

Modern approach to reception of vitamins on trimesters allows to provide to

the most effective and safe support of pregnancy at a stage of its planning and during its current, and also can help to prevent development of complications both from mother, and from a fruit.

More detailed recommendation about the choice vitaminno - a mineral complex you will be able always to receive

at the attending physician.

Before application study the instruction and contraindications, follow recommendations of the expert.

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