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Work at home: both children, and money of

the Happy family, good work, career - how to combine all this? Moreover and that on itself there was time? Nevertheless, at many it turns out. And some women manage to build career of the house, and become not “desperate“, and “successful housewives“.

among the most widespread and convenient professions for the housewife - in what it is possible to develop fully without prejudice to a family and children. It is quite impressive list: the journalist, the copywriter, the designer, the maker-up, web - the master (development and/or filling of the websites), IT - the expert, the accountant, the sales manager etc. In these spheres heads very much appreciate knowledge therefore they will prefer to cooperate, most likely, with the housewife with education and experience, than with the beginner.

“Really, the list of affairs in which it is possible to be engaged, without leaving the house, it is extensive. Except opportunities for realization, outwork - it is convenient: it is not necessary to spend time for collecting and the road to office. The main thing - existence of Internet access and phone. Remote workers can be taken as on a temporary basis (under the specific project), and for permanent job, - Vitaly Lavrentyev, the leading expert on staff recruitment of the personnel center “UNITY“ says. - In the market constantly there are young companies which heads prefer “freelancers“ - to them it much more favourably, than to pay the person who at the small volume of work will sit the whole day at office“.

These words is confirmed by the CEO of PR - agency Sergey Parkhomenko:“ All journalists with whom our company cooperates work for us far off, among our authors there are many women. Many of them - housewives, but it does not prevent them to work successfully. We keep in touch by e-mail, Skype or ICQ“.

Turns out, and it is favorable to companies to accept the professional to the state, and it is convenient to the woman as there is opportunity in parallel with work to be engaged in the house.

“The child seriously changed

my private life and a career way, - the chief - the editor Tatyana Zaytseva tells. - During a maternity leave I decided to try as the journalist, especially, thanks to the main work in my arsenal there was a vast experience of communication with business mass media. I wrote the first half a year under article in a month for PR - agencies, then began to take bigger volume. And in a year offered me a position of the editor in which I worked far off the last years, being engaged at the same time in four projects - it allowed to receive the decent royalties and to look for the child. And offered me a position the chief half a year ago - editors of this agency!“

to Start

from scratch

If it is not enough experience, but there is a desire to develop - it is possible to try to develop the sphere, new to itself. It can be anything - beginning from design and finishing with management. The benefit now a set of courses and on open spaces of a virtual network is good self-instruction manuals which will help to learn skill bases.

“To me as to the school student`s mother, the flexible working hours are very important

to control progress of the son, - Valentina Porshneva, training - the manager of representation of a trade brand in Yekaterinburg says. - I train trade personnel, I help the beginning sales managers, I set tasks. The most part of this work can be done by means of the Internet. And it is easy to make the convenient schedule most. Huge advantage - an opportunity to be engaged in the house and a family, but at the same time to get experience and the additional income. And the son can be proud of me“.

What you chose - to continue to work by the main profession or to open the new horizons - you remember: even favourite work is a hard work which can cause negative emotions and a stress.“ To combine professional activity, housekeeping and education of children rolled into one happens very difficult both physically, and psychologically, - Evgenia Kaptil, the educational psychologist from Moscow considers. - The road for work is an opportunity to switch from thoughts of life professional tasks, to make the plan for the forthcoming day. The way home, on the contrary, allows to relax, replace a fighting spirit with thoughts of rest, to consider some affairs“. And when the woman spends the most part of time at home, the lack of communication with the outside world can cause isolation and decrease in a vitality. That to avoid it, the psychologist advises more often to meet with girlfriends, to play sports. Itself can think up some morning ritual connected with appearance - for example, to do laying or a make-up. Such trifles will add to life of the housewife of a positive.

How to distinguish employers - swindlers
Denis Scriabin, the lawyer from Knyazev and Partners Bar: Try to learn
as much as possible about the company in which you want to work. It is worth reading responses of the former employees, clients. On the official site of Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation nalog. to check ru/is possible whether the company legally is registered and to receive the information about her founders, requisites (INN, PSRN, the legal address) and data on the head. On interview inquire whether will sign the employment contract with you. Before signing of any papers attentively read everything that is written to them, check the data on firm specified in documents. If they correspond to information which you possess - it is possible to begin productive cooperation.

From a hobby to professionalism

A if in your soul the aspiration to work not “for the uncle, and for itself“ always glimmered, then the new vital stage quite allows to realize it. Being at home, you can independently provide yourself with work moreover and darling. Here only with what to begin?

the hands

Think: than you like to do in the spare time? To knit, sew, spin from beads, to do souvenirs? Great! At big desire any talent can be transformed to an income source - today hand things - made which are, as a rule, created in the single copy, enjoy special popularity. Group on a social network, the free announcement on the Internet or the unpretentious website will become an excellent sales market.“ I always liked to embroider pictures, to place them in a frame and to give to close people. After the birth of the third child we with the husband decided that I have to leave work, at the same time in the financial plan to me it with ease was replaced by a hobby, - shares 35 - summer Antonin Shevchenko. - By that moment many people knew that I can embroider to order any picture, and to me similar requests often arrived. And even when I began to call the concrete price in response to a request, the flow of persons interested did not decrease“.

Home firm

One more option - rendering services at home. You are able to do manicure, a pedicure, massage or you own hairdresser`s art? You can quietly accept clients of the house. You love children and you have a pedagogical education? Teach private lessons. It is pleasant to photograph? Arrange houses a photographic studio. There is a lot of options - everything depends on your resourcefulness. And the democratic prices will help to attract clients.“ In crisis I got laid off and on money from compensation bought the camera - long ago wanted to be engaged in creativity. At first girlfriends acted as models - we together thought out interesting ideas. I spread works in social networks, clients began to appear then, - the private photographer, 30 - summer Tatyana Guryeva says. - At first photographed more as a hobby, and then when experience appeared, turned a hobby into an income source“.

an Opportunity to do favorite thing moreover and to receive for it money - what can be better?“ If the husband copes with a role of the getter, then it is important to wife to find work to liking somehow to dilute monotonous everyday life. If the hobby begins to bring money, it is a pleasant bonus, a contribution to the family budget, - the psychologist Evgenia Kaptil says. - And maybe, the woman just fact that she earns money is important“.

Denis Scriabin, lawyer:
- If the woman wants to render services at home, then it is better to issue the activity officially - to register SP (that is as the individual entrepreneur) and to begin to pay taxes. Process is very simple. It is necessary to fill in the special application form only (the № form; P21001) and to certify it at the notary, to pay the state duty of 800 rubles and to submit the application with the receipt on payment to the tax inspection to the address of future individual entrepreneur. In a week it is possible to receive the certificate on registration on the approved official form.
Everything is thought over by

of Beginners often the unfamiliar sphere frightens. Experts claim that you should not be afraid - it is necessary to try the forces, to look for itself. Often suggest to extend goods which are necessary for people every day: for example, cosmetics, ware, other goods for the house. Even if you have no experience, but there are a desire and abilities - is unconditional, it is worth trying. Whether but many companies will decide practically on remote cooperation?

“Actually heads in the sphere of sales have

no reasons to refuse to housewives an opportunity to earn, - Elena Borisova, the head of the Center of training “the Zepter International“ considers. - Often to the potential employees suggest to choose the mode full or a part-time at once. Housewives who successfully combine the work of the house and business - career in the company work for us. Often, the more the success at work - the is more success of the house as the woman is realized, does favorite thing, it raises a self-assessment“.

During such saturated work it is very important to p to think over organizational process. “The housewife can conclude the bargain, find the client, agree, but then it is necessary to work with the client, to make out a bill, to sign documents, to monitor end of the contract. It is possible to resolve this issue in two ways: to equip an office at home or once a week to come to office of the company“, - Vitaly Lavrentyev says. Communication with clients and in general an exit “in people“ - an integral part of psychological comfort of the woman, it is only necessary to be able to filter emotions.“ Housewives are often deprived of “live“ communication, - Evgenia Kaptil says. - It is good if you manage both to work, and to be the keeper of the center, but be attentive to themselves - any communication influences an emotional state, and do not “absorb“ in yourself a negative to have an opportunity to support heat and a cosiness in a family“.

to Find

to itself work to liking and, besides, the source of additional earnings not so difficult, and will relieve feeling of a professional realizovannost of feeling of uselessness and helplessness. Try!