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I am pregnant? Signs of pregnancy

If to become mother - the biggest dream, you begin to look narrowly at yourself more and more fixedly. And quite often any change in health seems a pregnancy sign. What can actually be trusted?

Doubtful signs

Emotional changes. Quite often from the first days of pregnancy at the woman notes the increased irritability, emotional lability - frequent change of moods for no apparent reason. At first she sobs over sentimental series, in a minute already laughs at the husband`s jokes, and through two - takes offense at it it is not known for what.

Reason: pregnant women test grief, pleasure from - for hormonal the changes happening in a female organism after conception.

Also happens: at the increased uneasiness (neyrotizm).

Increase in a breast quite often begins

on early term. The breast can scratch, bulk up slightly. It grows heavy, becomes sensitive and even hurts a little.

Reason: increase in production of women`s hormones.

Also happens: in the second phase of a menstrual cycle.

the Constant fatigue , weakness, dizziness, drowsiness at pregnancy can begin with the morning. It seems you also did not manage to make anything, and already got tired...

of the Reason: change of a hormonal background.

Also happens: at neurologic violations. Perhaps, you really were tired and need long rest.

Special sensitivity to smells: one suddenly begin to test inexplicable tenderness to a gasoline smell, stirs up others from favourite toilet water of the husband. Often women, having become pregnant, become intolerant of a tobacco smoke even if smoke.

Reason: beginning of hormonal changes in the pregnant woman`s organism.

T to an akzha happens: do not have other reasons. Generally pregnant women suffer from it. But nevertheless sign a little doubtful. You never know why you do not like today a smell of perfume which delighted still yesterday. Perhaps matter only in mood?

of Change of taste , including classical “pulls on salty“. It will suddenly want the strangest combinations of products: for example, cheese with jam.

Reason: progesterone level in blood of future mother sharply increases, starting food intuition of pregnant women. So, future mummies who have not enough vitamin C often dream of pickles. There is a wish for some black bread to those who need vitamins of group B, and is not enough for fans of chalk or a lime in a calcium organism.

Also happens: at not pregnant women at deficiency of some vitamins or mineral substances.

Dispepsichesky changes. the Most harmless - metal smack in a mouth. Nausea, vomiting - that is displays of early toxicosis can begin in the mornings. Toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy usually develops from four - five weeks.

Reason: influence of the changed hormonal background on a gastrointestinal tract.

Also happens: at gastritis, a duodenita, poisoning.

Frequent desires to an urination
can be observed by

on the fifth week of pregnancy: continually it is necessary to run in a toilet.

Reason: the uterus becomes more, begins to press on a bladder, the capacity of the last decreases.

Also happens: at any infections of urinogenital system - for example, an uretrita or cystitis.

Probable signs

They specific, but can point not only to pregnancy approach.

periods Delay: monthly do not arrive on time, and the uneasy woman goes to the next drugstore behind the test for pregnancy.

Reason: the impregnated ovum “was hooked“ for uterus endometriya, and in menstrual bleeding there is no need any more.

Also happens: at hormonal violations.

of Change of a vagina and uterus: cyanosis mucous vaginas and necks of a uterus, a uterus becomes soft and increases in sizes. Independently it is difficult to notice these signs, but the gynecologist at survey can find them.

of the Reason: increase in a krovenapolneniye of genitalia, growth of a uterus.

Also happens: at uterus myoma, an adenomioza. Therefore the gynecologist never confirms pregnancy on the basis of only one survey on a chair, and directs the patient to ultrasonic research and asks to take a blood test on HGCh - a horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person.

of Allocation from nipples. Happens that already on early terms from a breast colostrum begins to be manufactured. Than not a sign of pregnancy?

of the Reason: due to increase in production of Prolactinum functional changes in mammary glands happen.

Also happens: at a giperprolaktinemiya. To understand the basis of similar violation, the doctor finds out: or it functional, that is in an organism there are polyhormonal changes, or at the patient it is possible to suspect a brain tumor around a hypophysis.

Two strips on the test. Sometimes in addition to a delay of periods of the woman seek to check rather whether there came long-awaited pregnancy. And quite often the test confirms their hopes.

Reason: the test determines the HGCh level in urine and if its concentration is increased, two strips are shown.

Also happens: at false positive result. Unfortunately, tests are not so authentic in comparison with blood test on pregnancy hormone availability. For example, the weak second strip can appear on the overdone test, that is the test was checked not in five minutes as it is written to instructions, and later.

Small temperature increase. the Woman notices that in the evenings the thermometer shows 37 or 37,20 S. Temperature and in a rectum increases.

Reason: immune reorganization goes, protective forces of an organism become more active. He seeks to get rid of all infections dozing in it that nothing threatened a fruit.

Also happens: at an infectious or catarrhal disease.

Bloody allocations as it strange sounds, can be a pregnancy sign.

Reason: fetal egg grows, perhaps, somewhere there is its small otsloyka from an endometriya. It happens at pregnancy interruption threat. Sometimes women accept such allocations for menstrual, however they are others: more poor, smearing, usually dark color. To define that it, is possible by means of ultrasonography. In general bloody allocations have to guard.

Also happen: at myoma, endometriosis, polyps an endometriya, an endometritis.

Reliable signs

Happen only at pregnancy. They can be trusted!

the HGCh High level in blood. Blood test on a horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person in case of approach of pregnancy yields positive results already with one - two weeks. Even if there is no delay yet also term absolutely small. When there is a conception, the impregnated ovum shares, in the course of division the germ and fetal covers are formed of it. One of these covers is called horion. It - that also develops HGCh which experts find in blood. In case of positive result on the form of laboratory it will be written: the caption of HGCh corresponds to one - two weeks of pregnancy.

Results of ultrasonic research. the earliest term of definition of pregnancy on ultrasonography - 2 weeks. At this stage fetal egg reaches the sizes of 4 - 5 mm, and your kid it is already perfectly visible thanks to modern devices.