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Books and computer: what is chosen by the child and why?

the Children`s writer Dmitry Emets learned by the experience as it is difficult to resist to parents of virtual reality into which our children willingly dive. Its councils will help to find balance and to distract the child from gadgets.

That article did not appear too instructive, probably, it is necessary to begin it with small recognition. I am the Internet - the maniac who killed in a network about seven years. In parallel I still played different strategy. Ceased to play when in three found night of hour in a corridor of the six-year-old son who in terrible excitement spotted how I play. He was torn too to shoot at someone, to play something, accused me of what I play, and I do not allow him, and I understood that I already actually created at it value. And not that which would like.

It became clear to

that should be braked and it is very resolute. And completely the problem disappeared only approximately in half a year when I did not play for a long time and even erased from a disk everything, even harmlessly jumping birdies.

With the Internet approximately the same. When I considered how many I kill on it time, it became clear that Internet pluses (convenience of correspondence, communication, phone calls, information search etc.) are blocked by its minuses, main of which - time consuming.

managed to Cope with it, having only completely cleaned all Internet from the house. Yes, work sometimes suffers from it or is slowed down, but much less, than I expected first. In extreme a case, the file or the letter can be sent through a telephone card, and to get into search engine directly from phone. But became time more much - and how many I began to be in time and write and to make!

the Convenient child

the Modern school student most often chooses by

the computer: it spends for it on average one and a half - two hours every day. As much again leaves on television, some time for lessons and it is no more than ten minutes on reading. It is statistics, and figures, certainly, average. There are children who read much, but such usually no more than two - three on a class.

Why it occurs? What is in the computer of it what outweighs the book and a set of other occupations? I think, effect of an involvement - in game, in network communication, in a social network. He is not a contemplator, and the full participant - whether operates it heroes it - a line of strategy or photoshops pictures.

I notice

On the children that computer games outweigh even animated cartoons, in animated cartoons characters cannot be operated, and in games - even unpretentious telephone - it is possible.

the TV and the computer are very big temptation for all parents especially tired after work. When on the house the aching child who just came from a garden and not knowing loafs than to occupy itself, and at you in ears precisely someone a drill drills eardrums, understand soon that an exit - that is: to put the child in front of the TV or to include game on the computer - and for one or two hours - three it is possible to plunge into silence. Nothing will be broken, overturned, and nobody will buzz: “It is boring for me!“


it is It seems convenient, but there is also a mass of minuses. For example, the child begins to cry then with fatigue which it seems as well as was not shown before. Becomes excitable. And conscience is restless: the child could learn something in these several hours, and instead sat as hypnotized, turning into the round-shouldered old man.

Usually own computer - if this animal still did not live in a family - it is got at the school student so. He begins to say that all schoolmates already have a computer and that it is necessary for reports, for study, for encyclopedias, parents are usually conducted and, reflecting that they now time such, and without computer all the same, get one more keyboard friend anywhere.

as a result reports - that the child downloads

, but ten minutes a week are enough for it for it. Other time very quietly sits in social networks, plays toys and in general strongly slips in study and in physical shape. Sometimes, however, it is possible to tear off the teenager from the street though in a network it is possible to pick up many addictions too.

Approximately in one or two years when at the child the resistant derganye of a forefinger is developed and sight falls, he is able to limit already a little himself. But all the same the computer strongly continues to gnaw three - four hours a day - that is all free time which the child because the rest is taken away by lessons and sections has.

However does not want to abuse the computer at least because I write this article on it, and a lot of things on it I do and to move away him from my life completely, probably, it will not turn out. And from life of children too.

it is better for p to understand, probably, whether it is possible to make of the computer if not the friend then the ally? And in general: whether ally it?
Probably, all - yes, but the same degree, as fire. Fire - too our ally, but how many people were killed in fire, having overestimated degree of its priruchennost or the ability to cope with it!
Before eight - the computer is more dangerous nine years than a snake. Children cannot dose irritants and - especially excitable - usually play so that they without hysterics do not come off the computer.
the Computer and the TV - how to derive benefit from them

  1. of Game and animated cartoons are not harmless

    at all. In the young person the imitation instinct is very developed. It becomes in many respects what he sees.

  2. needs to belong carefully to the Japanese and American animated cartoons and it is obligatory to look through them. This is not about “Tome and Gerry“, “History of toys“, “Bembi“, “Ratatouille“, “Rapunzel“ or about many other excellent animated cartoons, but, mainly, about not the most known cartoon serials of the second row turning on cable channels.
  3. by
  4. to Make a stock on disks of favourite animated films. It is possible to write down old - in Soyuzmultifilma archive their many hundreds, “The city of semi-precious stones“ of studio Tatar (our loved), “Smesharika“ (an ideal combination of a vzrosla and childishness, screenwriters just geniuses) and to watch them on the computer or at DVD.
  5. to Open for itself informative and educational animation. We collected an excellent collection: children learn much, and we too together with them. The best informative animated cartoons are Albert asks (that is, “Albert asks“, it is translated into Russian), “Why-askers“, “A family of why-askers“, “Shishkin the wood“, “We want to know everything“. There are also excellent animated cartoons of Robert Saakyants - at him is them much: the geometry, both history, and algebra, and is a lot of - much others.
  6. to Collect by
  7. as much as possible movies about animals. For example, from BBC archive. Children love them not less animated cartoons.
  8. to Try to switch
  9. the child with video - to audioinformation, that is to musical fairy tales, to audiobooks of a good postscoring. At video the brain is loaded by “flashing“ and not so well the imagination works.
  10. to Try to receive some return return. For example, together with the child to draw an animated cartoon: on the computer in the Microsoft Paint program or just on paper. For example, the simplest is made of two pieces of paper. On one leaf the athlete with a bar down, on another - same with a bar is drawn up. One piece of paper is bent, quickly straightened by a pencil and it turns out that it lifts and lowers a bar. Focus simple, but is pleasant to children!
  11. to Put a password the computer, to limit games, at an opportunity to switch-off the teleantenna. With the last it is difficult because also adults are often dependent.
  12. not to trust the will power - it does not exist. If exists, all the same does not last for a long time. The same who considers himself strong-willed most often deceives himself. Unfortunately.
  13. to Try that you and your children had the general hobby. Flowers, campaigns, the bicycle, soccer, boxing, painting, cookery, books - anything. At the same time try to choose what is pleasant - otherwise it will be boring. This general hobby will create the soil for everyday communication.
  14. to Follow the general rules. That is, depriving of the child of the computer, make so that he saw that you also sit at it no more, let us assume, 15 minutes a day.