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How to choose the computer for all family: 16 best councils of

the Computer gradually become the family member: he takes a place of honor, and is necessary both big, and small. It is hard to please all at once - councils from the expert Maria Melkova, the head of department of advance of operating systems of the Microsoft company in Russia will help to choose the ideal computer.

  1. of Make a start from requirements and desires of your family and tasks which need to be carried out - so you will not overpay for functions unnecessary you. For example, for the grandmother and the grandfather the computer, most likely, will become the typewriter or a communication medium with the relatives who are in other cities. For parents it will play a role of the media center and the TV with a large number of channels. For children the computer, first of all, will become scientific base and means of Internet connection.
  2. If you like to create family videos, remove much and often process photos , I recommend to buy the card reader for fast transfer of pictures and video on the computer. More advanced option - use of USB 3 ports. 0 - new interface of data transmission back compatible to USB 2. 0. If the external hard drive or the USB stick and the computer support USB 3. 0, you will need only several seconds to pour photos or video.
  3. If you are exacting
  4. to quality of the picture , the HDMI socket (it allows to connect the system unit to the TV) or the high-quality video card will be required. Both components provide high quality of the image. To enjoy quality of a sound, at the choice of the computer pay attention to a sound card and sockets for connection of the home theater or the separate audio system.
  5. If you plan to communicate with relatives on Skype and to other services for video communication, pay attention to the number of sockets in the system unit, necessary for connection a web - chambers, the microphone and earphones. Or get model with already built-in video camera.
  6. Should think in advance of what devices you will connect to the computer : from mice and printers to monitors and external disks (experts call it “periphery“). The CD/DVD drive of disks, the modem, the network interface card (for parents for connection to the Internet), and to children - the printer, the scanner and the monitor not less than 24 inches in size can be necessary.
  7. If an opportunity to go on-line, access to e-mail and works with standard Microsoft Word, Power Point, Paint programs has enough
  8. , then at the choice of “the iron friend“ I advise to pay attention only to type of an operating system, convenience and existence of the necessary software. You can not go deep into other characteristics as practically any car will cope with similar functionality.
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  10. For the student and the pupil of the senior classes will be suitable any easy computer (weighing up to 3 kg) with a permit operating system. It is also important that on it the set of appendices which just allow qualitatively was established and to perform any educational tasks - for example, writing of papers, creation of the presentations or projects.
  11. creation of individual accounts will allow to Consider wishes of everyone . If all family members plan to use the computer, you will be able to create profiles for everyone, to personalize a desktop and to close access to private papers. And, above all - you will be able to appropriate to one of accounts of the right of the administrator and to establish rules: for example, to limit time which the child spends in networks, or to choose those websites which he will be able to visit.
  12. Pay attention to quantity of USB - ports as, most likely, children will want to connect to the computer the camera, the TV, the husband will connect the portable hard drive, the keyboard, a web - a chamber, a mouse and other devices. And on the computer there can be only two USB - port. Then you at once should buy the extender and the razvetlitel allowing to connect so many devices how many for you it is necessary, and in the place, convenient for you. The more in the system unit of USB ports - the better.
  13. the Convenient arrangement of USB ports can turn out
  14. very important . Perfectly, when the USB port is located directly on the keyboard. But often producers have them behind - and then members of your family will be forced to climb under a table to connect the equipment, to rake wires and to look for the free socket. Also the arrangement of ports on the forward panel, but in its bottom meets, a floor - and again has a problem - the wire from the device “zmeitsya“, preventing you to work. Therefore, buying the computer, present where it will stand - so you will understand at once what arrangement of ports to choose.
  15. If you plan to store on the computer family photos , movies, music and any other files, then can not worry on the volume of the hard drive. Modern technologies allow to store archives on external hard drives which you will be able to buy separately in case of need. And for those who keep up to date free and more modern option - online - Skydrive storage on 25 GB by means of which you will be able to get access to files from any device in the presence of Internet access is created.
  16. I Recommend to buy technical devices on one platform . So you will be able to connect the home computer, the working laptop, the smartphone of the husband and the game console of children among themselves and to quickly get access to data, to make changes and to update information on all devices at the same time.
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  18. Choose the license software : you will be able to receive full and timely updates, to use services of technical support from producers and will not face costs of additional service. But the main thing - at the same time your data will be reliably protected.
  19. Look for special actions of reduction of prices . Software producers quite often carry out actions of reduction of prices - it is possible to learn about them on the websites of the companies. For example, the special discount for office Microsoft Office package 2010 acts upon simultaneous purchase of the computer on Windows this spring. And on the saved money it is possible to arrange a small family holiday - to buy some ice cream, balloons and to go to walk to park.
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  21. where it is more convenient to you to buy the computer . If you already decided on model, the Internet - shop is more preferable. And that who wants to carry away purchase at once home or to compare different models alive, it is more convenient to make purchase in salon.
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  23. to preparation of a workplace . At the choice of the place for installation of the desktop computer try to find the open place where dust accumulates less often. The place for the computer has to be well lit. It is necessary to establish it so that on the screen of the computer patches of light from a lamp or a direct sunlight did not get. Ideally the view of the monitor has to fall a little from top to down, the distance between the monitor and eyes has to be not less than 70 centimeters.