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For health of future mothers

Expectation of the kid - one of the most concerning and pleasant periods in life of any woman. Of course, there is nothing surprising that at this time one and all future mothers want to look and feel well. But future mothers often face an unpleasant problem - violations of microflora of a vagina which are explained by changes of a hormonal background of an organism during pregnancy. But it is possible to cope with it.

Change of microflora of a vagina is a change rn - balance of an intimate zone of which acidic environment with pH fluctuating from 3,5 to 4,5 is characteristic. Such level of acidity is optimum for useful bacteria, but at the same time it allows to prevent penetration of harmful microorganisms on sterile Wednesday of a uterus. And it is especially important during expectation of the kid. Change of microflora of a vagina can become the reason of many troubles and even to lead to developing of the diseases capable to influence pregnancy and childbirth.

during expectation of the kid of the woman often face violations of vaginal microflora from - for hormonal the changes happening in an organism during pregnancy. All of them including shift rn towards lower values, are directed to strengthening of protection of the future of the baby against the possible ascending infections. But, on the other hand, too acidic environment promotes reproduction of barmy mushrooms which are the reason of the milkwoman, so, unpleasant feelings.

One more widespread problem which can lead to violation of microflora of a vagina - too frequent syringings. The matter is that during pregnancy of gland of a vagina work in the emergency mode, and it leads to allocation of a large number of a secret. It is absolutely normal, but can bring discomfort to future mothers therefore they seek to solve the arisen problem with the help of syringing. But frequent carrying out this procedure washes away natural greasing and can change normal acidity of a vagina, and it results in dryness and unpleasant feelings.

during pregnancy categorically cannot carry linen which fabric contains synthetic fibers. Such material does not allow skin to breathe and creates a favorable environment for reproduction of harmful bacteria, and it can lead to emergence of problems too.

I one more important rule: try not to use shower gels and a toilet soap for intimate hygiene. Them rn at best corresponds rn skin - about 5,5, so, it is not suitable for care of intimate parts of a body. Application of a toilet soap leads to the fact that value rn changes towards more alkaline environment. And it is fraught with its peresushivaniye and such unpleasant feelings as discomfort in the field of an intimate zone, an itch and burning.

, of course, should not forget

I that dryness mucous and unpleasant feelings can be connected with a psychoemotional pressure and stresses which in life of future mother, naturally, should not be, but all of them equally are present.

to Cope with such delicate problems as unpleasant feelings in an intimate zone and intimate gel Ginokomfort moistening with hollyhock extract will help to ensure fine health. This means was created on the basis of the herbs which are traditionally used in gynecology for a solution of the problem of vaginal discomfort. Thanks to the substances which are its part, it as camomile extract, pantenol and hollyhock extract, gel easily copes with the solution of intimate female problems. Removes an itch, burning and irritation, promotes moistening mucous vaginas and warns adverse effects. Extract of a hollyhock has the softening, moistening and anti-inflammatory effect, and the camomile calms mucous and strengthens regeneration. Thanks to a unique combination of these components gel Ginokomfort with extract of a hollyhock has the intensive moistening operation on a mucous membrane, possesses anti-inflammatory action, compensates for the deficiency of natural greasing, eliminates feeling of discomfort at dryness mucous and promotes healing of microdamages of mucous. Valuable qualities of gel Ginokomfort - natural structure, lack of the irritating influence on mucous at the expense of a physiological rn and (the most valuable property!) - reliable anti-inflammatory protection.