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How to put dahlias in the spring of

there is nothing difficult in putting correctly dahlias in the spring in soil. Here it is enough to follow simple rules of prelanding preparation of tubers that these bright flowers decorated with themselves your personal plot soon. For a start it is worth knowing that there are three species of this plant: early dahlias, average and late. For example, early grades and average can be couched in the middle of March, only not in an open ground. Use for this purpose the containers filled with the nutritious friable earth.

If on spring at first to put dahlias in containers, then it will allow to receive significantly the blossoming plant than in case at once to plant a plant in soil. Dahlias - flowers thermophilic, landing of dahlias directly in soil begins not earlier than approach of May. For late grades and averages the prorashchivaniye in containers is not obligatory, they will blossom even in an open ground, of course, in time if not to tighten with landing terms.

How to put dahlias in the spring

So, at first carry out preparation of tubers. Difficult there is nothing here: clear tubers of the impaired a little parts, divide big knot of tubers which was dug out in the fall into parts. Leave two tubers with boring for landing in a single hole to receive further stronger plant with abundance of buds. If to leave more tubers, they will give small young growth which will interfere with each other as a result to develop so this invention will hardly leave something good. Powder places of cuts with charcoal.

If one of tubers decayed or there are damages, throw out it, otherwise healthy rhizomes can catch. It becomes so: separate the decayed roots a sharp knife from healthy parts, wet the remained tubers for landing in weak solution of potassium permanganate for thirty minutes. Then give to tubers several days that they managed to adapt to surrounding temperature, and kidneys that woke up. Powder strawberries with a small amount of the friable earth or sawdust, carefully humidify. Keep capacities with tubers in the greenhouse in the afternoon or in the fresh air - only do not allow hit of direct sunshine! You bring for the night to the room.

When the soil will get warm to fifteen degrees, pass to landing of dahlias. In soil make flutes or holes. In flutes put tubers surely at identical distance, but holes is more convenient option. The distance between plants will depend on a grade - than a bush more tall, that the distance has to be more. Recede about thirty centimeters in a case with undersized grades, eighty centimeters - in a case with giants. Hole depth - about ten centimeters, it is not necessary to deepen strongly to the earth sprouted klubenek. If the earth dryish, plentifully water it before landing of plants. Put tubers horizontally that the plant could increase rather powerful root system.

How to look after dahlias in the spring

Here dahlias are put, now it is possible not to tire plants with excessive care. Idle time weed weeds which is selected from soil by nutritious elements. In the spring the soil is enough - damp so often it is not required to water too. An exception - a heat in May. After waterings surely you loosen the soil over landings that there with ease oxygen arrived, and also there were no obstacles for germination of greens.

Leave two most powerful sprouts after shoots, do a pasynkovaniye during the vegetation period to receive as a result large buds. At the beginning of spring it is not recommended to abuse fertilizers, and that plant will increase huge green material, but at the same time florets will be too small.