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Zeltiq all age are obedient to

When the woman enters age of mature elegance, to it is very difficult to find time for taking care of the own life. Work, the house, the grown-up children and juvenile grandsons... How all to be in time if in days still only 24 hours?

But the woman on that and the Woman always to be in shape - to be beautiful, harmonous, desired and light on the feet.

What to do if there is no time for fitness - club, and to be tightened and there is a wish to look more young than passport age? You will be helped by the Coolsculpting procedure or as it is called still, “holodovy plasticity“ on the American device Zeltiq.

It is the “lazy“, but very effective option allowing to get rid of fatty deposits on a stomach, sides, hips and buttocks. Zeltiq works as the good sculptor, softly “cutting“ all superfluous under the influence of cold. Fatty cages are very sensitive to cold, as it is easy in a basis of “kriolipoliz“ - destruction of fatty cages low temperatures.

do not worry, not all organism but only a concrete fatty fold which is involved in the device applicator under the influence of vacuum and is processed by cold within an hour will be cooled.

Only one hour - and irreversible process accelerated, but natural death of fatty cages is started!

Results wait for you in each mirror through 2 - 2,5 months. During this time each fatty fold processed by cold will lose up to 25% of the volume.

As always the proverb “More haste less speed“ is faithful to

. Quiet, besstressovy weight loss will take place without harm for an organism, and the result will surpass expectations. Skin of the former fatty fold will manage to adapt to your new forms and will remain elastic and smooth.

At this Coolsculpting on the device Zeltiq has no contraindications, and procedure does not demand the rehabilitation period.

Be influenced by action of the Coolsculpting procedure on the device Zeltiq.

... Except surplus of fatty tissue you will lose nothing!

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about the Coolsculpting procedure on the device Zeltiq...