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The person who did not see morning of

Ya usually very much I like to sleep. I am called pathological the sleepyhead - I sleep in the bus, at home, at work. Especially I love in garage on the with own hand made hammock... And so my days in sleepy luxury of the occurring life also proceed.

Every morning my big family tries to wake me: wife, five children and huge cat of Kuzya of Siamese color. At each many ways - one water me, others sing songs from Vitas`s repertoire. Well, and a Siamese cat, having gorged on a dry feed with cream of wheat carefully licks my nose... It would seem, it is necessary to wake up, but is not present... Nothing helps. I turn over on the other side and I sleep...

May Day days Came. It is so much affairs, it is so much plans! But I, as always having taken cover a blanket, lovely snuffled in a pillow. The bright sun blinded the room, beams literally begged me to open an eye, and the small ray began to tickle me everywhere where it is only possible. About if someone knows how I am afraid of a tickling! I not only got up. I flew up over a bed, as scalded, moved the head about a chandelier and smoothly fell by a floor, timidly turning the head. I tremblingly looked for hours - a half of the sixth morning. No, it cannot be!!

Ya looked round. The room seemed to me absolutely strange, unclear and very beautiful. I saw sun drawings on wall-paper, a coffee table from the tea remains on cloths and the beautiful picture standing in at. “And what nobody will hang up it on a wall? - I thought. - It is necessary to be engaged urgently!“ In a corridor there were huge garbage packages, I carefully caught them and went outside. The sky was blue - blue, drops of dew tinkled... There was a feeling that I was just born and never saw such beauty under the name morning.

here I heard

I that someone mews so familiarly - familiarly. My God and same my cat of Kuzya got on a tree and cannot get down as the nasty dog below is on duty. Ill-natured person... Well, I will show it now! Having driven away the Ill-natured person, I climbed on a tree and embraced the shivering cat. “Anything, Kuzya, anything... Let`s go to the house, we will go!“

But as it appeared, will go down it was even more difficult. The ill-natured person ran somewhere and brought with herself the friends of the different sizes. They sang songs in the dog language, turned around a tree and, in my opinion, were in great mood. I collected nerves in a fist, pressed a cat and tried to drive away dogs. But, it is visible, they not really - that were afraid of me.“ So, well. You are not afraid of me, huh? Well, all right!“ I made the terrible person and zapulit in them a slipper. Did not help. Then started the second. Again did not help. Then very much I shouted: “And - and - and!! Well, went, swine, went from here!!“ On dogs it did not work. But worked on residents of our house: all slowly began to look out of the windows and to watch me “To its Kusi, Kusa!“ - the neighbor from above pinned up me. The red-haired woman laughed, boys roared, from the top windows councils were heard... “Not to give a parachute?“ “By a stork it was closed up? Jump to us!“

to me had no time for

to laughter. “Doggies lovely!! Well, leave!“ - I asked. And suddenly began to understand that the bough on which sat began to be broken off, and we with a cat departed down directly on dogs. Dogs scattered in all directions. They, probably, for all the life saw nothing similar...

Home I came barefoot - dogs regaled on slippers. I was met by the stunned wife: she never saw the husband at half past five a.m. with a cat on hands.

- Darling, you where were? Unless it is possible?

- Yes, the darling, it is possible; I rescued a cat and for the first time saw morning...

- Well, we will go to kitchen, we will drink coffee...

Since then I get up early - early, I do all things. And I always think: “What fine time - morning!“

of Shepandr