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My history of feeding

to my daughter now 2 months, and feeding now ideal. But the beginning was not absolutely such as I imagined. To me it was thought that as soon as I give rise, me will put my treasure on a stomach, I at once will give it a breast, and she will blissfully stick. But not here - that was.

my daughter quietly fell asleep at me on a stomach as soon as she was born, and the next 4 hours she snuffled, without paying attention to the pediatrician, midwifes and other doctors. Was indignant only when she began to be measured, weighed and swaddled. When we were transferred to postnatal chamber, it continued to sleep, and did not react in any way to my attempts to give a breast. On what our father declared:“ All in me, I too between to eat and have a sleep would choose to have a sleep“.

was Given rise by me at 11 o`clock, and my princess took a breast for 5 minutes only hour in 4. And in 5 minutes spat out. At six o`clock she already longer ate. I very much was upset, but my daughter-in-law Natasha (she was together with me on partner childbirth, she has three daughters) told that it is not terrible, now she will sleep and quietly without vanity will suck. Honestly: having slept, my girl correctly seized all, but from - by the fact that it was often put at night to a breast, next day on a nipple there were reddenings and a painful swelling. My family brought me ointment only every other day, and all this time I, painfully screwing up the face, gave the Katyushke`s breast.

Again my hopes and dreams did not come true. On courses spoke to us:“ No breast creams are necessary, the main thing that the child correctly took a breast, and everything will be good“. Dear future mothers, do not trust. All have differently, at someone everything is all right, and at someone very sensitive skin. It is necessary to prepare a breast for what the child will constantly suck, and gentle skin of an areola can painfully react to touches. Take, please, with yourself in maternity hospital cream or breast ointment - for the feeding mothers, with lanolin or Bepanten (unfortunately, I did not know, it is necessary to wash away or not before each feeding, and ran to wash away every time), and that will turn out the same as at me, it is better to be reinsured and take most.

I one more recommendation from mother who passed through it: when you smear a breast with cream or something else, do not close a breast, do not apply bandages, let cream be absorbed itself - open a breast, let she will stay on air. So quicker cream will be absorbed and everything will begin to live.

Being discharged by

from maternity hospital, I also did not suspect that painful feelings and small cracks will leave only in one and a half months. I forgot manuals of our lecturer: leave a breast open. I smeared with ointment, put a bandage and put on a bra. Remembered when it was already absolutely painful. But there was a huge desire to nurse the child, and at us now everything is good.

When I stayed at home one, I smeared nipples with sea-buckthorn oil and Bepanten - and too for 20 minutes went minutes 20, and then ointment. So three days in a row, and everything passed.

From the maternity hospital I sleep with the baby in one bed, and it is very convenient. In - the first, it is not necessary to rise anywhere. You get enough sleep more. In - the second, the child, waking up, does not cry, and at once looks for a breast. My Katenka ceased to wake up at night on the second month. Now she just turns to me and looks for a breast, I in the sleep feel what sucks, and just I press it to myself - and all. Actually I can feed and reclining and when it lies at me on a stomach - by the way, it is convenient when at the kid the period of gripes and GAZ cars begins. The child lies on a stomach of mother and nestles the tummy, air so is less swallowed, the kid chokes less, and gases quietly depart, and the tummy does not hurt. Very often my daughter in such situation fell asleep, having stuck to a breast, and I fell asleep together with it, holding it with hands. And at night then shifted to a bed. In - the third, economy on a bed. Also it is not necessary to be afraid that the child will fill up all the time only with you. The katyusha at me sleeps both with me, and without me. And it is convenient to lie down near the child in the afternoon and too to fall asleep. And if she in a dream began to cry, then it is possible to lay down near and to feed, calm. In - the fourth when you open eyes from what your baby claps for the first time on your cheeks, and having seen that you opened eyes, begins to smile and crool, you feel incredibly happy and you believe that all troubles will pass. It is not necessary to be afraid to zaspat the baby. Actually you feel it literally skin: as he snuffles as he turns. But it is possible to make secure - you can lay down, for example, on the right side, extend the right hand forward (as the fencer) and to put the child under the flank to a breast. And you will never turn over in a dream - the hand will disturb. And it is convenient to embrace the baby for buttocks, and it as in a cradle will be. Perhaps my councils will be useful to someone. Good luck all.