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How longer to remain beautiful?

Female beauty and appeal consist of many factors - and it not only good, well-groomed skin and fine appearance. All this is only “wrapper“ in which - the Woman from capital letter. Here several my councils for preservation of beauty.


to Very few people will like amazing beauty the girl with a pain grimace on a face. Therefore if some sores sometimes disturb, it is necessary to pay attention to them. It is a signal, having ignored which, it is possible to pass to the second stage at which “sores“ will be already obvious.

our physical state is connected by

with what we eat. And here identical recipes cannot be. Everyone has features with which it is necessary to reckon. Experiment: eat less sweet, it is more than greens, pass to porridges at least for couple of days. The health improved? Skin thanks for the fact that you drink 2 liters of water a day? Means, it also is your “norm“. The organism itself prompts how to remain young and beautiful - it is necessary only to be able to hear it.

Should try to be

as much as possible time in the fresh air. If you have a child, then it will be twice useful! And to communicate with girlfriends, to practice yoga or fitness - all this is better not in the enclosed space, and on the street.

Beauty of the woman is defined by spirituality of her face, expressiveness of eyes and a rich inner world. If it is interesting to you with by itself, then and with you it will be very interesting to other people. And the congenial person is perceived much more beautifully than the most glamourous, but empty 17 - summer beauties. Here it, true beauty of the woman! Well and, of course, without leaving anywhere. It in 18 it is possible to dare “to forget“ for the night cosmetics on a face, and in 25 and we are more senior already we begin to reap the fruits of own disorder. A good dream and the good, correctly picked up leaving - pledge of long youth and beauty. And still. I very much liked one council: “Live with the child, but not for the sake of the child!“ It seems to me that it is very reasonable! I wish all to remain beautiful and desired as long as possible!

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