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Create good and be happy!

I Want to give to you several advice, following to which will help you to remain always young and desired for the beloved.

In - the first, fresh air. You spend much time in the fresh air. Try to go out of town on the weekend. Walk on the wood, you spend time at the dacha. Fresh air is useful not only to health, it influences also our beauty. Skin begins to breathe, becomes shining and pure. The more oxygen gets to blood, the quicker there are exchange processes, the our skin is cleared and restored quicker.

In - the second, sport. Physical exercises - guarantee of longevity. It is not obligatory to play professional sports. It is possible to visit fitness - club, to swim in the pool, to practice yoga, dances, Pilates... Yes anything! And if there is no time at all, then it is possible to carry out exercises of the house. Squat, be wrung out, jump, carry out an extension. Ride the bicycle in the summer, and in the winter - skis. Sport is useful to health, a figure, beauty. Thanks to the movement exchange processes improve, the organism is cleared. And still sports activities lighten mood, give a charge of cheerfulness and energy.

B - the third, healthy nutrition. Use more vegetables, fruit, greens. It is possible to grow up greens and at home. It is less than animal food, i.e. meat; it is more than fish, bean. Try to find alternative to harmful products. Sweet can replace with honey or dried fruits.

B - the fourth, a positive spirit. Try to smile more often, laugh. If you watch comedies, then read cheerful books. Have a good time - you go to bowling, to amusement parks. Do not allow failures to spoil to you mood. Know that difficulties happen at all, but they pass, it is only necessary to treat it more quietly and more judiciously, not to be depressed.

I main. You create good. Try to treat all with kindness and caress. Help people, children, animal, you love the nature. Try to give always advice or to tell the kind word. Know, the good always comes back. Angry and cruel men grow old quicker and look ugly. And the kind person is always young and beautiful. Who is beautiful soul, that is beautiful and outside. It is always pleasant to hear the word “thanks“ which does us happier. And who is happy, that is always young!

of Sqira