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What interests at the first visit to the gynecologist of

to medical institution it is necessary to be registered no later than 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is important that between medical personnel and the patient the partnership based on mutual respect, trust and responsibility was established. The doctor is obliged to execute the standard actions provided by the relevant regulating documents of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. These rules extend to all medical institutions, irrespective of form of ownership. This standard can be exceeded if there is a need.

At the first visit the doctor will find out from you circumstances of your previous life: will specify how pregnancy and childbirth at your mother proceeded as you grew and developed in the childhood, than were ill, will take an interest in all your diseases in an adult state, will estimate existence and possible influence of professional vrednost. For the doctor the question of age of the beginning you sexual life, quantity and frequency of change of sexual partners as these facts can serve as instructions on diseases, sexually transmitted will be not idle, and will demand additional inspection.

the Doctor will surely estimate your obstetric and gynecologic anamnesis (“anamnesis“ in translation “history“ means): time of the beginning of menstrual function, its rhythm and frequency, quantity and result of the previous pregnancies. You should not suppress from the doctor even those facts connected with health which you not really would like to advertize. The doctor will keep your secret, but will be informed on probable causes of complications of a course of pregnancy therefore to the doctor it is necessary to be prepared for the first visit accurately and clearly to tell about itself.

After poll the doctor will make the general and gynecologic survey, will execute a number of obstetric researches. Among your questions there is also such:

you can Refuse, but you should not do it as during the first survey the assessment of a condition of a genital tract, detection of possible anomalies of development of genitals, existence of infectious process in them, determination of term of pregnancy is carried out.

In the first trimester... By the way, the general duration of pregnancy makes 284 days: 10 lunar, or 9 calendar, months. It is the big term throughout which all parameters of activity of a female organism significantly change therefore at obstetricians since ancient times it is accepted to divide the entire period of pregnancy into three fragments - a trimester. The first trimester is the period from the moment of implantation of fetal egg before formation of a placenta, that is to 12 - 14 - y weeks of pregnancy. The second trimester - to 27 - 28 - y weeks, the third trimester - to 40 - 41 - y weeks.

And so, in the first trimester the standard of inspection includes the general blood test and urine, biochemical blood test, inspection on syphilis, viral hepatitises B and C, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), microscopic research of contents of a genital tract on identification of inflammatory processes. Visit of the stomatologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon and, of course, the therapist is obligatory. The doctor needs to submit the documents confirming inspection of your immediate family on tuberculosis (fluorography). You during pregnancy are not recommended to do fluorography. This research needs to be conducted before pregnancy. As you can see, inspection is directed to detection of various diseases, especially infectious nature therefore it is impossible to ignore it at all.

Important part of diagnostic actions of the first trimester are made by the researches directed to detection of anomalies (defects) of development of a fruit. Definition is for this purpose carried out to blood of the protein associated with pregnancy (RARR - the test) and ultrasonic research in the term of 10 - 12 weeks, when it is possible to find indirect and direct symptoms of pathology in a fruit, to estimate severity of defects and to make the weighed decision on incubation of this pregnancy. The sex of the child in this term according to ultrasonic research cannot be defined still.

If pregnancy proceeds normally, visits to the doctor can be not more often than 1 time a month, however to each visit it is necessary to make the analysis of urine, already all pregnancy. Treat this circumstance as to inevitable need as this simple research conducted in the regular mode will allow - to suspect temporarily the at you development of such frequent and dangerous complication of pregnancy as a preeklampsiya, or gestoz.

At part of women in the course of inspection the symptoms or data demanding carrying out additional diagnostic actions, for example for identification of wider range of infections come to light. Unfortunately, not all analyses and diagnostic procedures are provided by the standard and are financed from the state sources therefore the doctor has the right to recommend you inspection at your expense, but the final decision of this question remains for you.

the Following group of your questions concerns features of food and life: whether

during pregnancy can tell

Concerning treatment of any diseases that, as a rule, it happens it is necessary as deviations in a state of health have always an adverse effect on the course of pregnancy. Another thing is that the doctor is limited in the therapeutic opportunities, especially in the first trimester therefore we also speak about importance pregravidarny (that is before pregnancy) preparation. If all of you - got sick with pathology of the top airways, begin treatment with “national“ means, and from medicines accept only those which are resolved at pregnant women. It is impossible to refuse flatly medicamentous therapy as infectious process can do much harm more, than treatment, and to you, and your child.

Teeth needs to treat as they are a source of an infection which in the postnatal period can become a cause of illness both at mother, and at the child. Acute respiratory diseases it is also necessary to treat the means allowed pregnant women to use the known national ways.

Modern women want to keep perfect appearance and after the birth of the kid. Such aspiration is laudable. However during pregnancy increase in body weight is inevitable. It occurs not only due to increase in mass of a uterus, growth of a fruit, increase of amount of amniotic waters, but also owing to increase in the general muscle bulk and fatty deposits. It is physiological process when the organism prepares for enormous loadings and losses at the time of delivery, the postnatal period and a lactation therefore pregnancy not the suitable period for diets. However the overeating is also harmful.

Fight against notorious cellulitis during pregnancy does not differ in

from that out of it. First of all, this healthy regular nutrition, massage, moderate physical activity. Extensions are a consequence of hormonal reorganization therefore it is impossible to prevent their emergence in some cases, but it is not forbidden to use special cosmetics and procedures. Also it is not forbidden to dye hair (especially as there are lines founded on natural dyes) or to carry out care of nails. The epilation, especially without application of chemical means, of course, will not do harm. Pregnancy has to decorate the woman, but not turn it into the plain woman. Tidy, well-groomed future mother - the Madonna`s prototype.

the Nature it is provided by p that during pregnancy the woman`s organism, and also a fruit organism actively consume micro - and macrocells (iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium), proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If the organism makes organic substances itself, then mineral components are delivered from the outside. These substances contain in food, however needs of the pregnant woman are so big that deficiency restoration, for example, of iron, will require kilograms of meat, and not to fill it with apples or pomegranates at all. Inhabitants of many regions have deficiency of iodine, that is the woman enters pregnancy already with iodic insufficiency, and then and the fruit begins to consume actively this element for development of the thyroid gland and formation of nervous system. Initial deficiency is aggravated and can become the reason of developing of pathology at mother and a fruit. It is possible to fill shortage only by the use of the products enriched with iodine and special preparations in which the dose is accurately defined. Calcium and magnesium are important for providing a normal tone of blood vessels and sokratitelny activity of a uterus.


Modern vitaminno - mineral complexes for pregnant women are created taking into account physiological needs of the woman, however some patients need correction of a dose of this or that component therefore, maybe, besides the complex device, to you iodine, iron or some other preparation will be appointed in addition.

From the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“