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We get rid of dark circles and “bags“ under eyes of

If we overtire, we do not get enough sleep, for hours we sit at the monitor, it is reflected in our face: we are given by dark circles and “bags“ under eyes. Why they arise and how to fight with them?

Cosmetic defect

Dark circles are caused by thinning of skin and expansion of veins: the cyanotic shade to a lower eyelid is given by blue blood. Wreaths partly extend with age, after air flights when our organism reacts to pressure differences, and in principle after any stress. The first effective remedy against dark circles is the good dream.

With moisture loss skin in a zone of a lower eyelid becomes even more transparent - and eyes look hollow. It can be connected also with features of an anatomic structure: someone a membrane between skin and hypodermically - fatty cellulose rather dense, and at someone - has no century. Therefore one have no fatigue traces on a face, and at others they are visible at once. An effective remedy, in this case, is the gymnastics for eyes.

  1. Close eyes and slowly press forefingers internal corners of an eye several times.
  2. Blink strongly - strongly, count to 5, then it is sharp and as it is possible more widely open eyes. Relax on 2 - 3 seconds and repeat exercise of 5 more times.

Of course, hypostases and circles under eyes can be and display of some internal pathology, but we consider option of rather healthy person with a cosmetic problem.

All cosmetic procedures which help to cope with this problem are directed to

to strengthening of skin of a lower eyelid and improvement of microcirculation (lymphatic and blood).

ice Cubes

In house conditions we can use ice cubes with fennel and parsley. This elementary procedure helps to achieve quickly visible effect and is ideally suited for morning leaving. How to prepare ice? We take 1,5 liters of water, we bring to boiling, we trouble the cut fennel bunch together with parsley and we allow to be drawn. This broth after it cooled down, we filter, we fill in in a form and it is frozen. Fennel possesses drainage action and removes hypostases. Parsley bleaches, normalizes a tone of capillaries of a superficial vascular network, improves a shelter - and a limfoobrashcheniye. In the same way it is possible to make and then to freeze green tea: being excellent antioxidant, it tones up and refreshes skin around eyes.

For house use will be is suitable serum and cream, the containing extract of arnica, a cornflower, red grapes, etc. - all of them strengthen walls of vessels, normalize their tone. Caffeine renders the draining effect, and so-called “clever ingredients“ - peptide complexes (short sequence of amino acids), give to skin a signal to development of the components strengthening a collagenic framework and promoting cell regeneration.

the Mesotherapy

With age when turgor of skin decreases, ice cubes not to manage any more. In this case we can use a mesotherapy, that is microinjections of biologically active agents. This technique stimulates exchange processes at the cellular level and admits nearly to the most effective cosmetology. Mesotherapeutic cocktails include peptide, vitamin and amino-acid complexes, being natural structural elements of skin. Their synergy action is directed to strengthening terms and restoration of its functions.

For one session of a mesotherapy the set of small intracutaneous injections becomes. They can be more and less deep, but anyway technology of introduction of a preparation different. Or apply superficial microinjections when the drug is injected on depth of 0,5 mm. Or use papulny equipment when create depot of a preparation where it gradually resolves and makes the impact. The mesotherapy is a course of procedures. Usually it is required to of 8 - 10 visits, with frequency of times in a week. After a certain number of procedures the organism will give response and will be already able to support the reached effect.


to Reanimate and strengthen skin around eyes, to increase turgor and elasticity biorevitalization when drugs with the high content of hyaluronic acid are vnutrikozhno injected (Z5 times higher, than in skin of the person) helps. Being gradually split on di - and monosaccharides, her molecules becomes construction material for our own gialurony acid which, by the way, with age becomes less and less. That is biorevitalization uses not an alien component. If initially hyaluronic acid was extracted from cock crests, then now synthesized in the chemical way. Therefore it does not contain protein particles, does not bear proteinaceous loadings - and does not cause allergic reactions. Microinjections are carried out on lower eyelids up to ciliary edge. After procedure there is only a temporary reddening which sticks to no more than half an hour, and the expressed clinical effect - during of 2 - 3 months.

the Gas-liquid peeling

helps to Eliminate with

hypostases and dark circles under eyes also a technique of gas-liquid leaving. In what its principle? Jet gas-liquid processing of skin allows without serious consequences, beskontaktno and is effective, similar to manual massage, to influence skin around eyes. The stream of physical solution goes on lines of massage movements and as if pushes out excess liquid. This stream very cold therefore gazozhidkosty procedure, as well as ice, trains vessels and strengthens vascular walls. And it influences not only a superficial capillary grid, but also more deeply located vessels. So we influence both turgor of skin and a tone of vessels that they worked more effectively and better pushed blood and a lymph, normalizing a water exchange and helping cells of skin to be exempted from disintegration products.