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From a bed - directly on a plate!

Well to whom could come to mind to eat flowers? Japanese were the first also here. In the 7th century they thought up ritual to present each other sake cups with the crumbled petals of chrysanthemums. So Japanese sought to take away from the person of misfortune and to provide it longevity. There was also a custom to drink flowers infusion, stalks and leaves of chrysanthemums with rice broth. And now in Japan every fall, during a season of blossoming of chrysanthemums, flowers of edible grades not only decorate various dishes, but also are used as the garnish which is tasting like spinach.

From the middle 80 - x years of the XX century in many countries of the world interest in edible flowers appeared. It is connected not only with the movement for healthy food and the use of environmentally friendly products gaining strength, but also with the fact that these countries, after Japan, could afford such luxury. Specialized farms on cultivation of edible flowers began to arise. To food there are more than 45 species of flowers: among them - a chrysanthemum, an Oriental cherry, a carnation, a lavender, a rose and others. There was a slogan:“ From flowers at which look, by the flowers which are eaten“. However meanwhile flowers are only a garnish and additives to various meat and fish dishes, salads, desserts. They only began procession from gardens in plates.

A that at us? Let`s look in a new way at our country landings. At the same time we will update a food allowance of all family, having made it more useful.

the Dinner from a bed

So, flowers of vegetable marrows of zucchini. Whether you know that on a plant there are flowers of two types: with an ovary of future fruit, i.e. female flowers, and flowers without ovary, i.e. man`s flowers, or barren flowers. Eat both species of flowers of zucchini. It is possible, for example … to stuff them. For this purpose prepare different meat or vegetables stuffings and bake a dish in an oven. If the flower of zucchini is stuffed with meat and at the same time has a vegetable marrow ovary, the meat dish with a garnish turns out at the same time.


In cookery use also other flowers. From dandelions and petals of roses excellent jam turns out, and flowers and leaves of a nasturtium are put fresh in green salads. They are edible, decorate salad and impact it juicy relish. Green, not quite ripe seeds of a nasturtium pickle and use instead of capers. For decoration of salads, cakes and sandwiches use flowers of pansies, small flowers of rosemary, the blossoming arrows of onions, flowers of violets, a thyme, a sage. If you usually planted these flowers on a bed for ornament, then now will be able to use also in food. Most likely, you do not suspect what delicacy blossoms every spring under windows of your country houses!

the Delicacy of gods - tulips

Tulips! Who will dare to eat such beauty! It appears, this thought a few years ago came to mind the chief - cooks of one of Vancouver restaurants. And now in the spring the restaurant offers the special tulip menu.

the Spring asparagus and goat Irish sheep cheese with the tulip flower fried in batter or a grade tulip the Emperor and salad from its escapes. Here - coal fish with tulips warm salad and the buds of tulips in sauce which are tasting like soft escapes of Brussels sprout. For a dessert - a surprising combination of tulips, a lemon and the shaken-up cream - lemon cream pie and sweet petals of tulips which look as refined small boats.

Wants to try all this? But Vancouver so far, and native giving close! So we will take advice of the “tulip“ cook and we will start business!

We you intrigued

? Then note some more useful recipes.

Summer flower tea. Ingredients (by all means fresh): flowers of elder black, manzhetka, tributary, fragrant petals of a rose, mint escapes, chabera garden and thyme. To fill in a handful of vegetable raw materials in a big cup (0,4 - 0,5 l) with very hot, but not boiling water, to cover with a cover and to allow to stand 3 - 5 min. Then to filter, add honey to taste and with pleasure to drink! Such tea possesses the strengthening action, refreshes and removes day tension.

the Fragrant invigorating tea. to Put in a teapot petals of 1 inflorescence of a calendula, 1 flower of a rose, 10 inflorescences of a camomile pharmaceutical, 2 branches of the blossoming thyme, 1 branch of mint, 2 escapes of a melissa, 3 circles of a lemon and to fill in 1 l of boiled water. In 5 minutes all vegetable weight to remove and drink tea, adding to taste medical

the Flavored vegetable oil for summer salads. use a basil, chaber garden, fennel, a tarragon, a chervil, mint, a marjoram, rosemary, a thyme, flowers of a nasturtium, sage or elder black. It is careful to wash out, dry up herbs a paper towel and to place in a pure bottle. To fill in from above with good vegetable oil (for example, olive) and to close densely. Ha of 1 l of oil is enough 4 - 6 branches of spicy herbs. For extraction to put a bottle for 2 - 3 weeks to the light place, then oil to filter and pour in a dry bottle.