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We tell to the child important things casually of

I Will tell sedition: important things can be spoken to the child casually, accidentally and with humour. Yes, be not surprised, serious aunts and uncles. It is very important whether the child will apprehend your words. Let speak so that apprehended.

In my opinion, it is not obligatory to seat the child before himself at all and with important - the solemn person to tell him: “Now I will seriously talk to you!“ Or so: “Postpone - away all the affairs, well - approach me. We should talk seriously!“ Such or any other words, the similar beginning of conversation do not guarantee to you, dear adults at all, readiness of the child to listen and hear, perceive and accept what you are going to tell it. You, of course, can tell in this way significant things to the child. But there is no guarantee that he will apprehend them - any. Even, most likely, will not apprehend. You such beginning of conversation create too formal atmosphere of communication which can only frighten off the child and promote that it will be closed from you.

Before telling something important, it is necessary to create the corresponding atmosphere of conversation, a certain spirit of communication, the peculiar microclimate sending to the child kind fluids. Children feel us, adults, and understand without words. And any verbal admonitions (“I so love you!“ ) will not help if at the power level (the intuition) the child of it does not feel.

to itself the playwright

Sometimes to the parent should be the actor, the reader, the humorist and the actor. Yes, dear parents, you should become all this from time to time. It will help you to draw attention of the child to the problem concerning you, having designated it in a key, positive, not offensive for the child. Each parent can quite be to himself a playwright, or dramatiky, or a dramatizator. It at whom as will turn out. Here some effective receptions from my personal experience.

Reception the first. Dialogues with different things

Personally me were always pleasant to

dialogues with different things, and also animals and plants where both roles were sounded by me. For example...

Dialogue of a desk and its owner

Table: Oh - oh - oh! What blockage! There is nothing to breathe!

Owner of a table: Itself I know! Most not to breathe freely from all these lessons and tasks.

Table: Ah, poor I, unfortunate! It is filled up with books and papers! Ah, as my life is heavy!

Owner: Ah, poor I, unfortunate! I am filled up with tasks and lessons! As my life is difficult!

Table: Ah, both of us with my owner poor and unfortunate! Listen, the owner, will be enough to ache. Let`s sign the contract.

Owner: What such contract?!

Table: You will clear away me, and I will provide you in exchange the convenient place for work on lessons and tasks. Goes?

Owner: Well, all right, goes.

Table: Only at me a condition.

Owner: What condition?

Table: Turn on, please, the music during cleaning. And that I hate cleaning without music. It is so boring, tiresome and difficult!

Owner: it is fine, well, I will turn on for you the music.

Conversation with a portfolio

the Parent (addressing the child`s portfolio): Dear portfolio! Why you are so badly brought up by the owner?! Why you cannot in itself still develop, preparing for the following school day at school? Your colleagues - other school bags - turned for a long time in self-developing or self-going to school portfolios. They unlike you became portfolios - samobranka since can be going quite independently to school, without complicating at the same time the owners at all. To you, a dear portfolio, it has to be very a shame! You - a lazy, slow and not organized portfolio... Besides, you do not think of wellbeing and tranquility of the owner at all. It is a shame!

Conversation with an untidy bed

the Parent (addressing the child`s bed): Dear bed! I want to talk to you about your disgraceful behavior recently. Why you stand untidy all day?! Why you still did not learn in itself to clean up?! While your colleagues, other children`s beds, for a long time clean up after their owners woke up and left them. And even become covered by covers! Really you, a dear bed, do not understand that such irresponsible behavior you dishonor the owner? To it guests, dear solid people, his friends and friends come, and you here before guests sprawled in night-clothes... Moreover in a disorder. Horror! Perhaps, came it is time to spank you!

the Parent splashes a bed a hand. Further sounds a bed role.

Bed: Oh - oh - oh! Painfully! It is not necessary! I more so will not be!!

Parent: Yes, desire to behave decently. Otherwise you will be just dismissed from service. In our decent house it is accepted to observe the proprieties.

Bed: it is good, good! Sorry! I understood everything. I will improve. I so love the owner and I want to serve him faithfully.

Parent: Well, all right! I give you two weeks on correction. You hear, a bed, two weeks of a trial period! But keep in mind, I will constantly visit you with checks. And any excuses, please! I strictly warn you!

Children adore the similar sketches played by mother or the father. By the way, both cleaning of the above-named table, and bed will go after similar pass - performances quicker and easier.

dialogues such parents can compose

A directly on the run: options great variety. Give vent to own imagination, dear parents. Play different sketches before the children. Be not afraid to be ridiculous and somewhat eccentric. Revive old customs, and still humour, intelligence and nobility of soul. By the way, your own mood from a similar aktyorstvo will only improve.

Reception of the second. The comic address to myself

Ya still I love monologues aloud with the address to on a name and a middle name:“ Dear Alina Sergeyevna! Deign to feed at first the daughter with a tasty dinner, and then to demand from her washing of ware. Well - fast, mummy, pour - pour to the daughter soup. And that the child was starved! Also there is nothing to reprimand the poor child at a table! After a dinner, dear Alina Sergeyevna, you should not do it too. And in general, appetite pleasant to you, dear Alina Sergeyevna! And that the dishes after food should be washed, your daughter and without reminders knows so there is nothing to stick to the child“.

my daughters always laughed at such simple mother`s comic monologues. And after a dinner, by the way, resignedly went to wash the dishes.

the reasoning Is simple

: to Smile never late! To smile it is never harmful! To joke never late! To smile and joke better late than never!

If only your humour always remained lovely and kind. And if only your wit did not turn into dullness, osloumy or zloboumy.

Reception the third. Enclose words in the child`s mouth

Ya still I like to sound other people when they, certainly, do not hear it. For example, I speak affectedly strict tone: “Hallo! Mummy, you from school are called. Check lessons at the child“. And is farther already by the voice: “Well, Mar Ivanna! (here usually there is a name of the teacher, director of studies, director) Already I run to check!“

Krom of humour which it is simply amazing influences children and their relations with adults, this method is still good also the fact that it trains the child as it is necessary to communicate with adults and his peers too. For example, the daughter is angry that to her the girlfriend after school did not come. They were going to do something together. But the girlfriend did not come, and the daughter takes offense at her. And suddenly I, looking in a window, I see the daughter`s girlfriend. And as if for the daughter I speak:“ Lenka, well you to me did not come?! Silly woman! It was necessary to come. I so want!“ The daughter laughs, understanding without my comments that so you should not communicate with peers. And I begin to sound other dialogue which is allegedly happening by phone:

- Hallo, Lena? Hi! You could not come to me after school today? We together would write the report.

- it is good

, Olya, I will come after four. Bye.

Similar performances - it is much better for

than parental notations and lectures:“ So it is possible to treat people, and so - it is impossible“. Understand, dear adults, our children sometimes are tactless, rough or unsociable only from - for the fact that they just do not know that and as it is necessary to speak in this or that situation. And so also set an example, say the necessary text aloud, i.e. as if enclose words in the child`s lips.

the wish Is simple

: investments Pertinent and favorable to you!

the Exit in the speech and an exit in life

to me as the teacher of a foreign language, knows well the concept “exit in the speech“. It in a technique of teaching a foreign language means the following: at first foreign words and phrases, everyone and all together, are long and carefully fulfilled by the teacher with the pupil or the student. But after words and phrases are fulfilled, just this most “exit in the speech“ is necessary. I.e. the teacher still has to stimulate the listeners to use the studied lexical material in a speech stream. At first prepared (i.e. the monologues and dialogues learned by heart), and then and spontaneous.

And the parent has to train the child in different words and phrases, and then “bring him in the speech“. And then, in my opinion, the parent has to organize for the child and “an exit in life“. Let the child take the “learned“ houses usual and unusual, simple and florid words and phrases, so necessary for communication of people; the words and phrases acquired by it at home. Also goes with them to life!

the wish Is simple

: Let your child will always have successful “exit in the speech“ and just the same “exit in life“.

Wish to children: I Wish you to mature in due time!

Wish adult: I Wish you though in something, at least sometimes to remain children!

From the book “How to Become the Phenomenal Parent and to Establish the Family Of Special Function“