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Milk - the umbilical cord connecting mother and the child of

To pregnancy we with the husband began to prepare to a wedding. Were examined, drank vitamins, drinks more strong, on the contrary, did not drink (even at the wedding). And by the time of the first marriage night were fully equipped. The love poured out in 2 stripes on the test. And further - 9 happy months of expectation.

Pregnancy took place

easily - without complications, without pathologies. On the first weeks we guessed - who lives in a tummy there: boy or girl? It appeared, the girl! I was happy! The name was thought up somehow by itself and at once - Yana! Besides estimated date of childbirth got for several days before my birthday, and my daughter had to become the best gift in my life. And it became it! But very difficult way.

at the end of the 40th week me was put in hospital just for secure as pressure was a little increased. After five-day useless stay there and infinite surveys waters began to leak at me. The amniotic bubble was punctured, but fights did not begin in any way. Began to stimulate. But all somehow there was no process. Besides we with the husband so prepared for a space event - a meeting with the baby that decided to go for partner childbirth. And in “hour X“ it was with me. But as I read later at M. Oden, with the increased number of partner childbirth also the number of Cesarean sections naturally increased.“ Today already nobody will dare to pay attention that the boom of “partner childbirth with the father“ coincided on time with sharp increase in Cesarean sections. And all because presence of the man on childbirth is a big stress for its mentality, and stress hormones which are excreted by his neocortex (“an intelligence brain“) can increase risk of development of long childbirth since increases adrenaline level at the woman in labor. And you know that adrenaline is an antagonist of oxytocin“ (M. Oden). If I knew it earlier...

And so, droppers of oxytocin, 7 hours of continuous fights so did not lead to anything. At the child heartbeat began to read off scale. It was necessary urgently to undertake something as the situation was serious. To me made the emergency Cesarean section. As anesthesia was epiduralny, I did not faint though it also grew dim fairly. I heard the first shout of the baby, saw her, such small... There were 2. 30 nights, on April 19, 2011. After me transferred to reanimation. And at 5 in the morning the pediatrician came to ask about a consent to inoculations. And right there afterwards told that my daughter too in reanimation. Serious condition. Pneumonia. In an hour it will be taken away in the specialized center on other end of the city.

At this moment my world failed. Also “Holy week“ as we were born on Tuesday before Easter began literally. Tears, prayers, pain... As if cut off a leg, or a hand, or got heart from a breast. It was especially sick to look at other kids and happy mummies. I elicited single chamber which became for me a solitary confinement. It was necessary to wait for 7 days to a meeting with the daughter, with my Yanochkaya. It was the infernal eternity.

For the 4th day the milk began to arrive. Then there was the first incentive to get it together and to begin to do something. To begin to prepare for a meeting with the baby. I decanted colostrum directly in a wash basin with tears in the eyes, understanding that my baby it is deprived. Knowing that at this time she is fed from a bottle with mix. Knowing that it there without mother. To it it is terrible, to her it is painful... I prepared for our meeting all the time. Most of all was afraid that she does not learn or does not recognize me.

here we, at last, appeared

I together. I looked at it, kissed, embraced. Everything was dreamily. We together. There is not enough only father. In order that the family reunited, it was necessary to recover rather. And we began to be treated by a milk. As the nose at the baby did not breathe, I was generally decanted and milked from a small bottle. Also it was necessary to finish feeding mix. From decantation awful cracks were a milk pump on nipples, blood periodically exuded. It was especially unpleasant when already process came to an end - 100 ml are strained off, and last seconds blood droplets dripped there. And everything had to be started anew. But there were such happy moments when it nevertheless took a breast itself and tried to suck. At me was and some confidence in a magic power of milk remained to this day. What it as Aybolit, everything will cure, will cure.

Ten days and nights we carried out

in hospital. At last arrived home. With the whole list of diagnoses... Did not know from what party to approach the baby. Heart faded with each shout, breath broke, hands fell and it became very terrible. Besides the nose still breathed badly. And it not viral, even not allergic hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nose, and clogging of a nasopharynx appeared the remains of mix in which nurses just blasphemously poured. Put a bottle with the Soviet rubber nipples in which holes uncertain, time of huge diameters, and left on the affairs. And the child let shouts, let choke or falls asleep. And after all this is for a dessert - a baby`s dummy.

the Big problem became the organization of full breastfeeding. Even during pregnancy came across in magazines of article about breastfeeding where it was recommended to address, in case of problem situations, to the consultant for breastfeeding. Here we also decided to take advice. Also there was a miracle! My Yana took a breast really. The consultant taught us to poses for feeding, to the correct applying, told recipes of laktatsionny collecting. This day we for the first time bathed the baby, washed away all hospital dirt. Now it was necessary to reduce amount of mix, following the offered scheme. And dokorm to give from a spoon or the syringe as medicine. Actually, it is just healthy that there are consultants for GV. If not it, then I do not know, than our dairy history would end. But for the present not the end. We began to be finished feeding via the syringe. Used pieces of 300 syringes, and even it is more. As babies generally sleep, in a somnolence the daughter well took a breast and long sucked. Mix was reduced, but did not leave for good. Though I also accurately executed all recommendations about a dokorm. The syringe was not absolutely convenient in use on the street, a spoon and a mug - especially, and we passed to a small bottle again. Houses she sucked a breast, and on walk (there was a summer, we walked much) took mix. Without food in general it was terrible to leave because sometimes there were strong hysterics, and more she did not calm down in any way. The breast then still “did not work“.

Still we adjusted a joint dream and a slingonosheniye. Every morning the Effigy - Myauchelo“ began at us with a song from an animated cartoon about “: “Morning begins, begins...“ We did hygienic procedures, massage, gymnastics. And mother`s touches are much more valuable to the child, than a touch of any others skillful aunt. Contacted skin to skin. Smiled each other. And, of course, drank a milk!

the New round of problems began

when Yana began to need a dream less. And the clear understanding of the fact that breast milk is a sleepy product, and mix - awake, at it remained. Often she in general refused a breast as if she did not want even to be known with me. Only sucked at night. By the way, invaluable plus of GV that it allows to sleep at night. As it is not necessary to rise and do a set of manipulations on mix preparation. Just it is necessary to give a breast. It is very convenient. Besides at night there is always a lot of milk.

Sometimes wanted to throw everything and not to strain more. You do not want - it is not necessary. But something did not allow me it to make. And every day we battled for a milk. And every day was for us as the last. There were, of course, days in general without mix. It is tremendous. Victory! In general the ratio was it: of 70 - 80% milk - of 20 - 30%, respectively, mix. Still happened laktostaz. But we quickly won against it. Continuous applyings (sometimes with a great effort) and a compress made the business of a cabbage leaf! In such battle we spent half a year. to

In 6 months. We forever refused mix and a small bottle. Possibly, it is connected with introduction of a feeding up. Or perhaps Yana just, at last, recognized me and forgave for the fact that I was not with it in the first days of her life when it so needed me (in what I want to trust more). Small bottles, nipples, sterilizers etc. forever disappeared from our life. Somehow time - and all. We use a mug, a spoon. And breast!!

Today to us year. We are absolutely healthy. All removed diagnoses. We already actively go, we talk unceasingly. We develop, advancing age. And everything at us is good!! The daughter very much is attached to me. Though we have already many feedings up, but the milk nevertheless is more priority than other. We drink in the morning, in the evening, on day dreams when it is sad or terrible when there is a wish to relax and have a rest, and even to a vprikusk with cookies. And it is our emotional connection. Our umbilical cord. Receives all caress and Yanochk`s love with a milk. It gives both strength, and health. And only this way we could come into contact and if not a milk, I do not know, than our history would end...

Looking back, I think that it would be possible to avoid many mistakes, it is better to make something. But, perhaps, without this experience I would never feel that the internal power, that potential of maternal love and desire to give to all the native baby. I plan to feed and further as in the course of involution of a lactation in a milk there is a huge amount of immunoglobulins comparable to colostrum we did not get which. Besides I thought of ending courses of the consultant for GV and to help mummies the same as once helped us. To all mummies and kids - health and mutual understanding! Feed, are fed with a milk and be happy!!

Yulia Palchevskaya