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To have a rest it is impossible to be engaged

Here at last soon summer. Behind months of intense study, ups and downs of the first academic year, ahead infinitely long and happy summer vacation. Only how to carry out them with advantage - that the yesterday`s first grader has properly a rest and gained strength, but at the same time and did not forget tightly all with such efforts managed to achieve for the first class?

As time on vacation is correct to distribute

and to organize occupations without prejudice to rest?

of the Notebook will be waited!

you do not hurry to set the child for occupations. First 2 - 3 weeks it is more important to nobr to be run, be acquired, play enough with peers, to forget about problems which collected within a year. It, of course, does not mean that the child has to be provided to himself. It is very important that it and on vacation had a mode, let less rigid, than in academic year. Let sleeps to nine, to the half-tenth if there is a wish, let a little goes to bed later, evenings long and warm especially so far. But it is necessary to rise, lay down, have breakfast at the same time. It is very important to p to help the kid to find

the company. Academic year limits communications of the child: in a class children interact with each other out of lessons a little, and by vacation they accumulate deficiency of communication.

<> yesterday`s first graders with the head steep the beginning of vacation in game. It is very good, from - for congestion studies children to receipt in the first class do not manage to play enough. And it is not necessary to interfere with it at all, on the contrary, it is necessary to teach the child and his friends to new games - mobile, desktop, role.

to Read

- not to re-read!


Certainly, it is daily necessary to allocate time for reading. But you remember: process of reading is difficult for the first grader, the child quickly is tired therefore you should not read more than half an hour in day. Of course, there are children who already well read, love and are ready to read long, but also they need suit breaks, to do gymnastics for eyes, to have a rest. What to read is the choice of the child. Of course, there is an obligatory list of references according to the program. But if it is uninteresting if to read from - under sticks, except disgust, to reading it will impart nothing.

needs to Maintain by

interest in reading by all means. Are pleasant to the child, for example, or about animals - let them and reads children`s detective stories, magazines about cars, nothing terrible, the main thing that he read with pleasure. And a task of parents - it is soft, patient, without negative emotions to direct its interest and to the books set according to the program.

Summer occupations are good
to cultivate responsibility and to learn to trust the child

Common truths

the Major skill which the child masters in the first class it are the letter. However seldom happens so that handwriting at the first grader was established easily and without problems. And not to lose acquired in a year, it would be very useful to work once again with copy-books in the summer. I developed special copy-books (the annex to the book “Training in the Letter“, “Rama Publishing“, 2009) - four notebooks which can be used after the first class. Now, when the main difficulties are passed, it is a high time to fix a tracing of letters, and to make it consciously and purposefully, but not just mechanically to copy samples.

This work can be used also for training of responsibility and independence. Agree at the beginning of summer: I do not check your notebooks, I do not watch how you work. But if by the end of summer you pass all four notebooks, then will win a prize. Pay attention: the most important - to have patience and to refuse really total control. It is possible to ask, of course, therein how work progresses whether the child is happy with results, but not to urge on and not to comment at all.

Repetition - mother of the doctrine? whether

Should repeat the program of the first class in the summer? If there are any gaps - certainly. But it is good not just to repeat everything, and to receive before vacation of the recommendation of the teacher: on what to pay to attention what it is better to do tasks. You should not be engaged in everything at once, it is better to work with blocks. There are problems with mathematics - eliminate them. Business took a turn for the better - we pass to Russian.

Pay attention: it is better for Russian to be engaged after the child works on copy-books, then it will be simpler to it to carry out exercises, to write dictations.

One more constant question: whether it is worth passing the program of the following class? In my opinion, no. If study comes to the child easily, he will lose interest and in the second class will miss. If it is difficult to study, “anticipatory“ occupations will only increase hostility to study.

Let to the child know

that at it everything surely will turn out. It finished the first class? It was transferred to the second? Means, not so all and is bad. Also it is not necessary to seek to turn by all means during the summer all three into the five. If you bring up them to the fours - already very well.

It is important: classes in the school program should not occupy more 20 - 30 minutes in day, and for them the child has to choose time. It is necessary only that it was whenever possible constant throughout all rest.

Gadgets in the nursery Me often ask

: whether the child can use e-books, or it is necessary to read only paper books? It doesn`t matter. It is important only that the size and clearness of a font on the device corresponded to age. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention that the screen did not glare, to hold the e-book at the necessary distance from eyes (30 - 50 cm) depending on screen size.