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Inspection in a mouth of

the Unpleasant smell from a mouth is swept up to people around, but that from whom it smells, itself usually does not feel it. If you guessed a problem, attentively examine to the child of companies and a throat - they on suspicion first of all! The microorganisms living here in the course of the activity form volatile compounds of sulfur, including hydrogen sulfide which smells not of roses at all. Why it occurs?


redness and whitish yazvochka, Characteristic of it, on a mucous membrane of a mouth often happen sources of an unpleasant smell. They can appear after cold or treatment by the antibiotics which destroyed local microflora except for fungi which these preparations do not affect. It is necessary to grease mucous a mouth with antifungal solution. But bacteria happen the stomatitis reason quite often - and then again not to do without antibiotics.

Council. do not self-medicate it is worse not to make. Provide to understand everything to the stomatologist.

the Dried-up mucous membrane

Dryness in a mouth usually arises against a school stress and also if the child is dressed too warmly, it increased temperature or he takes medicine - especially antihistaminic and diuretic which dry up mucous, reducing formation of saliva. And it possesses bactericidal properties thanks to what constrains an impact of bacteria.

Council. you Watch that the child received enough liquid - not less than 2 liters a day. And when he is sick, has diarrhea, takes medicine, in hot days, let`s it drink more!

the Sports problem

On exercises or at serious physical activities people breathe is speeded up, involving air a mouth. Saliva (the natural disinfector) at the same time quickly evaporates, and bacteria strenuously breed, producing volatiles with an unpleasant smell.

Council. to solve a problem, it is necessary to rinse a mouth or to use a chewing gum without sugar. And the most important - during trainings the child needs to drink gradually all the time (he sweats, losing liquid, and dehydration leads to drying of mucous too). Only water has to be without sugar and without gas!

the Bacterial plaque on cheeks, gums and language

Exactly here, but not on teeth as it is accepted to think, 80% of the bacteria living in an oral cavity and causing an unpleasant smell live. Remind the school student that did not forget to clean these problem places in the morning and in the evening! It is possible to do it by a soft toothbrush or special devices. From a reverse side of heads of some brushes the cleaning small pillows for cheeks and language are provided, but also, for their processing release special devices in the form of a petal.

the Raid on teeth demonstrates insufficient care of them. It is nearly the most frequent reason of stale breath at children! The rare child spends with a brush in hands 3 minutes put for this procedure. Include some cheerful song for this time and track that the son or the daughter brushed teeth until the end of a melody, periodically changing the movements - circular, scraping, sweeping.

Council. Explain to the child that it is necessary to direct a brush from gums to teeth, and not vice versa! Otherwise it is possible to bring an infection to the place where tooth connects to a gum (zubodesnevy a pocket). In process of its development the smell from a mouth only amplifies.

Dark stains on enamel They tell


about the developing caries. In itself it will not pass - it is necessary to go to the stomatologist! Russia faced caries epidemic at children. It occurs at 87% of first graders, and with change of teeth the situation does not improve - at a half of school students on the place of the patient dairy the second tooth which is already affected with caries is cut through. From where to undertake to fresh breath?

As a rule, a root of all these troubles - in a lack of tooth hygiene. Here the whole system of complex care including besides a brush and paste, a conditioner and a tooth thread is required. Together they delete parts of food and a dental plaque from such places where paste (owing to its viscous consistence), the brush is simply able to get. But the substances dissolved in a conditioner easily find the road to all these confidential back streets, washing away bacteria from here. As a result quality of cleaning improves twice, and breath becomes fresh. At the Swedish schools, for example, of pupils force to use conditioners since 1965 - after there experimentally established that this measure twice reduces emergence of caries and protects from a smell from a mouth.

it is important

Flossa happen simple - silk or kapron, and also to additional impregnation by menthol for strengthening of the deodorizing properties. Only thanks to them it is possible to remove completely the remains of food and a raid from lateral surfaces of teeth where the brush does not get and where all this begins to decay, exuding the corresponding smell. The thread needs to be wound on forefingers, to pull and stretch between teeth the pendulum movements.

Council. As conditioners intend for school students 12 years are more senior, and special nurseries at us are not issued yet, use soda solution (a teaspoon on a glass), green tea, and also infusions of a camomile and a sage. Let the child use them twice a day after toothbrushing.

the Inflammation of gums - a periodontal disease

the Disease begins

with superficial process - a gingivit. Its symptoms - an itch, a dental plaque, periodically puffiness and bleeding of gums plus a smell from a mouth - are provided to the child if he two days in a row forgot to clean teeth. However, after careful cleaning everything passes, but gums can inflame again, especially at hereditary predisposition, against the wrong bite or in the presence of briquettes.

Council. Accustom to clean the child tooth threads - flossa - densely standing teeth twice a day, and leaky - at least 3 - 4 time in a week.

Make infusion of the St. John`s Wort which is made a hole (2 tablespoons on a glass of boiled water, to insist hour in a thermos). It strengthens gums, neutralizing an unpleasant smell. Till 12 years it is enough to child to accept on 1/4 glass, and that who is more senior 12 - on 1/3 glass of broth 3 times a day to food.

Accustom the child to drink unsweetened green tea, and the thick which remained after a zavarivaniye it is useful to brush teeth. The tea leaf refreshes breath not only due to the deodorizing action, but also thanks to strong bactericidal effect and availability of fluorine.